Functional reflective work wears to feel good

In the clothing of employees schlep two main objectives: The use of advanced work wear is to offer employees enhanced functionality, safety and comfort and a modern design. Simultaneously, the system provider for industrial assembly wanted to govern the provision of work wear reflective vest.

Experienced partners took Schlep in the work wear specialists Keble and the dealer for Occupational Safety and Work wear Eyelet GmbH.

“After more than ten years of use the same clothing line it was time to bring the outfit on the present state,” explains Got Schlitz, Regional Director at Schlep. Under his leadership, a project team created with representatives from all departments and the works council the duties and accompanied the tender. Given the wide range of services ranging from industrial assembly on machine removals up to the relocation of entire production sites it was necessary to take into account diverse needs. From the new Work wear was expected that it combines a modern, matching the corporate image appearance is pleasant to wear, robustness and security.

Particular attention put the team on the updating of the security-related features amenities such as knee pads and reflective strips. It was also important from the same series, a color combination for Schlep assembly and a second for the specialized maintenance, upgrading and certification of machines and presses an employee of PTC Press Engineering GmbH is able to provide. “We want to make visible to the outside, that the employee Schlep and PTC belong to a group of companies,” says Schlitz. The desire for a uniform with reflective tape appearance drew also the employees who perform in refineries and tank farms montages.

Passenger shall wear coats with reflective tape

Passengers will pass before Easter A line last Friday at half past five in the afternoon and then until Tuesday morning. Passengers should wear coats with reflective tape to assure their safety.

The reason is the replacement of turnouts in stations and Peace Square. “It’s the first time ever in the lockout will be changed once had three points (two stations in Peace Square, one on Device). The station will also exchange the original wooden sleepers,” said a spokesman George Table Transport Company.

Exclusion of such magnitude in the Prague metro held at Easter two years ago on the route C, in September of the same year for the same reason as the first time also concluded Route A.

“Making all the work during one long weekend means less interference in the operation than if individual replacements and repairs done gradually,” said Urbane, director of the DPP transport.

The most exposed sites will deploy carrier these days between 8 and 21 pm a total of 25 informants in safety vests who will advise passengers with alternative transport. Informants are available at interchanges lines B and C concourses and all indoor stations of Line A (except stations Depot and George).

Passengers to give out 30,000 information leaflets, which are also located at metro stations, surface transport vehicles or in the information display cases in the metro.

In addition to the planned lockout now warns Radio directly at metro stations?

“For information on the specific destination will also produce approximately 90 information panels with a schematic drawing of basic text information in Czech, English and German,” said DPP spokesman.

Daily (always from 7:00 pm to 21:00 pm), then passengers in reflective vest can also telephone helpline traffic on 296 19 18 17.

For exclusions will be closed interchanges in the metro line A. For example, passengers will be able to pass from Musket on line B through the transfer of Wenceslas Square.

The five points accidents for cyclists in reflective clothing

So far this year, 38 have died. The figure for 2014 was exceeded by 18% cut to August.

In the first eight months of the year 38 cyclists died in traffic accidents and 799 were injured. Mutual aggressiveness and recklessness on the streets are the causes that are becoming more and more victims. Despite intense campaigns, the figures do not give up. (Graph: The most dangerous sections bike).

The map of the temperature of the accident shows that there are five sites with the highest mortality rates. Cyclists are in constant danger of death on May Avenue between Ciudad de Cali Avenue and 51st Street South.

The second point is on red alert Agoberto Mejia Avenue between streets 46 south and 42 souths. The third critical point is South 41st Street between races 89 and 91. The fourth is in the west of the city, the race 97 to 106 between 17th and 22. The fifth place is occupied by the race 91 between Calles 127C and 129.

Monica Davila, who ‘Wars’ street bike every day, is the leader of the group we pedaled. It recognizes that the situation in the city is difficult, especially for women, but warns that it will not stop mobilizing bike.

“There is mutual respect, the parts-conductors, pedestrians and cyclists, required, it generates spaces but no more, no traffic rules are met,” and warns that everyone must be in the proper place.

