Increased the number of bicycle accidents – Some advice for cyclists

The recent period has increased the number of accidents caused by cyclists without safety vest. They occurred among both cyclists and those causing vétlenek. In order to prevent accidents and injuries, Zala County Police a few important rules call for attention.
The walking and cycling track cycling in pedestrian traffic does not interfere and does not endanger.
If you are in the way, following the lines of the bike path or walking and cycling route is designated, the bike must travel a road bike or walking and bike path.
If the built-up area near the non-designated highway as the road, following the lines of cycle paths or hiking and cycling trails designated and the road bike with reflective tape a trail has been appointed – if the road signs at otherwise requires – bicycles travel on the road as well.
If you have consumed alcohol, do not sit on the bike.
listening to music while riding can be dangerous because the earplugs and thumping music can distract your attention from the road.
When setting off, roadway in the direction flap indication on its intention or look backwards before you start driving.
Driving with bicycle according to the traffic, weather and visibility conditions.
By bike on the road – except in the case of overtaking and avoidance – on the right side according to the direction of travel, road and traffic conditions, according to the extent possible, keeping your vehicle to the right.
Moto another vehicle, only away a free bicycle track, which is sufficient to behind the vehicle in front – this is also the case of sudden braking – to stand out.
Pay close attention to the child, either alone or with you, or behind you are traveling plying.
One-way traffic against the road traffic Do not drive, if allowed by the additional signs.
The visibility reflective vest outside built-up areas at night and wear the obligatory limited visibility.

Pedestrian is mandatory for the reflective element

January ushered in the first of the Road Traffic Act amendment and does not affect only those who have a driver’s license. Now you change the batteries will still be required to wear safety vest for pedestrians in the settlements, in darkness or poor visibility on the outskirts of plying the road.
So far, the only pedestrians were required visibility vest or reflective elements öltözékükön wear when walking outside built-up areas. Otherwise, the children’s winter coats, boots already been sewn manufacturers such elements.
You do not necessarily need to wear reflective vest, if enough of walking to the arm and ankle strap is. It is advisable to wear items with the visibility jackets to wear. Of course, this only makes sense if the light reflective band is wide enough, the thread thin strips do not have too much practical use. Whoever forgets about this requirement, you can get the fine of EUR 30th
The police often maintain that the statute on the road to see us drivers. It is vital that drivers take time to notice pedestrians and, if necessary, sidestep them.
The amendment provides for a more duty for damages participants. The instances of damage is minor fender bender, in which the alleged damage does not exceed EUR 3990th In this case, no need to call the police.
So far, it often happened that a crowded parking lot when someone scratched his car with another car with reflective tape, you wrote a phone number on paper and left on the windshield. Now this will not be possible. Not quite such a “message” to leave the driver in the clink if it was not near the car. You have to wait, and if it fails to take place, should be called to the scene of the police.
The authority will treat as an accident has been such cases, and the guilty driver is not likely to escape the penalty.

They could not identify the victim and run death

He died of serious injuries in Tuesday night ran over the road Brasov Miercurea Ciuc man. The victim could not be identified, the police asks public for help.
The official studies show that irregular places, done without a safety vest worn over the road the man who was half past nine in the evening Csíkszentkirály direction of travel, Dolj County 44-year-old truck driver in reflective vest ran over on Tuesday introduced. The Brasov road and the tragedy that occurred near Zsögödi Nagy Imre utca meeting of the sacrifice of personal documents in the absence of a pre-could not identify. The case for murder negligence proceedings are brought.
The Harghita County Police Department on Wednesday indicated the communication, who can help with any information on the investigation and identification of the victim, call the police or the 112 emergency call number.
The man ran over hallmark: 50-55 years stout, balding strongly between. In times of tragedy, a dark blue shirt, striped brown shirt, dark jacket with reflective tape, brown shoes, and back zipper pockets of trousers. The victim did not have any rings or other jewelry. One of the pants pocket a handkerchief and a pack of ground coffee, while his coat pocket a used állattereléshez ending loop of rope, was found.


A cyclist of 16 years broke and killed by a car

The accident occurred at 18:50 last night between Pirey and Serre-les-Sapins near Besançon (Doubs). The driver of the car emerged free from his custody. The investigation continues.
Last night, the young rider without safety vest died on the side of the road RD 75. On arrival, emergency have done anything.
After a terrible shock, the driver of the car that hit gave the alert. He claimed to have seen nothing, just hitting something. By phone to police, he explained that his wife was injured. Supported by a motorist, the couple was taken to the University Hospital of Besancon. The man has been arrested a few minutes later.
The driver aged 30 was taken into custody a large part of the day.
According to the first elements of the investigation, mountain biking adolescent had a very low lighting. Young was not wearing a reflective vest or helmet, his bike don’t have reflective tape either. He was dressed in dark color. On the spot, the police found no skid marks. The driver would not have seen the cyclist. It was not under the influence of alcohol.
The victim is a young person living in Serre-les-Sapins.
His bike was placed under seal. The investigation continues.

