How to behave on the road, driving a motorcycle?

Hundreds of new motorcycles are registered annually at UBDD. At the same time, an increase in the number of cases of traffic accidents involving two-wheeled vehicles is also recorded (the figure is almost doubled every year).

The Central Internal Affairs Directorate of Tashkent shared some recommendations both for owners of “iron horses” and for other road users.

Motorcyclists, in comparison with other drivers, are at greater risk – they are more difficult to notice on the road because of the size, and in the event of an accident, the lack of a body gives increased trauma. Therefore, they need to have exceptional technical knowledge and driving skills. Motorcyclists can help drivers and other road users in different ways notice them on the road on time, including:

Put on a reflective jacket, reflective vest, and helmet in a bright color;

Use reflective elements;

Avoid blind spots of other vehicles,

When driving in the aisle, choose the optimal speed situation (including, do not slow down the movement in blind zones),

Apply high beam headlights during daylight hours,

Blink a stop signal before braking.

As for motorists, they must follow the rules of the road, since two-wheeled vehicles can be noticed by them too late.

The recommendations are as follows:

When changing lanes or entering a busy highway, make sure there are no motorbikes nearby. Motorcycles are small and therefore can easily be in the blind zone.

When following or near a motorcyclist, keep a distance that you can travel in 4 seconds. If a motorcyclist suddenly brakes or falls from a motorcycle into your lane, this distance will help to avoid hitting him.

Give the motorcycle the full width of the lane. Sharing one lane with him is unsafe.

Never try to overtake a motorcycle while on the same lane.

If possible, move to one side of the lane to provide the rider with enough space to overtake.

When planning a turn or a U-turn, check if there are any motorcyclists nearby and evaluate their speed.

Take a close look if there are any motorcyclists nearby before opening the door while in the traffic area or turning right.

Take into account road conditions such as potholes, gravel, wet or slippery road surfaces, connecting seams of road surfaces, level crossings and corrugated asphalt. For a motorcyclist, they are dangerous, so he can dramatically change the speed or direction of movement.

Road safety: can we ride in beach gear

In this summer, the habits of motorized two-wheelers have changed. Many drivers have dropped appropriate reflective jackets and pants. Flip flops, t-shirts and shorts are now out. Is such light clothing permitted by French law? What are the mandatory protections?


According to article R431-1 of the Highway Code, wearing a helmet is mandatory for all drivers or passengers of a moped. It must be attached and approved. The French standard is marked by a white label and guarantees the quality of its manufacture and protection. In case of non-wearing the helmet, the driver is liable to a fine of € 135 and a withdrawal of 3 points on his license.


Gloves are also mandatory for PTW riders. Since November 2016, the wearing of gloves approved, for the pilot as the passenger, is mandatory. This accessory is intended to resist abrasion, tearing or tearing. According to road safety figures, wearing thick gloves helps to reduce or prevent hand injuries in 95% of cases for motorcyclists and 87% of cases for moped riders.


A quarter of the deaths in 2016

Since January 2016, the need for a yellow safety vest has been extended to PTW drivers. There is no obligation to wear it while riding, however. This “high visibility vest” becomes indispensable in the case of drivers getting off their vehicle following an emergency stop. They incur a fine of € 11 if they are stopped without a vest on board and € 135 if they do not wear it while they are stopped on the road.

Only these three elements are therefore qualified as mandatory by French legislation. Nothing prohibits drivers of motorcycles or scooters to ride in beachwear. Failure to wear appropriate jackets or trousers is in no way punishable.


More road stops

If full equipment is not required, however, it is strongly recommended. As a reminder, PTW drivers accounted for only 2% of traffic, but nearly a quarter of the road deaths in France in 2016. 70% of motorcyclists dropped at least once in 2016. Nearly half of them were injured. According to road safety, a large part of these injuries is due to incomplete equipment. 16% of scooter drivers did not own any equipment. In the PACA region, as reported by France 3 Provence, the authorities have decided to reinforce roadside checks during this summer period to try to make bikers aware of the risks of accidents.




