Specialized Reflectivenge S-Works, a hallucinating customization

If you do not know what to do this winter and you want to give a little pep to your bike, here is an article especially for you. You may not know Aaron Miletich, a product design engineer who graduated from Gonzaga University and now works in design at Apple.

Passionate about beautiful cars and especially Porsche, excellent photographer, he seems also keen on cycling since his bike is none other than an S-Works Venge VIAS.

In his spare time, he personalized his bike by redoing a complete decoration that is the fluorescent night. Between 60 and 80 hours of work will be needed to achieve this result and an estimated budget of $ 800/1000 for raw materials. But the result is there, a bike out of the ordinary!

By day, the result is already very nice, as you can see in the photos below from the Instagram account of Aaron Miletich.

To achieve this result, Aaron used two overlapping adhesive tapes:

Reflective tape V92 Reflexite

Transparent adhesive tape changing color slightly, at the base provided for Hoola Hoop!

The first layer of V92 Reflexite and a second layer of ribbon to change the color of each part. Each adhesive tape has been carefully cut and applied by hand, which explains the 60 to 80 hours of work required to reach the final result. This necessarily requires fingering, precision, and patience.

But the most impressive rendering remains in the dark, as evidenced by this video made by Aaron himself.

I will not go so far as to say that you can ride at night without reflective materials, but not far…

The obligation to have reflective tapes is often ignored

Pedestrians, according to rescuers, cease to wear reflective clothing and break the law. At the same time, drivers are facing sharp sunlight at low times above the horizon or frequent fogs. Since the beginning of the year, 11 pedestrians have died on the roads. And the drivers complain that they don’t see them. The pitfall is really a lot on the roads. The Nova TV crew was also impressed in Climber.

On the way to the night-time control of pedestrians, the TV Nova crew encountered an unexpected obstacle. A flock of sheep ran down the road. Together with the owner, the animals drove to safety.

When the night walkers started, they didn’t have to wait long for the first unmarked one. They found him on the road behind Flagrant. The policeman gave him a reflective tape and arranged it. “It would be perfect if you put it in one of the places facing the road,” the policeman advised the pedestrians.

On the other side of Flagrant, another obstacle awaited, this time the deer. Then the crew, along with the police, missed a young woman returning from the afternoon shift. She had reflective tapes, but on her purse, which covered her arm.

The law instructs pedestrians reflective materials outside the village, but even in cities, they are not 100% visible. In dark clothes, a pedestrian becomes invisible.

“They have the talent to really take dark things into this darkness. It has happened to me a couple of times that I had to win the wheel, that I really saw the man at the last minute. Nova your impressions one of the drivers.

Another trap for the drivers is the morning sun low above the horizon. The addressed drivers agree that it is uncomfortable, sharp and dazzling.

“Over the past year, we have recorded 167 traffic accidents involving pedestrians, of which 47 were pedestrians. It is an increase of 3%,” TV Nova spokeswoman Techno Khabarovsk told TV Nova. Rescuers set off every other day for such excursions.

According to Lena Sikorsky, spokeswoman of the Police Presidium, 11 pedestrians have died since the beginning of this year. Other dozens were seriously injured.

Tragically, 7 out of 10 pedestrian traffic accidents end. According to experts, this happens more frequently in winter, which is related to reduced visibility and dimming. Critical points are the neighborhoods of schools or large businesses that operate in shift operations.

Traffic will find pedestrians who walk on the road without the reflective vest

Pedestrians, without the reflective vest on interurban roads, the next traffic target.

Traffic does not want carelessness on the road. According to what has been known, he wants to end the problems caused by pedestrians traveling on roads. There is already the obligation to wear reflective clothing when we move to invade the asphalt of the road. However, although until now they have turned a blind eye, from now on they will begin to find those who do not use it.

The exhaustive application of the norm will begin in the Autonomous Community of Galilean. A region in which it is often possible to meet the inhabitants of small villages and towns by moving between the urban centers on the roads.

A phenomenon that contributes to this is the dispersion of the population. In the north of Spain, there are usually distances of several hundred meters between the houses. This characteristic makes people walk on the roads in the usual way.

Little traffic, a dangerous excess of confidence

Most of these roads have very little traffic. It may seem that it makes them safer, but nothing is further from reality. The surprise of being with a pedestrian suddenly or a car without noticing it makes us more prone to react in a bad way.

According to the data of the General Directorate of Traffic, last year 135 pedestrians died from being run over, 44 more than in 2017. These victims are those counted in interurban roads and died within 24 hours after the accident.

Most of them occur on roads of the second order, such as those that form the backbone of the Garlic provinces.

