Safety advises for children when they ride their bicycles to school

If your child is riding a bicycle to school, follow these tips so they are safe on the trip:

Wearing a helmet, a reflective vest and accompanying them for the first few days of the journey are part of the advice given by the Road Safety Agency.

Help them find the best way to carry the suitcase or other things that weigh, so that they keep the balance and not risk falling.

Before leaving check that the bicycle is in perfect condition, especially the wheels, the chain, the handlebar and the saddle.

Accompany them during the first days so that they know the journey and gain confidence for when they should go alone.

Warn them not to stop to play during the journey or to do things like releasing the handlebars.

Do not wear headphones.

Ask them to be aware of their surroundings, to be vigilant and to avoid talking to strangers.

Keep a bag with reflective strips will be good help for the visibility.

Teach your children about traffic regulations and the use of bike paths.

Public bicycles and safety equipments for conurbation

In what has slowly become expected news both for the very novelty of the initiative and for the enormous social benefit that could bring, the SECPLAC, Raimondi Agility confirmed the municipality’s intention to close a contract with the Mobike Company, same company that initiated the program of public bicycles in the communes of La Reina and Las Condos. In addition, they equip the reflective safety accessories.


On this point, the architect affirmed, “Our goal within 2018 is, within the consolidation of this cycle path network, just the arrival of public bicycles. We start in this stage with solid and institutional bicycles and what we have left for next semester is to have a public service for Machala and Rancagua. ”


On the progress of this idea, the urbanism confessed that. “We have been exploring this idea for a long time but the experiences in Chile did not convince us to incorporate it in Rancagua but we patiently wait for the advance of new technologies for November 2017 to meet with representatives of the Mobike system. In addition, we wear the safety vest and working to move forward and see how to implement as soon as possible in the conurbation. We have everything we need, there are the desire and the vandalism issues that have been seen in Santiago will be seen in quite minor scales and we can do a joint work with social organizations; we hope that Mobike dares to leave Santiago and of course we would be proud to be the first commune and region nationwide”.

Mobile on the bike is prohibited for road safety

The use of social media on the bicycle is banned; it is dangerous if you use the phone on the bicycle even you wear the safety vest. Traffic minister Schultz van Hagen is working on a law to ban the mobile phone during the ride, she announces today. It is now just allowed to call in your hand while cycling or to read and send applets. However, drivers must continue to pay attention to traffic and may not cause dangerous situations. This is a difficult task for young cyclists in particular.


In 20 percent of the accidents with cyclists aged 12 to 24 years, the mobile phone seems to have played a role. In several countries, telephone use on the bicycle is therefore prohibited. At the end of May Minister Schultz also announced an investigation here, after a conversation with the father of a young victim. In recent years, attempts have been made to mainly influence the behavior of young people, for example through lessons at schools and prizes that youngsters could win if they temporarily did not use their mobile while cycling and wear a reflective vest. It all appeared to have insufficient effect on the target group.



Expert state is mainly the operation of a ‘touch screen’ during cycling that is the greatest risk. According to the minister, this means that it should not only prohibit the retention of the mobile phone, but also prevent it from operating in a holder on the steering wheel. Only next year will be clear when the ban can take effect and how high the fine will be. In the coming period, studies will be conducted into the consequences of social media use on the bicycle. The government wants to use this information to support a legal ban. Schultz: “Of course, a prohibition has the great advantage that it sets a clear standard.”


Traffic injured

Today, it also emerged that the number of serious road injuries in 2015 came to some 21,300 people. That is an increase of about 3 percent compared to a year earlier (20,700). Since 2007, there has been an increase in the number of serious road injuries.


The majority of the victims, especially cyclists and the elderly are at risk, falling on municipal and provincial roads. The minister gives that concern. “Road managers have to tackle problems on the basis of good analysis and ensure that road safety is improved.” According to Schultz, the figures show that intervention is urgently needed. “An increase in the number of road fatalities and injuries has to be broken.” That is why it is almost making a new strategic plan for road safety towards the year 2030, which should already be ready in 2018.

Being visible is the motto of the Night series

Kaleen has presented his autumn / winter collection. Being visible and seeing yourself is also the motto of the Kaleen by Night series.



The reflective clothing of the Kaleen by night collection makes runners visible in the light of vehicles from 120 meters and 360 °. The men’s shirt Evolutes by Night has reflective seams and an optimal ventilation system through magnetic openings at the shoulders. The Ladies Shirt Evolutes by Night has a ventilation system that you can control yourself in no time by simply pulling on a small cord in the collar. For those who want to stand out, there are the fluorescent yellow and sleeveless Protect by Night vests.



All Kaleen models have reflective elements on the shoe. The Eli run is now also available in the silver for the winter 2013/2014 winter season after the already existing eight colors. The Eli run Silver is equipped with reflective elements on the side.



Kaleen by Night also has a whole range of accessories in store to make walking in the dark and cold more pleasant. A cap with four integrated LED lights and three lighting modes that allow you to see up to nine meters, a light and easy to lift mountains Safety Top reflective vest, Full Reflective gloves, hat, headband and support bracelet for your Smartphone, LED lights that you can click anywhere and an illuminated 2 positions Bag.

