The Haute Route outfit with the 3 reflective colors

The trilogy of Venous ended today on the mythical face of the Giant of Provence, that of Bedouin, the royal road to the summit. This morning, for the test event, program change, departure at dawn, lights at the front and at the back, 25 gas and gas that start from km 0, to the final touch. Unit of time, unity of place, unity of outfit, it is definitively more than the wheels. It is a very beautiful range of textile, we recommend you the Haute Route outfit with the 3 colors red, yellow and pink 3 big rounds, and this morning it’s life-size test, a reflective vest not orange, not yellow DDE, simply white with reflective strips cleverly placed, so that we spot a runner at 100 meters.


A very effective vest, very beautiful design and you can feel in your favorite stores, a success, in the meantime, maybe someday, a garment with flashing led, not developed “for now”, to follow so .


To close 3 days of great conviviality, between many different nationalities: Switzerland, English, New Zealand and the French colony from Annecy. But also the corner, a real melting pot that is nothing less than that of the Haute Route , whether on 7 days or 3 times a year, or on a new appointment in Colorado next June, and there in the footsteps of the giant, in Provence. Night vision of the Venous so, some will say why not after all, since the 10 kilometers in the forest are never less than 8% and that in these cases, it is better not to know! Reassure yourself in October 2017, we will leave day, like 8 hours, departure every 20 seconds, history that participants in safety vest can return to London, Geneva or Brussels, in time and to complete a great weekend, and anticipate the week ahead.


Anyway, it is a rich idea, if only for the sunrise over the Reynard. Sunburn is that warms as much the rind as the heart and gives the want to go higher up to the top, because it is well known. We do not crack in the Venous and especially not in the desert of stones, that is so much for the fame of the Venous, we see for miles to the round, further reinforcing the incongruity of this molehill that makes humble, and any climber.


The classification of this Haute Route will be established in cumulative time of 3 days, without neutralized part, the medal at the top will be well deserved for all finishers and will be ranked in the radius of good memories, no doubt. We are talking about a cycle in stages, not in stages with a la carte menu. It could despite everything, a quota of places be reserved for this against the clock, nothing is less certain , and the bar of 500 engaged will not be exceeded, Bedouin wishes a controlled tourism, a tourism where one does not find papers after the passage of the runners, message received by the organizers.


The first starters will be able to admire and encourage, for once, the last to leave, the leaders; the descent will be done on Bedouin, thus giving everyone the opportunity to greet for the 5th time the stele Tom Simpson, beautiful tribute. Thank you to all the participants in yellow vest of the organizers for all the service providers, who are much more than that on the Haute Route: Dr Bruno, Masseuse, Manic, and Alexis, all the riders from our Swiss neighbors, English, not to mention the manic boys from Annecy and the United States, we feasted, and we ask for more. It is good, after the Erotica, the Roc d’Azur, race of Haute Route, place the presentation of the Tour, Tuesday, before, perhaps to attack the videos of the main stages of the Tour 2017.



Yellow vest and A2 license required for bikers

Since January 1st, motorcycles of more than 106 hp can finally circulate freely in France … provided to count among the rare models to Euro4 norms, while waiting for the official text ruling on the retrofit! As if this maddening indecision was not enough, 2016 also marks the obligation to hold a yellow vest on motorbikes and scooters and to begin motorcycle training with the A2 license, regardless of age.


No, retrofit … but still more restrictions!

Since the beginning of the year, French bikers can ride on motorcycles whose power exceeds 106 hp – after some three decades unjustly restrained! – Provided that they are equipped with ABS (mandatory in 2016 on all new two-wheelers over 125 cc) and that they meet the Euro4 standard, now imposed on all new models.


High visibility vest mandatory for 2 and 3-wheelers

If the government voluntarily stagnates when it comes to giving motorcyclists the freedom to which they have legitimate access (remember that no power constraint is exerted in automobile, whatever the age of the driver or the car), its repressive methods, they do not take any delay!


