Waterproof sleeping bag with reflective tape

The beautiful story of the day: a teenager invented a waterproof sleeping bag for the homeless
IRELAND – A 15-year-old from Limerick, Ireland, invented a lightweight, waterproof sleeping bag with reflective tape for the homeless. Presented at a show dedicated young scientists in 2015, the project was developed and is now present in the streets of Dublin.
The idea came to him when she was a fundraiser for a homeless shelter. Emily Duffy, a 15-year-old from Limerick in Ireland, had the ingenious idea of ​​creating a sleeping bag as convenient as possible for the homeless. “I wanted a bag that solves some problems encountered with conventional sleeping bag,” said the girl to the Irish Times. The newspaper reports that Emily Duffy “replaced the tissue, which becomes wet when it rains, by paper metallic bubble.”

The material is lightweight, waterproof and filled with air bubbles, concentrating the heat through the bag. A fire-resistant coating was also added to the metal casing of the bag which made its first appearance in 2015, during a show dedicated to young scientists. The bag is also equipped with reflective stripes and a pocket at the end: “The person who sleeps in it can put its dry clothes to prevent them from getting dirty or wet the bag becomes a pillow.” says the girl in the Irish Times. But that’s not all: the closure is Velcro, allowing entering and exiting quickly.

A bag made by homeless

The “Huffily Bag” Emily Duffy herself tested before putting it on the market, designed to last for years, “longer than a conventional sleeping bag,” rejoices the girl, who says many people are already using it in the streets of Dublin. The Mendacity Institute, a charity providing assistance to the poor, decided to launch a program, paying 20 Euros homeless two hours just to participate in the making of these new generation sleeping bags.

“While everything is electronic today, you can have a cheap product and handmade by unqualified people,” rejoices the Julian judge who authorized Emily Duffy to make her bag. The TheJournal.ie site, which also tested the reflective bag, reports that the judge is trying to improve the quality of the product based on feedback from the homeless community.

Let safety vest to protect our children

As we know the School buses, where yellow safety vest and looping the belt are not systematic for young people were particularly targeted.
She does not beat around the bush, Larsonneur Dominique Morel, county councilor in charge of road safety, when it is for teenagers. “You’re too young to die!” She insists. That’s what it reminded gently but with conviction, in school transport buses at the entrance of Saint-Lô, Tuesday, February 23 in the early morning. Olivier Marion, Chief of Staff of the Prefect, she wanted to educate young people about the importance of coating the yellow vests with reflective stripe from home and fasten safety belts in cars.
Operation verification officers
As for the police, partners in the operation, they carefully checked the papers of the vehicles presented by drivers of cars and the tires. Hubert Jove, road safety coordinator in the English Channel, was also there to share with other players in this prevention device. You should know that, now and in recent months, the school transport buses in the English Channel are equipped with systems conditioning breathalyzer vehicle start. They are about 400 school buses plying every day the roads of the Manchu department.
The belt must shut up!
The adoption of the yellow reflective vest and buckle the belts in cars are not yet systematic for all adolescents, but with the return of good practices, it could become a reflex. It is since 1973 that the use of seat belts in automobiles is mandatory in France and initially, it took a lot of educational work and persuasion to make this an obvious habit of putting uphill drive … outside the Channel, the dramas of recent road involving cars – in the Doubs, or in Charente-Maritime – recalled that the accident may occur at any time unfortunately.

Québec city request pedestrian wear reflective vest

Chantal Lévesque / Metro Vela Québec believe that the City should raise awareness among other regulations prohibiting pedestrians with reflective clothing on bike paths.

Entered into force in December, a regulation that bans electric scooters, joggers and pedestrians cycle paths seems unknown to the population deplores Vela Québec.

“I always see electric scooters driving on the tracks, says the CEO of Vela Québec, Suzanne Laree. Obviously, there are people who do not know [that the rules have changed] or who ignore the rules. ”

Laree also believes that the City should raise awareness of the new regulations.

The settlement comes “confirm the need to make available the Montreal cycling network to key users for whom it is primarily intended and designed: inline skaters and cyclists,” according to the City.

Wheelchairs, motorized mobility aids and some electric bikes are also permitted.
The regulation also clarifies the definition of an electric scooter, which is no longer allowed on bike paths throughout the city.

Tickets are also provided for those who do not obey the rules: $ 30 to $ 50 for a first offense, $ 50 to $ 100 for a second offense and $ 100 to $ 200 for any subsequent offense.

The Police Department of the City of Montreal (SPVM) is claimed to have asked officers with reflective element not to give tickets under this regulation until September. Agents are instead encouraged to give verbal warnings.