“We must create more education campaigns, respect, civic culture and appropriation of the city by all the inhabitants of the city,” said Davila, while urging greater security for women can move quiet bike.

Lillian Bohorquez, director of Road Safety Mobility Department, said that the biggest problems are at crossroads, intersections, and drew the attention of drivers to be careful when turning right.

“The number of users has increased. We went from 400,000 trips in 2011 to 650,000 in 2015. There is an increase in the numbers of deaths compared with last year. Difficulties have respect for the rules by drivers of motor vehicles, “said the official.

For the risks associated with these points is the fact that there are cyclists who do not use lights or safety vest because “look good”, or not use the helmet because “despelucan”.

But more serious is happening is making powers at night or ‘sprints’ among the vehicles, until the traffic lights and even pass it in red.

The authorities and organizations cyclists do a wake-up call to young people to prevent such practices.

The Mobility Department promotes, among other works, the implementation of bike paths on roads as the race 50 between 100 and 127 streets to safeguard the lives of cyclist’s stretch that has generated controversy among some residents who oppose the construction.

“The demarcated areas must be respected by drivers. We have to work in the pacification of the tracks. Drivers must learn to share and respect cyclists because they are vulnerable actors, “Bohorquez said.

Currently, in Bogota, a city that for over ten years leading the cycling theme that has become an example not only in Colombia but in Latin America, working in several campaigns.

Workshops are made with children 6 years who are taught all about the bike, with emphasis on safety guidelines.

Another exercise is role-play program where public service drivers spend on the bike and experience everything that happens to cyclists when they cast over them by car.

“There is a pilot project underway in the race 13. Portable speed reducers are installed so that drivers curb before turning,” he said Bohorquez.

The figures for accidents caused by drunk drivers are still the highest in the city. This is demonstrated by the statistics of the Department of Mobility.

In so far this year increased 9 percent, from 292 cases (January-August 2014) to 320 in the same period of 2015.

As for pedestrians without clothing with reflective tape who were killed, it was learned that in the first eight months of last year were 194 (11 of them minors), 20 victims less than the same period of 2015 (172, of which two are minor). However, the statistics remain high.

Reflective work wear ensures safety by day and night

The work wear collection boo includes safety vest, dungarees and trousers of a robust mix of reflective materials in the colors Warning Orange / Gray, warning orange / green and warning yellow / gray. Further facilities include Bermuda, Polo shirt, parka Gore-Tex, bib shorts and a Gore-Tex soft shell jacket in warning orange / gray and warning yellow / gray available.

The collection is accurately cut and therefore ensures a modern look; it is assessed by the companies. Likewise, the collection convinces by its high wearing comfort and unrestricted freedom of movement. All-round 3M Scotchlite reflective tapes in the chest, legs and shoulder area provide reliable safety at work. The Gore-Tex membrane of parka and bib shorts is wind- and waterproof and breathable. All clothes are available in standard and custom sizes and manufactured in accordance with DIN EN ISO 20471-visibility fluorescent background and retro reflective trim material. Gore-Tex parka and bib shorts Gore-Tex also comply with DIN EN 343 weather protection.

CWS-boo offers the boo visibility collection for rent. The full service includes the professional preparation (washing, inspection, repair and possibly replacement) of the textiles in the company’s own high-tech laundries according to a certified process flow in accordance with ISO 9001. This ensures compliance with safety factors and legal requirements for a durable protective function. Also belongs to the Rental Service of Transport of reflective clothes to and from the customer. On request brings CWS-boo company, name or federation emblems on the textiles. Overalls engages so that the corporate design of the company on, increases the recognition value, contributes to the identification of the individual employee and his company in and strengthens the sense of community within the team.

Road safety rule of riding bicycle in winter

DENMARK: Sunday, October 25, we change to winter time, and that means true to form, the garden and the clock must be set back and that we all face an hour earlier in the morning.

It also means that you almost certainly going to cycle to work while it’s still dark. Therefore, it is high time to find out whether the lights on your bike are ready for the winter season.