Since January 1, 2016, all bikers and scooters must be in possession of a retro-reflective vest and wear it in case of breakdown or accident.

This obligation does not imply (still?) The wearing of the vest while driving, but to hold a “in a storage of their vehicle (net, trunk)”, specifies the official text. In case of control, the fine for lack of vest on board the motorcycle or the scooter is 11 Euros. In addition, if you do not wear it in case of emergency stop, the plum reaches 135 Euros!


Two other important details to take into account: From the moment, it is CE approved, this vest “high visibility” may be of a different color than yellow (orange, for example, as those used in public works), even if a large majority of vests sold in the trade adopt the fluorescent yellow. Moreover, a simple armband such as those worn by cyclists is not enough: the decree fixing the terms of this obligation makes explicit mention to a “garment worn on the upper body” type “chasuble, jacket, or safety vest.”

Do you know how to drive in winter

For over a month, drivers have to wear safety vest and change the winter tires, if there is a continuous layer of snow, ice or icing on this road, but even then, this can be assumed. If you violate this obligation, you will be liable to a fine of up to CZK 2,000. Not only winter tires are part of winter car preparation. Volkswagen Financial Services reported.


In addition to winter wheels, it is also good to check the car’s equipment, replacement bulbs, spare fuses, wheel nut, hiver, spare wheel, warning triangle, reflective vest and first aid kit. In winter, it is also good to carry a field blade, a glass scraper, a de-icing lock, a strong rope and possibly chains.


Car washing should also be part of the winter preparation, since the car has to deal with spreading salt, gravel and other substances that are used for road maintenance.


In the winter, however, the driver must be prepared first. In 2016, over 53 000 accidents were caused by an incorrect way of driving. Sometimes it is better to leave the car at home. “Every year, experts advise drivers not to drive in a very unfavorable weather, and every year many drivers do not listen to these recommendations, but they have to calculate what costs more – one public transport or car repair, in the best case,” says Lukas Cana in yellow vest from Volkswagen Financial Services. According to the survey, 50% of drivers are influenced by their driving habits during the winter season and the associated weather conditions. As a result, 22% of drivers drive the car in winter less often or almost at all.



Go to school on foot with in safety vest

A program that teaches adults and kids to do with safety vest and without cars: Kia Motors launched it in the UK. This project – called Walking Bus. has however clear social purposes, such as pushing school children to make more movement, an aspect that has not escaped the South Korean car manufacturer that has given its support to the initiative together with the Olympic Louise Hazel, chosen as testimonial to spread the Walking Bus program. It is about bringing the boys together, all gifted as the chaperones of high visibility vest, in a sort of ‘snake’ of pedestrians, who moves neatly to the side of the road and under the constant supervision of some adults.


Research carried out in this area has shown that in Britain, 68% of boys and 76% of school-age girls are currently unable to meet the recommended minimum level of moderate exercise for at least an hour a day. In addition, 63% of children are still brought daily by car in front of the school gates. “I think that Walking Bus is a great initiative – said Louise Hazel – as it is an easy way to do something good for children’s health and encourages kids to stay active and fit every day,” said Hazel in yellow vest. It is great to know that this program can help reduce emissions and road traffic and helps to create a healthier and safer environment to walk around.”






Everything you need to know about the reflective vest

The summary of the new regulations will take effect on January 1. That means the reflective vest that must have all the cars that circulate in Chile since January 1, 2016. Two decades ago, something similar happened with another road safety measure: the third brake light.


The information is abundant, but this is the definitive summary made by Cohasset:

“Supreme Decree No. 164/2014 adds the reflective yellow vest to the other security elements that must be found in each motor vehicle to deal with emergency situations.”


Failure to comply with the wearing of the reflective safety vest will constitute a slight fault, which translates into a fine of 0.2 to 0.5 UTM. In pesos, that equals 9,000 to 22,400 pesos.




Participating the occasion with reflective vest

The Angels program reaches its ninth version this Wednesday, the day on which Angelinos Day is celebrated. On this occasion, there will be a 13.4-kilometer Angels in the north of the city.