Education and awareness

This will be the weapon of the administration, together with the sanctions, to prevent the number of deaths from increasing. In Galilean, a campaign will be held with the objective of raising awareness among residents of the importance of the use of the reflective vest. The vest must have reflective tapes. Another way to help people make use of the reflective vests will be the distribution of 700 units. All of them among the population of the rural nuclei, where they usually walk along the roads.

These measures seek to alleviate the only number that has increased in the statistics of deaths of the past year. We can say that once the results of 2018 are known in terms of traffic victims, only the section of pedestrian abuses on the road has grown.

It should be remembered that this is not a problem only of those who move between towns walking, also it is for those who have a problem with the car on the road such as a puncture or a breakdown. It is in these moments when the wheel is changing or waiting for the crane when the abuses occur.

With reflectors in the dark season

The children learn it in kindergarten or at school and naturally wear reflective tapes or reflective clothing. But what is good for the offspring, to be better seen in the dark, also applies to all other road users. Representatives of city, police and traffic watch informed on Thursday (8.11.) In the Schadenfreude on more security by visibility and invite for Saturday (10.11.) Again.

The motto of the campaign is “Safe through the dark season” because it is very early in the winter time and early in the morning, it will be late. Who then in dark clothes on foot or on the road is very bad for motorists can be seen, as well as the eyesight significantly decreases after.

Pedestrians and cyclists should wear light or better yet reflective clothing so that they are visible at dusk and darkness from a distance. This reduces the risk of being overlooked. At their booth in the Shadow arcades, there was information as well as small reflective accessories for more visibility. Representatives of the campaign “Scratchpad”, the police and the traffic guard held many talks. Again and again, they heard that reflectors are useful for children. The experts clearly demonstrated that they also make sense for adults. Those who wanted could participate in a visual and reaction test for free. Motorists should drive at this time of year with particular care and at a reasonable speed.

For example, dark-clad pedestrians are perceived by the motorist at a distance of 25 to 30 meters at night or in poor visibility in the dipped beam. A bright and contrasting dressed pedestrian recognizes the motorist already from a distance of 40 to 50 meters. A pedestrian in reflective clothing is already visible from a distance of 130 to 160 meters.

Second action on Saturday

If you would like to find out more about the possibilities of reflective tapes or reflective clothing, you will also find suggestions and a shop on the website of the traffic guard here. Also when buying clothes, bags or Rolland, you should pay attention to reflective materials.

Car and walking

When confronted with a car, the pedestrian has little chance of avoiding injuries. Modern technology, however, gives you the chance to prevent pedestrians from being hit by a car. These are systems that detect the presence of a pedestrian on the road in time.

Not every pedestrian realizes that in some situations he becomes a participant in road traffic – especially when crossing a street or street. According to the regulations, pedestrians on the marked crossing have priority over the vehicle. At the same time, it is forbidden to go directly in front of a moving car. However, the driver is obliged to be particularly careful when approaching the pedestrian crossing.

The regulations allow the pedestrian to cross the road outside the crossing if the distance from the nearest such place exceeds 100 meters. It can only do this if it is sure that it will not hinder the traffic and drivers will not be exposed to sudden braking. In addition, crossing the road outside the marked pedestrian crossing is obliged to give way to vehicles.

The pedestrian also becomes a participant in the road traffic, when he uses the road outside the built-up area in a situation where there is no sidewalk.

– In this situation, the pedestrian can move the left side of the road, thanks to which he will see cars approaching from the opposite direction – explains Bradshaw Pulaski, Kodak Auto Skoal instructor.

The presence of a pedestrian on the road outside the built-up area is a threat that becomes even more dangerous after dark. Despite the fact that the pedestrian sees the car approaching, it may be invisible to the driver, especially when a different vehicle arrives from the opposite direction. In the brightness of its headlights, the silhouette of a pedestrian at the edge of the road blends with its surroundings.

– A walking night wearing a dark outfit is seen by the driver from a distance of about 40 meters. However, if you are wearing reflective clothing, it becomes visible even from a distance of 150 meters.

That is why the regulations impose on the pedestrians moving along the way after dusk the obligation to have reflective tapes.

The issue of pedestrian safety is extremely important for car manufacturers. Until recently, systems protecting the weakest road users were offered in the equipment of higher class cars. Currently, they can also be found in the cars of popular brands. One of such systems is the Pedestrian Monitor, a function that was included in the standard equipment in Kodak Karo and Kodiak. It is an emergency braking system in case of detecting the risk of collision with a pedestrian. Pedestrian Monitor uses a radar that scans the area in front of the car. The advanced algorithm processes the received signals and at speeds in the range of 10 to 60 km / h, the system can recognize the risk of collision with a pedestrian and react on its own.

