Reflective clothing for runners

Running is not just a sports discipline – it’s the endorphins that come from every kilometer, it’s the joy of the lost distance, it’s the exchange of experience with other amateurs. The reflective vest is normal equipment for road safety of runners. So can rain, snow and wind discourage or even stop short and long distance fans?


For runners who are already preparing for the coldest and darkest winter months, Nike Running has developed a Flash Pack series that stands out in reflective design and multicolored prints to ensure visibility in all conditions.


Faces low temperatures and be visible!

The Nike Aeroflot Flash is equipped with special compartments filled with a very light layer of down, keeping the heat on the body. The spaces between the compartments were supplemented with laser-cut openings to provide optimum ventilation. The most interesting element of the vest is a reflective pattern, referring to the northern lights. Another functional solution for Aeroflot Flash is a sliding pocket to which the entire bikini can be hid when the racer gets warmer.