The meeting point will be from 6:30 p.m., in the Cisneros Park, located in the 64th race between 66th and 68th streets. The activity will begin at 8:00 p.m.

Fernando Isaac, District Secretary of Traffic and Road Safety, said that the activity aims to encourage the safe use of bicycles, as a structuring axis of mobility, the cities of the future and offer citizens recreational spaces and healthy coexistence.


He explained that participating in this occasion is very easy; it is free and without prior registration. Citizens should only carry their bicycles and the security elements: helmet, reflective vest, front and rear lights and bell.


“We invite the citizens to participate in the activity, our appointment every month. This is an event, we want more, and more citizens to participate, take more ownership of this space and this activity. In addition to improving the quality of life and mobility as such, Angels serves to share, get to know our city, in order to achieve a more sustainable mobility that helps to recover the public space for citizenship,” said Fernando in yellow vest.


Students to cross safely with wear safety vest

If there are qualified people to estimate the dangerousness of the pedestrian crossings near the schools, it is the “yellow reflective vest” that are responsible for crossing the street to schoolchildren and college students throughout the city. Myriad Uterus has been crossing students for more than 5 years at the edge of the college of the school city. It allows students to cross the Avenue to reach the buses parked at the Rhine-Danube esplanade.


Find our complete file on the security around the schools in the Republican this week, available in newsstands or digital version by clicking here.

“I received training by the Municipal Police of Armanda. From the first day, we are confronted with the problems of the field. During the training, I was taught how to position myself to get the students to cross safely. I always position myself on the same sidewalk as the kids. In addition, the officer in safety vest is regularly monitored by the municipal police services, to verify that it complies with all the usual precautions.


College students are used to following his instructions and waiting for his agreement to cross. “Children are not too much of a problem. Some high school students prefer to cross alone because they are tall but in general, each crossing is secure, “says Myriad Uterus.


If she crosses the children in groups to be visible and to guarantee them greater security, she herself runs into the dangerous behavior of the motorists. “Almost every day, I see drivers accelerating in this area, especially when a train arrives. It’s a street where people drive very fast. Sometimes, some motorists force the passage. “A few days ago, a car passed while I was still in the middle of the road.”


Yet the agent is very easily recognizable, his yellow vest and his “light saber” red, allowing him to stop vehicles. But she wants to point out that people, who are used to it, drive carefully.


Safety vest is mandatory for the safety of drivers

They have been mandatory since 2008, for the safety of drivers. However, according to a study conducted for the Enterprise Rent-A-Car rental company, one in four French citizens does not have a safety vest or a pre-signaling triangle in their car.


Karl Lagerfeld had promoted it in 2008, but 9 years later, 24% of French people still do not have in their car the famous yellow vest, to use in case of emergency. This is the result of a study Optimum Institute / Enterprise Holdings, conducted for the car rental Enterprise Rent-A-Car. However, in case of incident, the driver must wear this vest before leaving his vehicle, to be sure of being seen by other motorists.


Priority in the event of an incident: getting safe

With the yellow vest, the legislation also imposes the presence in the vehicle of a pre-signaling triangle, to indicate to other road users the presence of a car stopped on the side of the road. But again, the French do not seem better informed. 22% of respondents say they do not have a triangle in the passenger compartment.


“In emergency situations, the priority is to be safe, to have a yellow vest and a pre-signaling triangle,” recalls Christophe Raymond, director of studies at the Association Prevention Router. road, stop as far as possible from the roadway, put the life jacket on and take all occupants to the right, then secure the incident site, placing it 50 meters upstream of the vehicle, or before a turn “.


135 Euros fine in the absence of vest or triangle

On highway, Christophe Raymond advises to pass quickly behind the barrier, to get in safety. As the vehicle is immobilized on the emergency stop band, it is not necessary to install a pre-signaling triangle. In the absence of the reflective vest and / or the triangle, the offending motorists risk 135 Euros of fine. Note that the driver must also have a breathalyzer in the cabin.


