Safety vests in every car duty

The safety vest is intended to protect motorists when the vehicle is left lying due to a breakdown or an accident.

The Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) include in each passenger car, truck, bus and in tractor and tractor each a safety vest. This must comply with European standard EN 471. This is indicated by an imprint on the vest or its label. The vest must be yellow, orange or orange-red and have two reflective tapes at the bottom of the front and back. It is generally important that the vest is “retro reflective”, according to the German Traffic Watch Association Kurt, president of the association, explains: “With normal reflection, the light radiates in a different direction – in retro reflective clothing it radiates directly to the Light source back. ” This could be checked with a safety vest, for example, with a flashlight in a darkened room itself.

Safety vests have long been mandatory in many other European countries. This can be important for the upcoming holiday with your own car because who has none or not wearing them, is sometimes sensitive to the cash. An overview of countries and special regulations can be found at TÜV.

According to the German traffic police, over 27 percent of all accidents occur at dusk and darkness, 40 percent of them end in death. If motorists have to leave the car during this time, for example, because of an accident, a bright, reflective safety vest with the reflective fabric can be life-saving, according to traffic experts. And this does not just apply to car drivers. Even motorcyclists or cyclists and pedestrians can protect themselves by wearing a safety vest: About 90 percent of all motorists, according to the German traffic guard, say that they did not see the pedestrian during nighttime collisions.

When it’s fluo

Hunters hunt and the remaining fluo is a mushroom picker. Vesse-de-loup, boletes, chanterelles or chanterelles, whatever …

The vesse is said. The hunter is a wolf for the man. This is demonstrated by the recent fluo that agitates a municipality anxious not to see its citizens fall to the hunting field.

The mushroom picker just has to turn his vesse on the good side … and keep his yellow vest what has reflective tape.

The walker-gatherer silences the Viandard (Boris) who is in him in a “I’ll spit on your hunting in reflective vest” very annoyed.

He remembers hearing that when it’s fuzzy, there’s a wolf.Now when it’s fluo, it’s that there are shots … rifle not far.

From the walker’s point of view: the yellow vest protects absurdly, a yellow bulletproof vest absolutely protects.

To be targeted, you have to be visible. But a neon vest … there’s no better target.

From there to that a hunter dredged by the yellow of his pastis confuses yellow vest and yellow game … here, the discussion on the hunt has reached his point Godwin on the counter, go René, give us that!

The camouflage is not better. Talk to deer antler and boar dress. And if to pass unnoticed, walkers found a way to dress any game of a yellow vest: deer, deer, chamois, fallow deer, pheasant, hare, partridge? We would then know if the hunters are watching before shooting.

Walkers will be helped in this absurd flowering of the vests with reflective fabric. As a sign of rallying, a protest against rising fuels is given a yellow safety vest in sight on the windshield.Bulletproof and windshield even fight.


A bit more security for the daily journey to kindergarten and on excursions – that was the goal for the Serviececlub Round Table 32 Regensburg.

At the handing over of a total of 200 neon yellow safety vests with reflective tapes on Monday morning, April 30th, the young Regensburg-based Tabler around President Wolfgang Hirmer conjured up a big smile on the bright faces of the girls and boys in the children’s family house St. Elisabeth Kareth. Bernadette Heiß, the director of the day care center, happily reports on the great excitement and excitement among the kids before the donation of a total of 200 safety vests for the 180 children.

“Our aim is to increase the safety of children on excursions”, said the current RT32 President Wolfgang Hirmer. Following the handover of the neon yellow safety vests with round-table logo, the children thanked the present panel with the presentation of some songs. As part of their national service project “RT KiTa Pate” many Tabler donate safety vests and warning signs in Germany to children’s education institutions and thus contribute to the sensitization of the Gafahren in the participation of children on the road. The purchase of the safety vests funds the 220 local round tables through donations and hands-on campaigns. “The handover and gratitude of the children was so positive and joyful that I never expected. So elated and with such a happy feeling, I rarely went to work on Monday morning! “Says Thomas Neiswirth, Vice President of RT 32, after handing over the presents to the Kareth children in the morning. Just worn over the clothes, they do not just look great.

Above all, they make the small even in the dark at a great distance clearly visible. A big plus for avoiding road accidents. Especially for children: “visibility = safety” The neon yellow vests look small and simple, but they do a lot. Made of lightweight material, they do not hinder children from playing, they fit in every kindergarten bag and are easy to pull over jacket or backpack. Their reflective fabrics also make it possible for the children to be much more visible in traffic.

You are visible

A reflective tour of the province is underway. Today, the students of General Education School district received reflections.

This is another edition of the “You are visible. You are safe” campaign, organized by the Provincial Road Traffic Center in Radom and the Marshal’s Office. Over 120 students of grades I-VII received reflective elements. They had the opportunity to practice their skills on a bicycle obstacle course. They also familiarized themselves with the rules of first aid and safety in road traffic.