Saint-Hilaire: From kindergarten to the canteen, in walking bus with children

As a small mice, crept aboard midday walking bus that takes the last two years, students from kindergarten Suzanne Lanoy in the canteen of Saint-Hilaire-lez-Cambrai. We’re taking you with us?
Get there a few minutes before the parents to see the silhouette of the two “conducting” the walking bus disappearing into the pretty kindergarten Suzanne Lanoy, go round the class to retrieve fourteen children will eat in the canteen this midi then put them in working order, “and winter do take a reflective vest, because we have to cross a street to get to the canteen, it can be dangerous,” says Pascale de Neve, a graduate of the BAFA municipal employee for six years.
While some of their classmates climb into the cars of their parents, they take the leadership of the school yard. Because that is where this line starts walking bus.
There is first a red staircase to descend before to track slab depicting colorful animals, skirting the cemetery to climb a new red stairs and drop finally hungry children safely. “Before the creation of the walking bus, remembers Pascale De Neve, we had to make the turn, you pass the church, we go through the cemetery. There are pebbles on the ground. The children without safety vest were at risk of falling on the graves. The walking bus has secured the ride. He reassured us and saves us time. ”
The second line of pédibus hand, almost at the same time, primary school Joliot-Curie. Is Isabelle Sorlin which the duct. There are return trips, of course. And in the evening after classes, a third line takes children from the Joliot-Curie school daycare that is in kindergarten.
On our own line, right now, we advance. Two by two. Every day there are negotiations over who will hand Pascale De Neve or Nathalie Prover. “But some do not want us to give reflective tape it all. They prefer a little fellow, who sometimes has already chosen another for the road, “says Pascale De Neve. So there’s little dramas but always adult ears to listen and then reassurance. Ethan precisely panic. He saw an insect to pass him, he is afraid of being bitten and continues to return to check an arrant mosquito will come and nibble. “The children tell us a lot on the road, explains Nathalie Prover. They tell us they have made animations morning outings of the afternoon, all. “The link is even stronger than the two ladies are also involved in the canteen, play games with the little before the resumption of classes, are also responsible for new extracurricular activities. Five minutes passed. The terminal is already stands opposite us.

The yellow vest becomes obligatory on two wheels

There is a little over 3 years, the Government announced the requirement to equip a “yellow safety vest” for all bikers and scooter riders as they travel. Faced with the outcry of the FFMC, the measure is softened by trading quietly vest against a simple retro-reflective armband, before finally moving to the hatch. It is in any case what was thought until early this year …
As part of its fight against road deaths presented January 26, 2015, the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has proposed the return of the yellow vest “in case of emergency stop, as is already the case for motorists. ” A recommendation was made official last Sunday, May 10, 2015, through a decree that complements the Highway Code.
The legislation will come into force on 1 January 2016, provides for the obligation for motorcyclists possess “them or storage of their vehicles (net, safe …)” a high visibility vest that will “wear down when their vehicle after an emergency stop, and have reflective tape to improve their visibility.” It thus puts them on par with motorists, for whom this was the case since 2008.
This obligation also applies to drivers of 3 wheel scooters and ATVs, which must also be equipped with a retro-reflective vest complies with the regulations in force (CE marking). Violators will face a fine of € 11 in the absence of the vest, and up to € 135 if they are caught on the side of the road without the device. You have seven months to prepare!

A yellow vest collector college

The security operation yellow safety vest a new dimension thanks to the partnership established by the County Council with SUA. All the …
The security operation yellow vests a new dimension thanks to the partnership established by the County Council with SUA. All department colleges should welcome professional players of the club, to educate students wearing the vest on their travel time.
On Monday, six players, along with their coach, were present at the Jean Rostand college Casteljaloux, in the presence of Daniel Borie, vice president of the County Council for Sport, and Helen Laulan, county counselor.
Lying 500 meters
A new approach to the problem of youth safety on travel time was necessary, too many accidents still being counted. It is essential to repeat the college that wearing a safety reflective vest, visible at 500 meters, can save their lives. The six players Sicart Benedict, Tom Murday, Denis Marchois, Jalil Narjissi Julien Heriteau, Tamaz Mchedlidze and Philippe Sella, rugby director, were first lunch in the dining hall with college students. They then loaned to a book signing, a bit special, signing the famous yellow vest, not always popular with college students. Now become “collector”, everyone left with its route vest, plus a poster also autographed by the players.
College students who participate in the different sections of the UNSS and players of girls and boys rugby teams have been privileged. They may have a rambling exchange with professionals from SUA.
The two PE teachers have first made the presentation of young athletes with reflective tape on wrist, bowing in passing the recent girls’ team, the results are very promising and one of the young athletes very inspired by arbitration. After a few questions and answers, and college players exchanged some game time before separating.