“When there is a change to a regulation or new regulation, we ask the police, of course, to exercise judgment in the application, and asked a kind of buffer period, said the Inspector André Durocher, of Highway safety Division. There may always be exceptions where we will issue [an offense], but generally asks to not issue. ”

For Suzanne Laree, the real security issue, it is the electric scooters. “There is a security issue here, which is not the case with pedestrians. [Pedestrian], it’s annoying, but not dangerous, she believes. I’m not against electric scooters, but in bike lanes, it does not work. This is a vehicle that is bigger and heavier than a bike and goes faster.

For Zvi Leve, Montreal Bike Coalition, pedestrians in reflective vest should not necessarily be banned from cycling trails. He does not believe that the law will be applied to them. “I do not think the crackdown will work. Rather find a way to live together, he considers. I do not see how it will be applied. “

Reflective clothing for Trekking in rain or snow

In the presence of rain and snow likely, footwear and appropriate reflective clothing is advised.

More than 150 volunteers in eight service points, make operating the various local Assemblies of Red Cross in Navarra are launched on the occasion of the 2nd Javierada 2015.

The device will start on Friday at 17.00. The Bank and 19.00 finish passes on Saturday.

In the presence of rain and snow likely, footwear and appropriate clothing with reflective tape is advised. Last year, in the second Javierada, assistance was provided to 371 people.

The second Javierada 2015 will, like the first, with logistical and operational contribution of Red Cross. More than 150 people attend to pilgrims distributed in 7 permanent posts and 1 Mobile (mountain route Aranguren-Lumbier) and through 10 ambulances.

Operating the 2nd Javierada will begin with the opening of the first aid station on Friday, at 17:00 hours in San Isidro del Pinar, in the Bank, and will be closed in Javier, after the celebration of Mass and return operation in the day on Saturday.

Each station has health and communications technicians with necessary for cure and massage voltage tap, attention to people with diabetes, fainting, and assist in any emergency that may arise reflective materials personnel, lifeguards, massage.

The main mission of this operation is to ensure the safety of participants in terms of forecasting risks and minimize them and ensuring prompt action if any

In 2014 the first Javierada Red Cross assists 1,247 people attended. Last year, in the second Javierada, 371 attentions were paid.

Facts about the positions of attention can be followed through the web www.chinareflective.org.

Trekking tips

Each person must bring their own pace, not imposing it. During the trip, wear reflective clothing. Do not wear clothes too tight, especially in underwear and pants; jersey’s broad and long (better bring two thin one thick).

During cold and presence of rain or snow, use suitable safety vest and footwear for low temperatures, and protect the face and head covering her mouth to prevent entry of cold air into the lungs.

Eat properly during the trip with light foods easily digested and absorbed, rich in calories like nuts, oranges, chocolate or energy bars, making the biggest meal at the end of the stage and hydrated along the way.

Safety jacket with refletive tape

Although we have for the right moment to back rather mild season even can run in short shorts and some maillot afternoon, it will not last.

Come sooner or later the time comes to put on, for several months, long shorts and thermal safety jacket.
Castelli Passo Giau jacket and long shorts Velocissimo could well accompany you during these months when temperatures do not exceed 15 °, since both products are designed to operate between 5 and 15 ° C.
The Paso Gaius jacket available in 3 colors and is sold € 149.90.
A rather reasonable price for a technical product, except fall lasts a few years.

Combining Windstopper X-Fast fabric on the upper torso and shoulders, Wind stopper X-Mid on the sleeves and lower torso, and Warmer fabric on the back, tire scheduled for a cool time. Catelli gives a minimum temperature, which I have seen in effect with a simple vest. For colder outputs 0 °, it will add one more layer to be comfortable.

It’s a jacket that is worn close to the body. Good point for sleeves that is long enough. If you wear long gloves, the cold air will not rush at the wrists. The neck back as high to isolate the neck and prevent air passes.

3 pockets present in the back are wide and very deep. What store extra windbreaker or other bulky accessories?

I only regret that for a jacket dedicated to winter, there are no more reflective element on the back because it is limited to two small “tabs” at the outer pockets.

The lining is arctic, which ensures feeling of warmth and softness. The insulation on the front is very good and helps to not feel the cold, even at high speed.

Size side, it took me a size L, as for all my winter jackets.
Good surprise next rate since it Velocissimo 2 is sold less than 100 € and is available in 6 colors.

As the Paso Gaius jacket, Catelli announces optimal operating temperature between 5 and 15 ° C. But hardier will definitely wear it to 0 ° C.

Kiss chamois is of excellent craftsmanship. This is often the technical point that stalled on affordable shorts, but this is not the case here.