And many will probably learn that their lights cannot stand the heat and will trigger fines, says special consultant in the Road Safety Council, Penile Ehlers.

If for example, you have a couple of small elastic-lights, many bought in the supermarket for 40 kroner lying, you may well throw them out and buy some other, she says.

The small inexpensive flashlights were banned three years ago, when they are not on good enough, and the battery life is too low, says Penile Ehlers.

If you have the wrong light on the bike, it costs a fine of 700 crowns, if you are stopped.

The new stricter requirements for bicycle lights dictate, among other things, that a lamp should have a battery life of at least five hours. The lights also light so strongly that you can see them on the entire 300 meters apart, and in fact, it is sometimes not enough.

Therefore, it may be a good idea with additional reflectors on your clothing or reflective vest, estimates Penile Ehlers.

At Polar Cycles in Aalborg can feel that the season has been slippage in sales of bicycle lights.

We have a good time in the sale of the fixed bike lights. They are the ones where the rear light where the red rear reflector usually sit. If one uses about 300 kroner on the bicycle lights, one is a good start over the winter, says René Hildegard, bicycle mechanic at the Alborg reproduction bike shop, Rita Focus.

The lights do require batteries, but they are equipped with power-saving LED bulbs, which means that they should keep the winter. And a safety vest is also necessary for riding

It’s tempting to get fitted with magnetic lights that run on power from the bicycle wheel, but it will René Hildegard certainly not recommend.

I do not quite understand why the lights are still approved. Coming trilling, and a car comes out, looks motorist nothing, he says.

There are good dynamo lights, but the bicycle repairer estimate that they cost so much that they simply are not worth the money.

If you want to bike lights that do not use the battery, you can get lights that can be charged via the USB connector. Generally recommend René Hildegard, however, that to use bike lights that are either recharged with a standard power adapter or battery.

Lamps must come light straight forward or straight back.

Headlights and rear lights must be clearly visible at least 300 feet away and will also be visible from the side.

Headlights and tail lights should sit so the lights respectively straight forward and straight back – they must therefore not hang and light into the ground.

Headlights and taillights must continue like flash.

Powerful headlamps designed to illuminate the road in front of the rider must be mounted so that the light obliquely downward and does not dazzle oncoming.

Approved bicycle lights typically costs 300 kroner for a set. Ask your local bicycle retailer what he or she can recommend.

Let safety vest protect your riding in dark winter month

Especially in the dark winter months wear many cyclists also a safety vest in the hopes that you will be more visible. But the most glaring clothing does not protect, if motorists are distracted, phone or simply looking in the wrong direction. And that’s often the accident reason than you think.

“Increase safety vests probably the visibility of cyclists, but that might have been so a lower risk of accidents, or that characterized the accidents would be less, I would not expect,” says traffic psychologist Mark Vallarta of the Technical University of Braunschweig and explained: “Quite a lot of accidents happen because the driver is looking in the wrong direction. And if you look in the wrong direction, then does not help even visible cyclists. ”

The bicycle industry has plenty of luminous jackets and reflective arm warmers in stock. Accidents happen just when one does not expect when the driver is about to distract. And suddenly there is a cyclist in front of the hood.

According to a study by the British insurance company Direct Line, in which the eye movements of motorists were measured, overlooked motorists only about four percent of the pedestrians. But of the cyclists be overlooked 22 percent.

And if they do not expect cyclists, they overlook simple. If you look in the newspaper, you see, too, that everything is overlooked Possible.

There are motorcyclists overlooked it be overlooked all railroads, at level crossings. What not exactly fit into the concept that falls in the information processing just to get out the back. ”

How the perception, that is no bad intention. Driving is a complex process. Much can then pull attention away from the road. One perceives only that with which one also expects. Even if the cyclist is well visible, keeping most motorists when overtaking for example, not the prescribed safety distance of 1.50 meters a. Not even if a safety vest with reflective tape is worn. This resulted in an investigation by Ian Garrard from Brunel University in London.