New reflective uniforms for city workers

Municipal workers Caseros of works, services and RSU premiere uniforms

With new safety vest City Council renews and homogenizes the uniformity of all workers who perform their work on the street. In addition to improving visibility and safety adapted to the needs of each job


Personnel from the area have enjoyed the views of operators when choosing new uniforms to suit the demands of each job and whose acquisition has been coordinated by the Association Committee. Each worker received a team of two garments made up pants, polo shirt or jersey, thermal jacket, boots and suit special water in case the work of street cleaning and garbage collection (RSU). The Deputy Chief Mayor of staff, Juan Luis, explained that with these new clothes, the City Council has sought to renew and improve the uniformity of the workforce who performs their work on the street, thus enabling municipal services they are provided with the best possible conditions.


On that occasion it was decided by more standardized colors like blue combined with fluorescent yellow, optimizing the visibility of operators with bands incorporating retro-reflective material garments. And adapting to all security measures, for what has taken into account the requirements of each job as in the case of electricians, whose clothing is also anti – static and fire retardant.


The City Council has allocated a batch of 12,500 Euros to the acquisition of the first batch of uniforms for workers 46 permanent staff works, services, drivers and RSU. Some employees have received more than two costumes for the functions they perform in their jobs, as in the case of painters or bus drivers, who also perform other services. In addition, the Department of Personnel will allocate another around 5,000 Euros for summer uniforms starting two garments for each worker made up pants, polo or short-sleeved shirt and reflective jacket, and whose delivery is expected in the coming months.

Safety vest can save lives

Karl Lagerfeld (famous French designer) in an advertisement for the yellow safety vest: “It is yellow, ugly and fit for nothing, but can save lives.” The end of the yellow safety vest, but not safety


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The young French start-up “Urban Circus” proved this fashion guru to the contrary by created a collection that no longer has anything in common with the original yellow safety vest, except the safety standards that they met.


The yellow reflective vest is now neither ugly nor yellow, but represents a collection piece, which comes directly from the street and was inspired and now shines with a stylish look and a brilliant cut while she complies with safety standards EN1150 and ISO 20,471th Road safety is now colorful and fun.


The style is accompanied by the new means of transport and the fabulous success of electric, modern urban mobility. This jacket was designed exactly for this purpose.


A high-tech jacket

Urban Circus is a proud representative of the French fashion technology. After a year of research and development and after every detail has been thought out meticulously, the new collection comes with the following features is finally on the market:

– Sewn flashing LEDs

– Tactile GPS specialist

– Flexible, breathable and water-repellent material

– Compliance with the standards for good visibility

– Breathable and water-repellent material.

– The jacket is also reversible and has a smooth side.


Safety first principle

We pay special attention to the road safety and the environment, which is why we work with the following partners: the insurance MAIF, the French road safety and the Paris City Hall.


Thanks to its visibility from a distance of about 250 meters instead of 30 meters, the jacket could a driver give an additional reaction time of 2 seconds and thus avoid a possible accident.


70% of road accidents occur due to lack of visibility, and especially in this time of year, visibility is an important issue. Our goal is to expand the possibilities for using the yellow reflective jacket and to reduce these risks.


The new collection, which can be pre-ordered on Kick starter, is an excellent demonstration of the “savoir-faire” of French young start-ups. The world is just beginning to discover Urban Circus, but the best is yet.

Reflective material keeps the rider safer

Perfect for this season, this insulating and reflective jacket ensures perfectly these missions by providing comfort and safety to the rider.


In early season the fluctuating temperatures and short days lead to wear clothing that protects from the cold, moisture, but also to the low light while maintaining the body temperature. This short sleeve jacket will appeal to fans of the morning cycling as those circulating in the late afternoon or after work when the light is too weak to ride without lights and tailored outfits.


This versatile product appears to be both functional while preserving the elegance of the cyclist. The main advantage of this jacket comes from its ability to reflect light received. Indeed, the reflective fabric made with fine glass particles provides excellent visibility, the cyclist being made visible to more than one hundred meters, which makes cycling even safer.