The anatomical design and seamless ensures real comfort, while the dual-density foam ensures very good shock absorption. Even on the outputs of nearly 4 hours, I did not have to complain of pain or irritation.

Retaining strips (GIRO3) are present around the ankles to keep the tights perfectly in place. Zippers (YKK Cam lock) ankles allow it to easily slip on shorts and provide good support when pedaling. These closures are fitted with reflective tape.

The fabric is soft and elasticity make the Velocissimo 2 is forgotten, this is far from true of all long shorts.

Hand size, it took me a size L for my 1.78m and 72kg.

People wear costume with reflective tape for Halloween

Since Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, many wonder what time the little superheroes, princesses, monsters, animals and other colorful characters in reflective accessories will begin to walk the streets to ask for treats. And the answer is not so simple.
Each municipality manages this activity differently, so that the hours are not the same everywhere. If, in some municipalities, no restriction is imposed, others are stricter. The table below shows the schedule against the “pickings”, according to information gathered by The Express.

The Sûreté du Québec reiterates that it is important that those who will walk in the streets are clearly visible as many pedestrians, motorists and cyclists will travel an hour or reduced visibility.

It is recommended to choose a Halloween costume with bright colors with reflective tape and bring a flashlight. Makeup instead of masks is strongly advised.

During the evening, children in safety vest should stay in groups or with the accompanying adult, never follow a stranger, whether by car or on foot, cross streets at intersections cover one side of the street at a time and to inspect the candy before their parents to consume.

Take reflective vest to ride in the rain

Stay calm when the sky is falling on your head: how to brake, accelerate, turn, behave …
For that every fall, unlike the leaves, the bikers are not shoveled

The wonderful feeling of freedom that we encounter on a motorcycle is partly because no other vehicle makes such a connection with the outside environment. The downside: the weather sometimes challenges us in our place by making us aware of our smallness against the unleashing of the reflective element. With the approach of the bad season, here are our tips for the motorcycling remains a pleasure even in the rain and your journeys, short or long, are carried out safely. Before departure, it is of course important to check weather forecasts: to govern is to foresee.
Adhesion: twice less grip.

And to keep vehicles on the ground, one of the most effective solutions lies in the rubber, a magical product based on natural rubber. There are other solutions, particularly with synthetic rubber (very commonly used on motorcycle tires) and the future holds mixtures of dandelions or biomass.

Short. Our tires stand because they generate a friction on the ground. The nature of friction is different in the case of wet asphalt. What does the teratology, the science of the study of friction? That the coefficient of adhesion of dry bitumen is from 0.6 to 0.8 and it falls in a range of 0.3 to 0.4 in the case of wet asphalt. To be clear: there is twice less grip on wet than dry.
With a slight downside: all bitumen, however, is not the same. Some have a high coefficient of particle size (mu: μ) that will leave more easily stagnate water surface when the bitumen with a lower μ promote more flow. Reflective vest is necessary for everyone.The difference can be felt over a light rain, less if sustained, prolonged downpour.

Note also that in case of heavy rain after a long dry period, the fat particles infiltrated the floor rise to the surface (they are less dense than water) and, mixing with dust and gum residue, reduced to especially the bitumen adhesion power. It is therefore necessary to exercise caution.
Tires: not under inflated …
These are the tires that allow you to take the floor, so they appreciate that you give them some attention.
Rule number 1: tires, it inflates to the correct pressure (even a pouillème more for the wet) and the carcass works in optimum conditions provided by designers and allows grooves to be opened as necessary for a good discharge of water.
Rule number 2: try to “finish” your tires in the winter because you will take less angle is a bad idea. A worn tires 50% seen its performance deteriorate by 20% and in the rain, you need the full potential of your tread. You have any interest in mounting new tires in the fall, to dispose of their performance potential in the bad season, even finish the edges in spring, provided the selected tire has even wear.
Regarding the performance of the tire, it is necessary to distinguish the ability of the tire to heat up (for the carcass can work correctly) and the sculptures to drain the water. On bitumen that wicks water well, if little rain, a sports tire is still relatively efficient. If this film on the road, you have to evacuate. While some manufacturers in reflective accessory offer “winter” tires for scooters, tire technology “all season” for motorcycle is a line of hard work. Some tires, moreover, openly claim their wet performance.
Finally, the tire will tell you it is important to have two tires of the same brand: the sculptures of the front tire are designed to shed water so that the rear tires to do its job.

New reflective uniform for police officers

Under the new concept of equipping police officers are from 1 1st 2015 equipped with all the anti-conflict teams of the Regional Police Directorate new reflective uniform. Vista, which is equipped with all 200 police officers, was tested during 2014 in a pilot project within the user tests for several counties.