Susanne Elfferding explained: “He’s been on the road with various vests and various clothes on the roads, in the city and has been found here that this has no effect on the Überholabstand.”

A mere 1.18 meters is therefore the distance to the cyclist when overtaking. Only when the cyclist wearing a vest, similar to the police, keeps motorists a few centimeters longer distance. Nevertheless, the Überholabstand remains well below the prescribed value of 1.50 meters.

But there is a way to make cyclists more visible to traffic, says the ADFC in Hamburg. “The only way to change that is actually the bicycles to get to the road. This makes them visible, so they are the drivers in the field. And if there are many, then also happens less.”

Another important factor is that cyclists respect the traffic rules. But one should not yet carry the luminous vest for safety?

“That’s not necessary. Much more important is that you go ahead. That one knows how you have to behave. That one has a little bit in mind that the motorists have to see one and also can make mistakes. That one this must precisely compensate for error. And it’s no use to drive on the left side with a reflective vest and a helmet, where no one expected. This helps not at all. “

Imposition with reflective vests for bikers and moped

From 1 January 2014 it hosts commanded to bring vest with reflective tape also after a second application moped and motorcycle.

Westerners will be used by need stoppage so that accountants can shoats along the road, said NPRA in a press release.

In March 2007, lasted it commanded to vest is easily accessible by car, but from the New Year this will also apply to those who currently running motorcycle, moped or ATV.

If you get need stoppage, you can quickly become remain on places where other drivers do not expect it to be someone, and you can be little visible to other road users. Using of reflective vest, heightens the chance of being seen on time, says Deputy Director Jon Moles of Public Roads.

We are aware that there is less space on eon moped or motorcycle in eon car victory Moles but add that it fine-CE-approved Vista in pocket format on market.

Eon will not get fee if eon will hang in control without vest, but the police can give fines if the West is not used any in foreleg situations.

It also Vlore discussed with Eat commanded concerning the use of safety vest at any given time, but to date the proposal is shelved.

Pedestrians and cyclists: In the darkness should wear safety clothing

Safety vests and special protective collar for children at TÜV Rhineland is necessary.

See and be seen, the motto of the road users must be in the dark winter months. “Especially cyclists and pedestrians are swallowed in the early morning and evening hours easily the twilight. You should therefore take possible light, best provided with reflective materials clothing to be perceived at an early stage of motorists,” says Hans-Ulrich Sander, motor expert at TÜV Rhineland, and adds: “good services vests, which are available in each TÜV Rhineland inspection agency.” Here, parents for their children and special reflective protective collar for pulling over. The trade also has reflectors in the most diverse forms as patches or buttons. For security reasons also make shoes with reflective tapes.

Motorists should pay particular attention to cyclists and pedestrians already before turning in the dark. “What is important here is the shoulder view. Only then it is ensured that no persons are in the blind spot,” says Sander. Pedestrians can also draw attention to themselves with a flashlight. In this aim the beam of light on the floor and never dazzle motorists.

Mandatory retro-reflectors on the bicycle

Cyclists should make sure that the lighting system of the Volos is correctly and intact. “While a conventional dynamo system is allowed, but much more security provides a continuous light – especially in the state,” says TÜV Rhineland expert Sander. In addition, the prescribed reflectors have the bicycle front (white), rear (red) and are attached to the pedals and between the spokes (yellow). In addition, protective helmets in good stead with reflective elements.


Czech Police call on drivers wear reflective vest to ensure safety

On 15 November the Czech Police launched a nationwide pre-emptive action aimed at increasing the visibility of motorists. The subject of traffic controls is informing drivers of the requirement to wear a reflective vest, which is also legally obligatory equipment in the vehicle. If a motorist in solving technical defect or traffic accident the car will perform, they must vest dress, why should he have on hand and not in the luggage compartment. The event aims but in addition to a reminder of the obligations and alerts the security of the vehicle crew. Police officers in this preventive action are to transmit a controlled drivers more reflective clothing, which is designed specifically for other passengers in the car.