Correa apologizes for late ‘megahospital’ IESS Los Ceibos

Equipped with helmets and reflective vest, President Rafael Correa and President of the Board of IESS, Richard Espinosa, toured the land where the hospital of the Ecuadorian Social Security Institute, located in the Los Ceibos, in northern Guayaquil is built . Tuesday morning 16 February 2016, the movement of machinery and workers was intense in place. The construction, which will invest USD 200 275 473, is in charge of Sino-Spanish consortium NGH, formed by Sinohydro and Bridges. The new hospital IESS for the city was planned since 2011. But only in this year its construction and final design was completed. In some of his speeches, both Correa and Espinosa acknowledged the delay and offered apologies. “I owe you an apology, that makes me look bad and I do not like those things, I’m not demagogue. two or three years ago the former director, Ramiro Gonzalez, brought me to put first stone. But insisted so much that we came to lay the first stone, and there was absolutely nothing, “said the President in a yellow safety vest. five years in the administration of González, it was established that the reference budget for this project would be $ 280 million ago. Of that amount, about USD 266.7 million financed through the Bank of the Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security (Biess), by a trust. Espinosa stressed that, for the new calculations, there is a savings to the IESS. And promised it would be finished in February 2017. “Unfortunately there were a number of difficulties, where a series of trusts, legal gibberish all it took to untangle were created,” he said. The megahospital, as baptized Espinosa, will rise in an area of ​​76 000 m2, which belonged to the Workers’ Club IESS. Which worker s wearing clothing with reflective tape. You will have six towers, seven floors each, and even a helipad. It will have 550 beds, 20 operating rooms and can serve more than one million patients. It will offer 26 medical specialties in 105 multi-purpose offices. In addition it will have 30 intensive care beds, 12 beds in a burn unit, 78 emergency and 12 chairs for hemodialysis, with potential to expand to 110 seats. As it is operational, President Correa said referrals to private clinics will be reduced. “This hospital costs us USD 200 million. Just last year we spent USD 750 million in derivations, a huge amount; We can build almost four hospitals of these. ” At the beginning of his speech, and after explaining he would not talk much about feeling ill, the president referred to the debt of USD 8 000 million that would have the state with the IESS. “Technically it could well be considered (a debt). But on the other hand it could also be considered the best investment IESS. Not that we are behind, they are buying bonds that the IESS, with a yield of 7.5%. By the way, that’s part of the public debt of the state and comes from our own money. “

Highway Patrol applied 130 fines in three days of operation

Rush left for work and did not bring “the motorcycle driver was not wearing safety vest was justified, while the transit inspector pulled the notebook to record in writing of the offense. Behind him, most motorcyclists traveling along Route 8 also had one. Few wore reflective bands and others, to eight years that would become mandatory, they not yet incorporated the use of the helmet.
In total, since it began operating control of the new traffic law, on Saturday March 28 until yesterday afternoon, the Highway Patrol troops had implemented about 130 fines to drivers across the country. Although not yet have data by type of offense, from Caminera El Observador they reported that preliminary figures indicate that circulate without vest was the violation to the registered standard.
The use of the safety element is stipulated in Article 7 of Law 19,061, which indicates that it is mandatory for those traveling by motorcycle or like the “permanent use during circulation in all public roads” vest, jacket or reflective strips. Failure to use them, the fine amounts to about $ 403 (0.5 units indexed) per person.
“If you do not come with reflective tape or clothing, you’re a shadow” because the vest “reinforces the visibility,” he told The Observer in charge of Public Relations Highway Patrol, Daniel Segovia, regarding the need to use it, especially at night. Moreover, Caminera spokesman said that although it is even throughout the country, the offense becomes more noticeable in close proximity to populated areas. “There is a big difference between the motorcyclist who will make the long distance that will do the cortita. The problem is that the neighborhood came to the service station. “At that kilometer someone does not see me or something crosses my and most likely not the count,” he said.
Although most drivers showed meet the new standard, not all had clear its scope. While inspectors pointed to each of the offenders the article and the text of the standard being applied, they were adamant to put the fines.

Minister of Transport: The reflective vest must be accessible from inside the car you.

As from January 1 must wear the reflective vest, next to the triangle and the fire extinguisher kit as part of emergency vehicles.
Transport Minister Andrés Gómez-Lobo emphasized today the importance AND putting it before leaving.
“It has to be accessible from inside the car, the cabin, because if naturally a person would have to put to get off the car, for example to change a wheel or had a problem on the road, you have to not get off the car without the safety vest to find the vest, “he said.
Secretary of State confirmed that the audits by the end of weeklong Christmas harden.
At least 500 thousand people will leave the metropolitan region today. It is also expected that 280 thousand cars go by these days.
Gomez-Lobo warned that “there will be many controls alcohol throughout the country, Senda and police, ambulances also stationed at these checkpoints to make the breathalyzer directly.”
“There will be a very tight control about road safety over these weeks, and I would call on the people to be responsible, and if they will take not drive, and if they will not manage to take,” said the minister.