Road safety tips for bicycle riders.

Sometimes we tend to consider the reflective stripes as accessories. Their roles should, however, not be neglected: they protect us when riding at night. Thanks to them, we are, indeed, visible to motorists, which reduce the risk of accidents.

Why invest in reflective tape?

This type of accessory cyclists makes them visible when they roll in very dimly lit areas or at night. All road users are, thanks to this, able to see the bike and take into account the presence of it when it is moving.

Despite the legislation, too few cyclists are aware of the importance of being able to report their presence on the road. So cyclists have extra protection against accidents, which will be recalled, are wreaking havoc every year, so it is very important to stick at least one reflective tape on your vehicle.

Where to install reflective strips on your bike?

The reflecting band is in general, mounted on the bicycle rim. Its size is designed so that the cyclist is as visible as possible.

Your bike should normally be equipped with reflectors, for reflecting light. By law, your bicycle must, indeed, have in the back, the sides, the pedals and front. With this precaution, it is possible for you to report your presence, regardless of the angle at which you are located.

To be even safer, you can also invest in clothing with reflective strips or stick one on your reflective clothes. In case of rain or in the dark, and there will be no chance that other road users do not spot you.

How to choose your reflective tape?

In terms of reflective tape, aesthetic criterion is what prevails the most. You choose it, in fact, not based on this criterion: you must choose to optimize your visibility.

For efficiency, the rider can opt for bands of gray colors that reflect more light.

Moreover, the type of reflective tape on which you lean, buy those that conform to current standards in this area; these products are recognizable by the CE mark on the package of the product.

It was the second last part of our series on bicycle tires; we soon went around this universe. We will return soon with a comparison between the tires with rigid or flexible rod.