Christmas event and walk with in reflective clothing

As part of the Warmest Week, you can set off for the ‘Warmest Evening Walk’ in Loksbergen on Friday 22 December. They will hand out the safety vest and the proceeds go to the Martine Van Camp.


‘The hottest evening walk Loksbergen hollow paths’ is the initiative of some walking friends, united in ‘Wanderlust Loksbergen’. They are a group of friends who regularly walk in and around their own village with wear a reflective vest. Just like last year, they want to contribute to the Warmest Week of Studio Brussels.


You can leave at café De Lupberger between 6 and 8.30 pm. In addition to the Loksbergen homes in Christmas light, the well-known hollow roads are also illuminated with atmosphere. Even those who do not want to walk are welcome, because at the starting place behind De Lupberger a small Christmas village is set up with the necessary hearty snacks & drinks, in the presence of Santa Claus. As a closing, there is a surprise act. You can walk for 5 Euros per person, including a drink. You best provide sturdy footwear, a flashlight and reflective clothing.

Running in the rain with a Craft Repel Reflective Jacket

Craft introduces the Repel Reflective Jacket, a light, thin and smooth running jacket for training in cold and rainy weather. This makes running in the rain even finer.


The jacket is made of durable reflective fabric and elastic material and consists of 3 layers with a technical membrane that ensures an optimal balance between protection and ventilation. It has a casual and contemporary design for the fashion-conscious athlete.


Wind and waterproof

The Repel Jacket is wind- and waterproof and specially equipped with openings on perspiration zones for extra ventilation and taped seams in vulnerable places. Thanks to the stretchable fabric, the jacket offers optimal freedom of movement in all directions. The reflective material panels provide a 360 degree reflection on the garment so you are always visible.

The test of the Under Armor Chrome Run Reflective Jacket

Are you looking for a reflective jacket for your workouts? Pierre-Yves details the features of the Under Armor Chrome Run Jacket that he tested. Leaper-info has given me the Chrome Run Jacket from the Under Armor brand to test for a few weeks. Luckily and thanks to our beautiful weather, I was able to test this jacket in different conditions (rain, wind, cold, etc.)


At first, I will say that this jacket is aptly named. Indeed, thanks to its highly reflective fabric it could largely find its place in the glove box of your vehicle instead of the famous yellow vest, or simply on the back of a road and bridge agent. As soon as the night gets up or the day falls, or as soon as the day comes up or the night goes to sleep … in short, everything to tell you that this jacket is very reassuring at night and offers maximum visibility while keeping a maximum of ‘aesthetic.


During the first strides, the jacket with reflective fabric adapts perfectly to the body and allows a total mobility of the body and upper limbs thanks to the elasticity of the ideally positioned fabric. Of rather small size (1m73), the jacket goes down a little lower on the body compared to a classic running jacket. I could try this jacket in different conditions. The magic of new fabrics is a real obstacle to wind and rain. Even if the perspiration is evacuated, this jacket is worn in cool weather (10 degrees max) to avoid any risk of overheating. The jacket is of absolute comfort and is very comfortable to wear. I have not noticed any friction or irritation and it is therefore quite possible to wear directly to the skin.


Suspended from a hanger at the end of your training, it dries relatively quickly and will be operational for your next day’s session. The two pockets on the side of the jacket allow housing your Smartphone widely. Too bad the manufacturer is not expected a small inside pocket so that it does not go too much and a pass in order to connect your headphones. To summarize, this high-end safety jacket and very comfortable to wear, will perfectly suit you during your training cool and wet, or just to replace your jackets to get to your training or your competitions.



– Jacket all seasons

– Protection of wind and rain

– Maximum visibility

– Comfort


– A little excessive price

– Poorly adapted pocket for the use of a Mp3 player

Bicycles: Keep light and reflective vest for your safe

“Hello, municipal police. You ride a bike without lights and wearing reflective vest, it is dangerous at night!” As police officers approach, faces close. However, for lack of fine, everyone will be left with tips, an explanatory leaflet and a lighting kit.

In the late afternoon, the municipal police, the Grand Toulouse, and the Vela association organized yesterday the third prevention and awareness campaign for cyclists on the rue Alsace-Lorraine, who were traveling without fires. “With the fall, the days are getting shorter and people will be moving at night. Then they want to let go of the car more and more with pollution, traffic jams, “explains Sebastian in safety clothing, president of the Association Vela.

“There are a lot of people in Toulouse who do not respect these rules. This operation is short but it has a lot of impact, “adds Jean-Claude Ruggiero, representative of the municipal police. Thomas, 28, is one of the cyclists arrested. “Yes, I knew that you had to ride with lights and safety vest,” he admits. However, I did not feel like we needed it in town. Know that now, for each forgotten lighting element, it will cost you 11 Euros.

