Cyclists’ high-visibility jackets “increase odds of crashes”?

High visibility clothing may increase the chances cyclists have an accident rather than keeping them safer, research has suggested.

A study of 76 accidents by academics found “no evidence” that those who wore reflective clothing “were at reduced risk”.

Jesse Norman, the transport minister, last week said a government consultation in the new year would look at whether cyclists should be forced to wear helmets and high-visibility vests.

But research from the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and Nottingham University found “increased odds of a collision crash” among cyclists in reflective clothing, the Sunday Times reported.

The study suggested riders wearing the safety clothing “may have adopted more exposed road positions in the belief that they were relatively conspicuous”.

The results “should be treated with caution” however, as it based only on a small group of volunteers, researchers said.

Other research has reached the opposite conclusion.

A larger study in Denmark of nearly 7,000 cyclists found they had 47 percent fewer accidents causing injuries if a bright yellow jacket was worn.

Cycling campaigners have also warned against making helmets compulsory, insisting that accident statistics do not back up the case.

They argue that the safety equipment can give both cyclists and drivers a false sense of security, while the issue detracts from bigger threats like careless drivers and dangerously pot-holed roads.

More than 100 cyclists killed on British roads last year, latest figures show. A further 3,397 seriously injured, a five percent increase in 12 months.


The warning clothing of nationwide for assistance partner acting breakdown helpers had come in the years. Working clothing specialist Kübler developed a new collection together with the specialist dealer Drivetex, Eggolsheim. Apart from the red, the brand color of the assistance partner, it has almost nothing in common with the previous one.


The bar for the new high visibility clothing could hardly have been higher. “We wanted to find a perfect solution for the activities of the breakdown helper,” explains Erwin Schanda, whose company Drivetex exclusively distributes the new collection nationwide, if desired also as rental clothing with all associated services. In addition, there were harsh price specifications from the Munich headquarters of assistance partner, which required high quality from European production.


In order to achieve these goals, users from selected companies were involved in the entire development process. In discussions and through the observation of work assignments, it became clear that a revision of the hitherto used protective clothing was necessary. In the meantime getting old clothes the fit was outdated. The offered size mirror left to be desired, which at the expense of well-being, but also the security went. “We saw here and there rolled-up trouser legs,” reports Schanda. “In the worst case, the specifications of the warning protection class 3 for the surfaces of background and reflective material are then no longer fulfilled, which means that the insurance coverage of the trade association according to the current standard EN ISO 20471 is omitted,” warns Schanda.


Employees benefit in many ways


The new clothing impresses with its modern, sleek design. She sits like a second skin and still makes every move. This is ensured by Kübler’s specially incorporated comfort zones in the waist, back, neck, arm and knee areas, which are equipped with ergonomically positioned seams, stretch inserts and knit cuffs, among other things. In the pants, the elastic waistband contributes significantly to the excellent fit. The striking look of the clothing in warning red with anthracite-colored contrast inserts and segmented reflective tapes also guarantees a high recognition value for the employees of assistance. The arrangement of the reflective stripes gives the breakdown helpers the best all-around visibility. “Every breakdown assistant and every breakdown helper will benefit from the high wearing comfort and the improved protective function,” emphasizes Klaus Stemig, Managing Director of the assistance partner. Because the new, according to EN ISO 20471 certified high visibility clothing also includes women’s models and covers the complete garment size grid. Special sizes, like 7 XL, are also available. They are individually made by Kübler.


Individual wearing comfort


With the new high-visibility protection collection, the assistants of assistance partner will be able to choose between different garments. For the summer months, a light work jacket and a vest are ready. As an alternative to men’s trousers, there is a dungaree. For the transitional and winter months, the designers at Kübler have specially developed an onion tray system consisting of thermal underwear, trousers, and softshell jacket or vest as well as a waterproof warning jacket with breathable Sympatex climate membrane. In combination with bib or dungarees, this fulfills class 3 of the warning standard and class 3 of the weather protection standard EN 343. “On the one hand, this takes into account the individual feeling of cold and on the other hand prevents the helpers from working up a sweat when they are in the emergency vehicle,” says Schanda, referring to the comments of the wearers who tested the new clothing in advance.