The reflective strips are placed over the entire front face of the jacket as well as on a back portion. The properties of the reflective fabric also have the distinction of protection from the cold and moisture, second indispensable asset. The protection against the cold is enhanced by fabric interior fleece. The latter, used in particular for the pass, greatly protect against the cold while avoiding irritation in the neck. The zip-locking also avoided using the cold from penetrating. This is reinforced by the fleece positioned behind the zipper. The thickness thereof has the advantage of not being able to jam in the closure compared to other windproof.


In short, all the components used on the front of the jacket truly contribute to its sealing. The fabrics used in the back of the mesh zones, have the advantage of controlling the temperature during exercise by removing excess heat. This technology allows for excellent breathability of the product thus limiting sweating training. This scalable and tight tissue also contributes to the elegance of the sport while allowing ease of movement in the effort.


Note the presence of two openings at the back pockets of the jersey; they are supposed to facilitate access to pockets without lifting the jacket. We would have preferred two pockets “classic” zip ideally; access to jersey pockets is not always easy, especially when wearing a pair of gloves.


The chosen colors (black / silver / yellow zip) blend perfectly together. To summarize, we can say that this reflective material jacket is perfect Illuminate offseason. Ideally designed for dark weather use, covered, greatly increasing the security of sport, it can be worn as additional windbreak in winter over a thermal jacket. This jacket has all the features of a high quality product. It is available for a price of 129.90 Euros.

Reflective Jackets: You must be careful

What is in other countries already mandatory, there will be from July 1, now in Germany: the high visibility vest compulsory, what motorists must pay abroad, read our tips.

Now they also come in Germany: From July 1, motorists are required to at least one safety vest kept in the car. In other European countries, from France to Croatia the flash plating has long been prescribed. “We generally recommend to put safety vests for safety reasons in case of a breakdown, no matter what country, are ADAC lawyer Michael travelers along the way, which break up by car in the summer. The best is, according to Nissan in the car for each passenger a reflective vest at hand – and not in the trunk, but to hand in the glove compartment.

With the high visibility vest compulsory it does not matter whether the vest is now manufactured in yellow, orange or red, such as the Automobile Association – protection (KS) informs. The KS Regrets that in Germany only the carriage of a vest is however required. With an offense threatened in Germany warning money of 15 Euros.

Different countries, different rules

The regulations for the safety vest duty and fines if not heeded, can vary from country to holiday destination. Things to watch out overlooking the high visibility vest compulsory in the various countries, we have put together for you.

Motorist without reflective jackets will be hit easily

The “lobby jacket” won. And from April the famous warning reflective jackets will obligatory throughout Italy. The law actually not required under the jacket on all cars (as is the case for the triangle), but stipulates that any emergency operation around the car should be carried out with the famous jacket.
Thus any violation would take effect only if you are caught “in flagrante delicate”. We must say that any measure to reduce the risk of accidents is welcome, even if it favors some powerful industrial lobby.
The point is that the case of fluorescent jackets is a prime example of disregard for their own safety that you would like to increase.
With the decree in fact creates a huge legal vacuum in terms of insurance: if a motorist is hit near his car without wearing a reflective vest, the insurance will not pay. This is the only certainty of the “vests”.
However, no reliable statistics on how many motorists are invested while changing a tire, how many accidents could be avoided with this rule, the indirect benefits to the greater visibility of pedestrians around parked cars.
You only know that from April onwards insurance will have a new excuse not to pay. And the turnover of the companies that manufacture these reflective jackets will increase.
But it is not all: the next step will be to make it compulsory to apply reflective tapes on all trucks. An optional thing throughout Europe, but those we will be required by law. So they will have to sell kilometers adhesive reflector strips to cover all trucks circulating in Italy.
But back to the jacket which, by the way, should cost about 10 Euros. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has in fact issued a decree with directions to the personal protective equipment for drivers of passenger cars.
The vests with reflective stripes and suspenders must comply with the essential health and safety requirements described in Legislative Decree 4 December 1992, n. 475. And the Manufacturers will be able to present, on request, in addition to the EC declaration of conformity even the certificate of conformity. It must be assessed by the examination for the EC, by which an approved inspection body certifies that a model of personal protective equipment is manufactured in accordance with relevant national standards, transposing the harmonized standards. For high visibility garments harmonized standard reference is UNI EN 471.