“Today, children got sets with four reflective tapes. These are two wristbands that can be put on your arm, leg and two pendants, which you can attach to your backpack or keys,” said Tomasz of the Marshal’s Office.

“In addition to education, safety, and health in the first place. This campaign should be promoted by all schools to make young people aware that safety is the most important thing for their lives,” said Joana, director of the ZSO.

“Every action that will save human life is the most important one. If any visible and visible reflection allows the car not to enter only one person, then it is already a success,” said the councilor of Masovian regional council.

The police and fire brigade were also involved in the reflective action.

“Reflectors are very important, especially important among the youngest ones. There are no sidewalks in this area, which also significantly affects safety. In addition, now it is not clear enough yet when children go to school, so they will be able to use these reflections for their safety as much as possible.” remarked communist Agnieszka, a press officer of the Police Headquarters.

WORD Director Radius is used to several “reflective” trips a week, but he also sees the effects. The campaign is bearing fruit. “It’s getting better. First of all, it is caused not so much by fashion, but by producers and clothing and those reflections that go with the times. It is no longer like one type of hangers, one color. Various elements are produced from hangers, bangles, reflective vests, though even toys, mascots, bags which made with  and it is more and more visible on the streets. This is also visible among people who actively play sports. We start to look after our own safety.” said Radius.

Safety action

A nationwide campaign “Good to see you” was inaugurated.

“Your parents have such a dilemma, they are proud that you are more and more independent, but this greater independence is accompanied by anxiety for your safety,” said Zbigniew to the students of the General Education School. The Minister of Justice came to Konia on August 15 together with the Minister of Education Anna to inaugurate the nationwide educational campaign “Good to see you”.

The aim of the action is to improve the safety of children on their way to school. It is a joint undertaking of the justice and education departments, under which 3 million children will receive reflective vests. The first reflections went to school. “We are proud to be here.” Minister Anna said.

In addition to a couple of ministers, Cezary Pazura also came to school. “Safe means visible. Someone who is visible on the road is also more secure.” he told children, the actor who is the face of the “Good to see you” campaign.

“Unfortunately, people are still dying on Polish roads. It happens that children who do not have proper marking are also killed. The campaign is to encourage the wearing of safety clothing. Every child in Poland will receive such a reflective vest with reflective fabric so that it can be seen after dark” explains Michal Woe, the representative of the Minister of Justice for the Justice Fund.

Parents are adults who bear the greatest responsibility for child safety

The main priority in the activities of the Romanian Police, the safety of minors depends largely on the care, concern, and involvement of parents in the child’s life.


“As parents are the adults most responsible for the safety of children, we recommend that they take into account the following tips:


Set the child a safe and secure way to school, from which he will not turn away;


Teach it the basic rules for road traffic: to run only on the sidewalk, and in its absence, to run on the left side of the road; to cross the green traffic lights only, and in the absence of traffic light, ensure a good left-right before crossing the pedestrian crossing; to know the meaning of light signals and road signs;


Explain that on their way to school, they do not have to run or get off the pavement on the road;


Make it visible in traffic. Mount reflective materials on the baby’s desk or reflective fabrics on their clothes;


When transporting children in the car, use them with the seat belt. Carry it too, the power of the example is the easiest and most effective education;


Warn them not to respond to suggestions from the strangers who offer them transportation by car or various products;


When cycling, equip it with protective helmets and reflective vests; remind him to cross the road beside the bicycle on the pedestrian crossing;


Encourage him/her to seek help from police officers on the street when he/she does not feel safe.”Policemen are friends of the children, “says Elena Welter, spokesperson for IJP Sibiu.

Yellow vests invite you

It is in the presence of Didier Pierre (deputy mayor and volunteer in the association), Cathy (assistant in charge of school affairs), director Jean-Philippe Laverne and teachers of the school that the League against road violence, in the person of its president Christiana Pinot, was invited to Pierre-Peel school last Friday. The objective of this meeting was to make young schoolchildren aware of this plague by offering them a yellow safety vest, retro-reflective material.


Thus, 170 yellow children vests and 20 adult vests were distributed. “By this action, we want to awaken young people’s awareness of road violence and try to make them responsible citizens…”, says Ch.


These vests with reflective fabrics, which will remain at school, will protect children during out-of-school trips and school outings. They will allow them to be seen and protected from vehicles when they are on foot but also when they are cycling.


Remember also that the helmet is also mandatory for children under 12, since March 22…

Cycling, to be seen to run less risk of accident

Whether you are a cyclist or a pedestrian, the arrival of wintertime extends the time during which it is harder for drivers to see you, which increases the risk of an accident. One solution: reflective clothing and reflective bags.


We change time this weekend: at 3 am on Sunday, it will be 2h. Advantage: we will stay under the duvet a little longer Sunday morning.