In this situation, he first warns the driver of the danger and finally automatically applies the brakes. At speeds above 30 km / h, a warning message appears on the instrument cluster display.

However, this type of solution does not absolve the driver from caution, while pedestrians moving after dark on the road outside the built-up area to be better visible should wear any reflective material.

New thresholds in the Counterclockwise

The chicane in the Counterclockwise did not suffice. It would be unsafe for cyclists and moreover, it was a bit awkward for the entrance to the relatively new home of flower association Flora. That was the opinion of a number of local residents. They talked to the municipality and after consultation, it was decided to opt for different speed inhibiting measures. Cyclists should wear reflective vests and be safe to ride at night.

Droughts and crosses?

However, due to anticommunism not everyone on the Counterclockwise was aware of the changes, so that some of the residents were surprised about the appearance of mysterious lines in the road surface, making it seem as if someone liked (extensive) butter-cheese-and-eggs wanted to play on the Counterclockwise. Waterborne was asked to find out what was going on.

New speed inhibiting measures

The municipality confirms that the existing chicane is disappearing, instead of that a bit further on road narrowing with thresholds are being realized, which cyclists can pass unimpeded. To increase the safety of the traffic and the visibility of the road narrowing, a test is being done with a new type of reflective material that is applied to the concrete tires.

This is a high-quality and durable reflective tape that light up very brightly as a light line for good evening and night visibility as a result of the car, scooter and bicycle lighting. The concrete tires, supplied by Fortissimo Grep from Henge, are made of white stone for good day visibility and contrast to the asphalt road surface.

The road narrowing will be realized this week. The reflection material will take a while, due to delivery times. This is expected to be applied after Easter.

The DGT proposes new lighting solutions to reduce the number of accidents

The DGT does not satisfy its desire to reduce the number of accidents on Spanish roads, this time incorporating new elements and reflective materials that improve the safety and visibility of pedestrians at risk.

The number of deaths on the roads of our country was reduced in 2018 considerably, but the 1,180 deaths is an intolerable amount for the DGT. To achieve the reduction, the body considers new solutions.

In motorways and highways, 303 people died, of these, 20% were out of the vehicle, due to breakdown or accident. That is why they are considering new methods of lighting safety that allows the visibility of pedestrians on these roads.

Insufficient traditional methods

As vehicles are incorporating new assistants and technologies, safer driving systems can fail, so in case of risk we must resort to traditional signaling and safety promotion methods, but these must also be insufficient or be outdated

Reflective vests and safety triangle

As a result of the deceased being out of the vehicle, some would wear the obligatory safety vest, while others would not, and at any moment of negligence, imprudence or risk they were run over.

These triangles or vests with reflective tapes may not be fully effective, also dependent on the situation in which the driver is and thus reducing the visibility of these.

Likewise, both the Ministry of the Interior and the DGT are working to incorporate devices that alert of a risk situation with a higher rank. The only thing we do not know is whether they will replace traditional ones or adapt to them.

Be cautious in situations of risk

This new lighting security system that wants to incorporate the DGT is known as Help Flash, similar to a siren since it has a rotating light like that used by emergency services.

The Help Flash system would have a range of 1 kilometer so I would call the attention of drivers who might come a little absentminded. In turn, in the case of secondary roads where the speed is limited to 90 km / h, there would be an improvement in safety.

Light change in emergency vehicles

Consequently, this new incorporation would bring a change in the vehicles of emergency services. A change in their usual yellow or orange lights for blues like those that the police incorporate, within a period of two years.

In the new security format that the DGT wants to incorporate, it is detailed that Help Flash must expand a high visibility yellow light and have an autonomous power supply. However, we still do not know how far this idea of implementation will go.

Yellow camisoles for the youngest

The day-care centers in Berber and Goldenrod have been equipped with yellow safety vests for their walks.

Berber / Goldenrod l The action of the Public Insurance Saxony-An halt (SA) is now in its third year. Since then, around two dozen day care centers have been equipped with bright safety vests with reflective tapes nationwide. In the town of Trickster, two facilities were added: the day care center “Glottis Embarrassed” in Goldenrod and in Berber the day care center “Sonsofbitches”.

District director as the initiator

SA District Director Frank Meyer, responsible for northern Saxony-An-halt, was also the initiator on site. His idea for action arose when one day he drove by car in a place near a kindergarten group. Although there is a road safety campaign of the ADAC with safety vests for first graders, until then not for the youngest in kindergartens.