The pocket solutions are also the result of intensive analysis of the typical work processes at assistance partner. For the compulsory carrying tablet work, softshell and weather jacket and the vest on the right chest side were equipped with an inside pocket and zipper. Equally cleverly designed is the Smartphone pocket integrated into the left breast pocket with lateral engagement. The free hanging pocket on the right leg picks up wrenches or other tools. Additional storage space for tools offers the left thigh pocket with zipper. Left and right-handers will enjoy the wide-cut side pockets with overgrip function. The water-repellent knee pockets, which can be quickly filled from above, also prove to be user-friendly. They are certified by Kübler in accordance with EN 14404 in combination with the matching knee pad. Cordura reinforcements on the pockets, knees, and elbows ensure that the clothing will last a long time when it comes to accident and breakdown service.


The modern design and high wearing comfort of the high-visibility clothing designed for the Assistance breakdown helpers can also benefit their colleagues in the car workshops. You have the workwear collection Pulsschlag by Kübler at your disposal, which stood by the new high-visibility clothing. Thus, the partner companies of assistance have the opportunity to dress their employees consistently high-quality.

Minister of Transport: The reflective vest must be accessible from inside the car you.

As from January 1 must wear the reflective vest, next to the triangle and the fire extinguisher kit as part of emergency vehicles.
Transport Minister Andrés Gómez-Lobo emphasized today the importance AND putting it before leaving.
“It has to be accessible from inside the car, the cabin, because if naturally a person would have to put to get off the car, for example to change a wheel or had a problem on the road, you have to not get off the car without the safety vest to find the vest, “he said.
Secretary of State confirmed that the audits by the end of weeklong Christmas harden.
At least 500 thousand people will leave the metropolitan region today. It is also expected that 280 thousand cars go by these days.
Gomez-Lobo warned that “there will be many controls alcohol throughout the country, Senda and police, ambulances also stationed at these checkpoints to make the breathalyzer directly.”
“There will be a very tight control about road safety over these weeks, and I would call on the people to be responsible, and if they will take not drive, and if they will not manage to take,” said the minister.

On the sidewalk of the wire

Strange atmosphere … In the silence of the downtown Strasbourg, closed to cars since Friday, we still hesitate to walk on the road. Guided by her collator, she walks with short steps to the crosswalk. Her tiny feet barely resting on the first white band, the old lady looks up, seems to hesitate a moment, then slowly rotates. What’s the point? The shortest path from point A to point B is a straight line. And the street is empty. The old lady goes diagonally its careful progression.
The sound of silence placed on the bitumen