During the thirteen days took place in the Central Region a total of nine events of this type, which was distributed to a total of 442 reflective accessories. On the part of drivers could be heard very positive response. Another roadside checks related to the action on the visibility of motorists will run until February next year.

Rules for decrease accident and ensure traffic safety in South Bohemia

Already this year 60 people died on the roads of South Bohemia. Over the past year there were 63. The Regional Coordinator Be sip Vaclav Smith warns that the autumn fog and black ice comes a period when accidents on the road will increase.

Until decrease the number of accidents, will not subside even deaths on the roads, emphasizes regional coordinator be sip Vaclav Cover.

According to Cover it was due to improved cars. Now, however, we have reached the bottom, no matter how good the technology is already helping.

South Bohemian died on the roads already 60 people, while for the whole of last year it was 63rd.

Moreover, we are now waiting two months of hard, in terms of traffic accidents, as it unfortunately is related to the number of fatalities. Autumn weather brings a lot of accidents with pedestrians who are not sufficiently visible. That is now the subject of our campaign. This week we start with the police traffic safety event focusing on the visibility of pedestrians.

Pedestrian thus fall riskiest?

Yes, based on statistics from previous years, most of pedestrians dying between 16 and 18 hours just in this season. Due to the time shift suddenly gets dark at five o’clock instead of six drivers and pedestrians are poorly adapted to it, and then there is very often fatal accidents. And even at pedestrian crossings. We used to offer safety vest to solve this problem, but it didn’t seems help.


What will campaign?

We will endeavor in cooperation with the police to communicate directly with drivers on the roads. Because the reflective elements is insignificant when the car is off. If the vehicle is lit poorly or not at all, it does not reflect light reflex. We have made several commercials, which we will try to get to the screen in offices and other public places in the South Region. I have also arranged several meetings at schools and homes for the elderly.

How long?

We want to be long. Our goal is to significantly reduce the number of pedestrians killed. Over the last year throughout the Czech Republic were killed in traffic accidents about 65 pedestrians. We know from neighboring countries that adjusting the law, in which it stated that the reflective elements on clothing are required, reducing the number of deaths very aggressively.

In recent years the number of tragic accidents declined. But in the last two years there is again an increase. Does it think this statistical skew, or a trend?

The problem is that the steadily increasing number of road accidents. Every year it’s a nearly ten percent. The fact that we dropped the consequences of accidents; it is my only increasing the quality of vehicles. Cars are better in terms of active and passive safety features. Obviously, we have already reached a certain bottom, where it is not only the technical features of vehicles to reduce the number of tragic accidents. And with that, as the number of crashes will rise and the number of deaths.

So it is necessary to reduce the number of accidents?
If we want to reduce the number of deaths, we must first seek to decrease traffic accidents. The other things that can affect the consequences smashes such as better infrastructure, that they are secondary issues.

What would you think should happen? Tighten the imposition of fines?

Fines are matters of repression, we prevent sty, so we focus more on prevention. The problem is that this is precisely the long-term financially underpowered compared to the rest of Europe. But I feel that now dawning for better times, as Transport Minister is in favor of us. It should not say that, without preventive repression would not make sense. Certain increase in penalties would also help us. But mainly it is necessary to educate the whole nation. We have a big problem with arrogance drivers. But beware, as well as cyclists. Even the education they need. Necessary municipal police should patrol to cyclists moving routes, which are designed and among pedestrians.

The amount of fines is one thing. However, when an aggressive driver sees the road almost overtake cop, so it is probably not solve, right?

According to our statistics, the performance of traffic police in the South Region increased from year to year, although staffing tends to decrease. In this regard, I stand behind the police because they are trying to do the maximum.

It should not, therefore, be more?

You say it absolutely right. But there is another thing. For me, each policeman should intervene in the transport sector. I experience when I go over and see Budejovice offense like thunder around the police will pass and nothing happens. Had the matter on the spot immediately addressed, they should aggressive drivers to police certainly greater respect.