Newly introduced features to the vest, which meets the standard for high visibility clothing, are the most modern materials. “Vista is a preservative that enhances the upper half of the torso without arms. The vest is designed for use in environments with high demands for visibility, especially in bad weather conditions, at night and in extreme activities and situations even in daylight, “says ACP coordinator of the Public Order Police Directorate of the Police Presidium, Cpt. Mgr. Martin who participated in the development of vests.

An innovation is the retro reflective band (providing back-reflection of light) in blue on those vests, which can boast only a handful of police forces throughout Europe. On 1cm² fabrics is up to 30,000 glass beads and light incident on the reflective strip of material is preferably reflected back to the source.

Another new feature is the placement of the English inscription “Ant conflict team” on both sides of the vest. This designation will certainly appreciate foreign fans.

“We were inspired by safety vest in other European countries; we placed and created a product that meets the strictest European regulations. Differentiating anti-conflict team members from other police forces and security agencies in football stadiums was our main demand, “says the director of the Directorate of Public Order Police Presidium, col. doc. Ingo. Shrink Martin, Ph.D., MBA.

Officers will significantly contribute to the forthcoming international events, domestic football matches and other security measures such as demonstrations, rallies and strikes.

In dark condition using reflective element to protect yourself

The human being is a diurnal animal. At night he is supposed to go to sleep and not forests in search of realizes. However, the night races or races with a night game in multiply trail. Here are some tips to tame this particular condition well.
Let’s be basic: at night, it is the absence of light and heat from the sun. It is therefore more difficult to move, grow, and the frost risk is important in winter and / or in the mountains. For some trails like Transgrancanaria or Western States, night parties are welcome because the temperature is pleasant, but most of the time, in our latitudes, the cold to be feared. (See article on the weather as a performance factor)
The answer to these two conditions (lack of light and heat) is in the reflective material: The material to see well: a headlamp with a quality of life of the batteries in full power much greater than the duration of the race. In the case of long runs or several nights, provide spare batteries. Some lamps offer remote housing. So, keeping the lamp on the head, it does not change the battery pack. Some riders opt for a second lamp with a lighter hand in scope to illuminate the disputed passages. This lamp must bow to inform the nearest foot uphill. Our advice is to sacrifice a few hundred grams of weight to the quality of light in order to get closer to the conditions of day. See the ground where you will make your next threading support and see the milestones is a definite plus to run naturally and calmly. The material to better withstand the cold: a pair of light gloves and a light cap because the ends stand the cold. Wicking textile (usually two layers are enough) but a third layer (type windbreaker) may be a wise choice in the bag. To keep the water in the bag comfortable temperature, it can turn on a garment and / or protect the neoprene tube so that water does not freeze.
The lack of visibility, we must also respond with an appropriate choice of shoes with reflective tape as night sills are often insecure. Must, whatever the nature of the terrain, the rider has confidence in his support and that its progress is not impeded. The difference can be done here, hesitating between a rider who loses the confidence and rhythm, and a confident rider for whom the night will become an ally.
Cold can be answered by the hardware but also nutrition for energy needs amount. Depending on the duration and intensity of the race, it will increase the share of solid and hot drinks will be preferred to supplies.
Finally, to run well at night, you have to train at night and test all its equipment. The first night strides are still hesitant, it reduces the amplitude and increases the frequency of the stride and confidence comes and finds his natural style. Train yourself to modulate the light beam and directing it closer or further away depending on the nature of the terrain: flat, downhill, uphill. On the big races, you will also enjoy the light beams of the other runners.
Start with low intensity and outputs rather flat, and then enter the speed and altitude. Once the night is tamed, we feel great pleasure in it evolve in training as in competition.
Last point: training after dark, yes, but before 10 pm or from 5am. Otherwise, you will not gain as fatigue! And run with bright clothing with reflective devices.

Improve road safety is important

At the end of last year they were made subsequent installations, in order to improve road safety, completely and visible from a distance of several hundred meters of active cat mesh Soleplate.

One of the installations took place at the much frequented national road No. 3 in. Installation of active point of studs concerned the intersection, the release islands and the edge of the road.

In turn the plant’s active cat meshes on the national road No. 15 in the vicinity of Wrzesnia and provincial road No 251 in Murczynie in improving safety in hazardous arcs. Early warning drivers against sharp bends decide their safety.

Unfortunately, in Poland, active cat eyes are still rare despite the fact that provides a 10-fold greater visibility and greater durability and performance in demanding weather conditions and at night than standard reflective tape. Nevertheless, the road operators are increasingly turning to new technologies.

In addition to the extremely important aspect of security, active PEO Soleplate are completely, so you do not generate absolutely no maintenance cost, and their long life cycle allows to improve traffic safety in the long-term time horizon.