A safety briefing and a safety vest for visitors

Daimler is once again providing insights into its project testing center. The public showed great interest last year. Visitors wear reflective vest can visit the site of the future Daimler test and technology center from a viewing platform during the course of construction site tours. The first guided tour took place at the end of April 2016 for the members of the municipal council and the local councilors.


The first guided tours on the largest earthworks site in Europe have already been announced for the spring. On the grounds of the former military training center, the realization of the Daimler Test and Technology Center is making rapid progress and the visitors are coming back soon can already see much more of the test areas and test tracks than they did last year. However, the response to the offerings of the construction sites was already great from the beginning. Between May and October 2016, visitors in yellow vest were invited to take a tour of the Daimler site.


Interest is very big: Soon after Daimler had begun work on the 200 million euro project in the autumn of 2014, the desire was made to give the public an insight into the unique construction measures. The Automaker finally announced that he would set up a glass construction site. At the end of April 2016, the municipal councils of Giessen were able to look around the site at the construction site. On Sunday, 8 May, the general guided tours began. The response to the specially set up registration portal was great.


Still no start date 2017: After the end of the current winter break the construction site will be continued in the spring. “An appointment for the first tour has not yet been finalized, but it will soon be,” said Daimler press officer Oliver at the request of the SOUTH CURIER. First of all, various votes were needed. There you have to register via the online tool. Reservations are valid only after confirmation.


The program of guided tours: Due to ongoing construction site operations, the guided tours can only take place on Sundays. As soon as the rides start again, there are three, each 90-minute guided tours for up to 30 participants each Sunday. Start times are at 10 am, 1 pm or 3.30 pm. starting point is the Daimler (former soldier’s home). At the beginning of the guided tours, there is a short introductory presentation to give the participants some important information about the test and technology center. Afterwards visitors receive a safety briefing and a safety vest. You will then be driven to a viewing platform with a touring bus. During the journey and on the platform, visitors receive first-hand detailed information about the Daimler AG project. This task is carried out by a so-called guide.


Be visible on the road with wear reflectors

You go to darkness to shop, friends, school or church – remember to wear reflective vest! They can save your life!


It has been a year since the introduction of regulations that require anyone who after dark to walk on undeveloped terrain wear reflective. Police officers are reminded that they have a duty to check that we “shine” in the dark.

– It does not necessarily have to be a yellow vest. You can have a tie, a tinsel or a pendant that has reflective elements – explains asp. The reflection must be visible when we walk side by side. For his lack of police can be punished with a mandate. Up to 500 zł!

– Pedestrians with reflective elements are seen on the road at a distance of more than 150 meters.

Good visibility of the pedestrian will give the driver a chance at his early notice, and thus avoiding the accident. There is no need to worry about walking on the sidewalk in the built-up area.


Do not forget about it:

  1. Always have a reflective tape. You do not have to wear a yellow vest. It is important that you have a fluorescent band. Available in the market are in colors: yellow, white, blue. The bicyclists put on their feet and hands, so you can do that too


  1. Ladies can attach small reflective pendants to their bags. Such beams in the spotlight can be seen from afar. It’s a sign to the driver that walking is moving along the way. Men can wear armbands, on legs or waistcoats, which we will buy for 5-10 zlotys


  1. The youngest child can buy reflective toys in the form of toy teddy bears, elephants that flash. The point is to attract the attention of road traffic. The cost of buying such a gadget is 3 to 5 zł. We put it in a prominent place, on a backpack, a jacket, or a bag that holds a toddler going home


  1. When buying a jacket for autumn, you should choose one that already has sewn reflective stripes. Many sportswear stores have such covers. If you do not have such a jacket, you can buy a reflective tape in trimmings and make a baby in a jacket or a school bag.


  1. Watch out for the mandate. If you are not at dusk visible by moving in undeveloped area you can get a mandate. From 20 to 500 zł. How much we get depends on the policeman and on the threat that we caused. The participant of the traffic is not only a driver on the road, but also a pedestrian.