In Goldenrod and Berber, Frank Meyer and SA branch office manager Calf Doppelgnger each handed over a set of 25 safety vests to day-care centers. Not to take home, as Meyer noted. If children walk along the streets during their care period, they can strip the west. “Friday we are always on the forest day,” reported in Berber Kit director Nadine Schneider. Right on the doorstep of the establishment runs a busy country road.

The action is also supported by the police. “I’m thrilled,” said the Trickster regional area official Diet-mar Hart-wig. He accompanied the children as they crossed the provincial road, where the children now better attract the attention of motorists.

“With the reflective clothing, we also want to give all motorized road users a signal to always pay attention to children and to take into account,” said Calf Doppelgnger.

Reduce the risk of accidents

“We want to counteract the increased risk of accidents, which are exposed to the youngest inhabitants of the country on the road, by the highly visible warning vests something effective,” said Frank Meyer. Because children are quickly overlooked by motorists, they are more likely to be accident victims than other age groups. According to a traffic accident statistics of the Ministry of Interior accidents in Saxony-An-halt every ten hours a child and sometimes injured.

In its statute, the SA committed to charitable work. This also includes the promotion of traffic education for children. For example, the SA has been supporting a corresponding painting and drawing competition at elementary and special education schools in the state for 26 years.

Bella Hadid, we have to talk about your latest look

Has your car broken down and you had to put on your reflective vest?

Dear Bella Hadid, with the number of risky looks with which you have delighted us in all this time we thought we were used to and that nothing would be able to surprise us … but we must admit that we were wrong. Your new style has left us completely out of place!

In her last public appearance on the streets of New York, the model wore ugly sneakers, a white shirt as a dress and … wait a moment, what binds us is a reflective vest with reflective tapes?!

And what’s behind it is not a traffic cone?

Yes, girl Cosmo, we know what you’re asking right now. Has the car broken down and had to wear the vest with the reflective materials from the trunk? Or is it that he has left the catwalks to dedicate himself to direct the circulation of roads? Either option could make sense -well, the second maybe not so much-, but the truth is that Bella was heading to a dinner organized by Louis Vuitton in the city of skyscrapers to show his collection of men for next season, And the fluorescent vest was simply part of her outfit!

Tear gas in front of the arena

Nemeses and the Yellows: An innkeeper closing his brasserie for the day warns the guests in front of the Black Block. His colleague in another restaurant initially thought the move was good, but now it was too much. The owner of a shop selling precious bullfighting devotional items does not think to lock up, and our hotelier has heard nothing of impending riots.

This changes when the old town becomes a staging area during the Saturday afternoon. For a while, the “gilet jauntiness” and the black uniforms of the CRS, the companies Republicans DE Security, perform skirmishes around the arena. Stones fly, trash cans burn, the scenery reminds of May 1st festivities in Nuremberg. Only come here no emergency vehicles, the streets are too narrow.

The Muse DE la Romania – one of the most beautiful places to study ancient life, a world-class presentation – closes in the tumult, the arena is also locked. On the square in front of it stands a sculpture of the famous matador Christian Montesquieu, called “Anime II”. He holds his metal cloth in the wind, a dumb Ola.

The police drive the protesters into the old town, and perhaps the reflective fabric wants to lure the officials in the confusing network of streets, squares, passages. There are some slightly injured and a few arrests, hardly any material damage. Obviously, the protest is not directed against local business people.

The yellow vest with reflective tapes is also a camouflage for democratic enemies

An international flamenco festival opens on the weekend in Nemeses. The vernissage in the early evening is canceled for security reasons, the premiere will take place later. We go down the alleys to the food, which two or three hours before were wrapped in acrid mist and echoed off the boots of the CRS. The restaurant is called “Impressive”, the unforeseen, unexpected.

Later, the bars are busy again. It is cold, but many guests are sitting on the Boulevard Victor Hugo, which leads from the Madison Carrie to the arena. The shop windows of the banks are broken, thrown in and sprayed: “Le capital Crest Du cacao” and “Velours!”, Thieves.

The safety vest with the signal color can cover anybody, no matter which color, it is also a camouflage for democratic enemies. Will the “tenth act” bring more people to the streets next Saturday, is it a small revolution?

The official’s fire cartridges in the streets. You can easily get caught between the fronts. Cite, bite, says a policewoman. We take a hundred meters to the entrance of our hotel at a run. The gas etched in the throat, tears in the face. Cite, bite! The yellow vests will not be forgiven that fast. Not even the global problems that they tackle by force, because politics fail in their eyes.