The disadvantage is of course that it is dark earlier, which favors road accidents, especially as the time change happens at the same time as the weekend of Toussaint.


Road Safety also notes a peak of accidentally of 47% for pedestrians at the end of the day.


In partnership with France Bleu, it distributed Friday, all over France, 60000 fluorescent yellow reflective vests and bags kit.


The temperatures this fall are rather mild, many have kept the habit of moving by bike, like David who has noticed a change in the behavior of motorists lately: “I am often dressed with dark color and I realize that motorists usually see me at the last moment and make a gap to avoid me ”


David has equipped with a vest and a fluorescent bag, and too bad for the style: “it’s not super nice, it’s on, but if it can save my life why not…”


To be seen and to see well, essential advice

Every day, two pedestrians die and 25 are injured in accidents that occur most often in the winter. Anne, the general delegate of the road safety association, explains: “in dark color, in an environment that is not lit, you will be visible at 25 meters, with the same clothes but in a light color you will see at 40. But if you add reflective fabrics you will be visible at 140 or 150 meters.


It is not said that it is necessary to wear the yellow safety vest, but for example, use a backpack with retro-reflective patches.


This weekend, the road safety association offers drivers to check that their headlights are properly adjusted.


The use of reflective elements especially in autumn and winter, when it is dark early and visibility is definitely worse, can save our lives. Therefore, wearing reflectors by pedestrians should become a habit. Pursuant to the Road Traffic Law, pedestrians who move along the road after dark outside the built-up area are obliged to use reflective materials in a visible way to other road users.


Correctly worn reflective elements should be placed in such a place that they are in the field of car light and visible to drivers coming on both directions (from the back and the front). If you attach the reflective fabric to the backpack (at the back of the silhouette) it is obvious that it will not be noticed by drivers coming from the opposite direction and vice versa, when the reflection will be only at the front, the driver behind us will not see him. It is safe to have two reflective elements one at the front and the other at the back or to use such types of reflectors that can be seen from both sides, for example reflective bands.


Because car dipped beam illuminates the path asymmetrically (more light is directed to the right side of the road), the reflective element should be placed as low as possible, then a light beam shines on it.


If someone often uses the road outside the built-up area, it is best if you decide to wear a reflective vest, suspenders or a headband. Motorcyclists and cyclists are more and more convinced of these reflective elements, who, like pedestrians, are unprotected participants in the movement.

Ortlieb High Visibility Bags: Visibility = Safety

Product news: The Ortlieb High Visibility bags combine the usual high quality with high practicality and thanks to reflective material, they provide an additional safety advantage that today’s cyclists can do better than ever before.


As a cyclist you are – on deserted country roads or in the crowded city center – a full-fledged road user. Nevertheless, one often feels a bit like fair game: helmet out, helmet ago, against the several hundred kilograms of heavy car you just have little to oppose and is almost continuously in a dangerous situation. No question, that should not be and the causes can be discussed for hours; bad traffic planning, inattentive road users or sometimes simply bad luck.


Ortlieb High Visibility


As a cyclist, you can do very little for your own safety in many situations. Wherever it is possible, you should take appropriate measures. This undoubtedly includes visible in traffic, especially during the dark season. The StVZO prescribes a corresponding lighting system. In addition, reflectors are also mandatory: front and rear, on or in the spokes and the pedals.


More about: StVZO lighting on the bike


However, especially in winter and in difficult visibility conditions, a lighting system according to StVZO is in many situations not sufficient to be recognized by other road users, even from a distance, quickly enough. This is where Ortlieb’s High Visibility products come in: Smaller and larger bike bags that, thanks to their reflective properties, significantly improve visibility not only in the dark – and at the same time are very good bags for proven Ortlieb quality.


Proven Ortlieb quality means in particular: Robust and waterproof. All Ortlieb High Visibility line bags use a special reflective fabric. To put it simply, it is a multi-woven, special plastic that is extremely resistant and at the same time completely waterproof thanks to its PU coating. In keeping with the principles of Ortlieb, all bags are made in Germany and of course are free of PVC.


More about sustainability at Ortlieb

All bags of the High Visibility line are available in a discreet and inconspicuous black at first glance. However, the upper material is traversed by a reflective yarn over its entire surface, which causes the packet to illuminate brightly with incident light (e.g., car headlights). For many “reflection muffle” even a big point of criticism should be omitted, because not everyone is a fan of bright neon colors on the bike.


But even neon-friends will find the Ortlieb High Visibility Bags: The models Back-Roller. Sport-Roller, Ultimate6 and Velocity are also available in bright yellow, which is very visible even in normal daylight and thus improves safety.


The Ortlieb High Visibility bags presented briefly

Ortlieb’s High Visibility line currently includes seven bags: including six classic pannier rack, frame and saddle panniers and the well-known and popular Velocity rucksack. The luggage carrier bags can be attached partly by QL 2.1 systems, partly by QL 3.1.