The bikers in the viewfinder of the gendarmes

At the time of the return of the beautiful days, and therefore the outings on motorbikes, the gendarmes of the departmental squadron led, yesterday in Moseley-South, an important operation of control. The site was not chosen at random. Yesterday afternoon, the gendarmes of the departmental road safety squadron of Metz chose a very particular sector of Moseley-South to carry out a great operation of road safety: the roads of Dao and Demon.


The coming spring and the milder temperatures led the gendarmes to act quickly to meet them, with both hands: one, for all, for prevention; and the other, if necessary, for repression. In addition, the stakes are important. “After the winter season, the first exits are riskier because the bikers are slow to regain all their reflexes driving two-wheeled, says the captain Jean-Jack, second in command of the EDSR Metz. There is a 27 times greater risk of being killed by motorized two-wheelers than by car. Still, many bikers take a lot of risks, feeling in control. ”


On a motorcycle, the slightest carelessness can be fatal. The recent news is there to confirm it. “Last year in Moseley, during the first quarter, there were three accidents of two-wheelers and three wounded,” says Captain. This year, at the same time, we recorded eight accidents, with one killed and ten wounded. These accidents involved five motorcycles and five cycles. “In addition, faced with these disturbing figures, the gendarmes decided to hit hard. They distributed to them a guide of good behavior. “There are tips to be well equipped, to behave appropriately, to be vigilant, and to respect the rules of conduct and so on. Since January 1, it is for example mandatory that all two-wheels have a reflective vest, to put in case of accident or breakdown.


All those who were in good standing left without being worried. The others, including cars, were caught by the patrol. Especially since, for the exercise, the EDSR also mobilized two of its most effective and formidable weapons for the violators: the unmarked motorcycles and the unmarked car, able in particular to grasp with discretion every speeding in the two directions of circulation.


In the end, 150 bikers were checked and all were in good standing. Twenty offenses have been reported against motorists: 18 speeding (recorded thanks to the dreaded unmarked car with embedded radar), a phone behind the wheel and driving under the influence of alcohol. The presence of the gendarmes with safety clothing in force, however, was not enough to reason everyone. A biker lost control of his craft in the climb of Demon.



The Haute Route outfit with the 3 reflective colors

The trilogy of Venous ended today on the mythical face of the Giant of Provence, that of Bedouin, the royal road to the summit. This morning, for the test event, program change, departure at dawn, lights at the front and at the back, 25 gas and gas that start from km 0, to the final touch. Unit of time, unity of place, unity of outfit, it is definitively more than the wheels. It is a very beautiful range of textile, we recommend you the Haute Route outfit with the 3 colors red, yellow and pink 3 big rounds, and this morning it’s life-size test, a reflective vest not orange, not yellow DDE, simply white with reflective strips cleverly placed, so that we spot a runner at 100 meters.


A very effective vest, very beautiful design and you can feel in your favorite stores, a success, in the meantime, maybe someday, a garment with flashing led, not developed “for now”, to follow so .


To close 3 days of great conviviality, between many different nationalities: Switzerland, English, New Zealand and the French colony from Annecy. But also the corner, a real melting pot that is nothing less than that of the Haute Route , whether on 7 days or 3 times a year, or on a new appointment in Colorado next June, and there in the footsteps of the giant, in Provence. Night vision of the Venous so, some will say why not after all, since the 10 kilometers in the forest are never less than 8% and that in these cases, it is better not to know! Reassure yourself in October 2017, we will leave day, like 8 hours, departure every 20 seconds, history that participants in safety vest can return to London, Geneva or Brussels, in time and to complete a great weekend, and anticipate the week ahead.


Anyway, it is a rich idea, if only for the sunrise over the Reynard. Sunburn is that warms as much the rind as the heart and gives the want to go higher up to the top, because it is well known. We do not crack in the Venous and especially not in the desert of stones, that is so much for the fame of the Venous, we see for miles to the round, further reinforcing the incongruity of this molehill that makes humble, and any climber.


The classification of this Haute Route will be established in cumulative time of 3 days, without neutralized part, the medal at the top will be well deserved for all finishers and will be ranked in the radius of good memories, no doubt. We are talking about a cycle in stages, not in stages with a la carte menu. It could despite everything, a quota of places be reserved for this against the clock, nothing is less certain , and the bar of 500 engaged will not be exceeded, Bedouin wishes a controlled tourism, a tourism where one does not find papers after the passage of the runners, message received by the organizers.


The first starters will be able to admire and encourage, for once, the last to leave, the leaders; the descent will be done on Bedouin, thus giving everyone the opportunity to greet for the 5th time the stele Tom Simpson, beautiful tribute. Thank you to all the participants in yellow vest of the organizers for all the service providers, who are much more than that on the Haute Route: Dr Bruno, Masseuse, Manic, and Alexis, all the riders from our Swiss neighbors, English, not to mention the manic boys from Annecy and the United States, we feasted, and we ask for more. It is good, after the Erotica, the Roc d’Azur, race of Haute Route, place the presentation of the Tour, Tuesday, before, perhaps to attack the videos of the main stages of the Tour 2017.