Around her floats a rumor we did not know: the sound of silence lying on the asphalt. It is 15 hours, though in full week. And it lacks that roll so familiar in non-pedestrian area that of moving vehicles bouncing off cars stopped. The parking spaces are empty. No mirror or current niche to avoid: cyclists with reflective vest ride on a pool table. But never too far paint dots that mark the paid parking. One likes to slalom, smiling.
The car park next door, St. Peter-le-Jejune, is not quite deserted. A sedan parked at the curb, as to not disturb the order of the empty spaces between the road markings. Leaning against the car, a man waits. “My parents had an appointment with the cardiologist. I could go through the appointments and macaroon disabled, but it was limited, “he said, nodding towards the check-point in the Stone Bridge, 200 meters away. “The time I accompanied them to the door of the doctor, the municipal police was already there, trying to call the pound. But I could not do otherwise, they still have 84 and 87 years old, my parents … “So there is next to the car,” this is what I was told. It’s an hour that I’m here … “
“And the parking meters? All this is money that not fit! We will pay, that, at a time!”Look at this street, it looks like its war,” added her husband, looks scared. “There are 12 guys who were dead in Paris and suddenly it’s a mess everywhere. This is nonsense. We’re clueless. I’m not going to vote on Sunday, y ‘fed up, “he continues.
Approaching the place of Iron Man, the sounds cape becomes familiar. The screeching of trams, car and two engines – one ambulance and utility of a medical laboratory: service requirements. Here, the nerve center of the transport network and Strasbourg Mecca of anarchic street crossing, pedestrians will give heart to joy … but never far from the sidewalks. Nature abhors a vacuum, but it needs a little time to take his ease …
The legend of St. Nicolas for smokers a PMU bar
In the narrowest street in the Game-of-children, we let more readily tempted by the ride in the middle of the bitumen. Speakers installed along with the Christmas market broadcast a song by the Company Creole over by a children’s choir that no noise is covered. “It resonates in the stairwell … It’s pretty unbearable … It’s not too much music I listen to,” sighs a young man with long hair, pushing the door of his building. Further, similar pregnant song tells the legend of Saint Nicolas smoking a PMU bar, lined up on the sidewalk. They did not dare go down the path.
A postmistress raises the rear platform of his truck. “Ah nickel for us is: we have the whole place to park!”She laughed, kissing Eye dozens of unoccupied parking spaces. White reflective stripes, red signs: no cars, it still takes far more abundant signaling dedicated to them. After three hours of wandering, seeing a pedestrian light turn red in a new traffic-free street, one wonders why they have not just been arrested.
“There’s not happy residents, there’s those who have made repress above …”
On deck St. Nicolas, a man in a reflective vest keeps barriers. It has the caliber type that we do not try to confuse, and before him to build muscle more shoulders. Picking ask. Open close. From 10am to 20pm. “But here it’s only for cars coming out. I cannot let those who want to return. But hey, they are people who are trying … There’s not happy residents, there’s those who have made repress above …, “he said, pointing to the nearby checkpoint, on the deck of the Raven.”This morning I also had electricians who had come to work in the city, with all their equipment into the van … They were very annoyed …” he continues raising the barrier for three cars that are presented.
In the pedestrian area, everything seems normal. The large crowd less. Never the Christmas market had been so breathable. On patrol in the middle of the tourists, a CRS takes a gentle look at the illuminated angels that open the way to the cathedral.
Suddenly, two joggers emerge from behind, carried by the smooth carpet of the open street. “Oh I say, I want to type one of these sprints!
A shop left his door open. It is mild despite nightfall, and “there is no traffic noise, no honking people to move in the lane next door … It was weird at first but it’s really nice,” smiles the saleswoman.
At the bridge of the Post, six armed military police accompany that controls all flashlights outside, sacks of pedestrians and cyclists passing by. No sign of reluctance.
Further along the Stone Bridge, are the coffers of vehicles that the police open? Upstream, a colleague controls the papers to leave or not allowed to pass. 200 meters, then 300 … Prevented to pass by a police officer with reflective uniform, a woman pulls over to the side; it will not have long to wait. These are not the controls causing this influx is the clock: it is almost 20 pm. suddenly the signal sounds: “It’s good!”A man closes his chest: his van registered in Lorraine will be the last open day. CRS move barriers. The bridge is open. And the line of cars rushed to the Big Island, to go hide in car parks. Night as the streets must remain a desert…


EN ISO 20471 for high visibility clothing

The EN ISO 20471 is the first international standard for high visibility clothing. It replaces the European standard EN 471st.

But what has changed? And what does the new norm for manufacturers and distributors as well as for consumers / buyers of clothes currently manufactured according to EN 471?

This brings the new warning clothing EN ISO 20471 with itself.

With the new EN ISO 20471 requirements for high visibility clothing for use shall be first established risk-based, in 3 classes specifically designed to protect against ‘high risk’. The previous interpretation of “for professional or business use” of EN 471 is a thing of the past.

Class 3 is still the highest and Class 1 has the lowest protection level, respectively, depending on the amounts of warning agent (background material) and Reflex (retro reflective material).

IMPORTANT: For a use of high visibility clothing the lowest class 1, a combined use with clothing of the higher classes is advisable to increase the visibility.

After the EN ISO 20471, the amount of warning colored background material will be “net” determined. That is, e.g. without logos or other (also provided) imprints.

The warning agent must at high visibility clothing for higher risk levels (classes 2 and 3) for better visibility from all sides in any case, the torso wrap. Also new is that for reflective strips only the higher quality level 2 is allowed. Thus, the mention of the previous number in the new pictogram deleted.

The characteristics of the classes must now be retained even after at least 5 launderings.

Models of Warning clothing from CHILD meet the requirements of the new EN ISO 20471 already. Most models are already according to new standard officially tested and recertified. This is the proof that the CHILD models always provide optimum safety and comply with the latest technology. From childhood until now manufactured according to EN 471 high visibility clothing could be sold off and used without any restriction.

For a use of high visibility clothing in exceptional risk situations with the requirement for maximum safety KID offers the new range of high visibility clothing gemmated® SCOPE (jacket / pants) according to EN ISO 20471 to. This is characterized by a particularly striking design.

The biggest change of the EN ISO 20471 is that high visibility clothing is “risk-based” considered and evaluated. This would especially help the consumer in assessing which is the high visibility clothing for the respective application suitable. The extensive range of high visibility clothing with reflective tapes of CHILD easily meets all requirements.

Please contact us if you have any further questions. We are happy to provide information available.