Wearing the yellow vest will be mandatory

Announced for several months but widely criticized, the decree mandating the wearing of retro-reflective devices was voted. As of January 2013, motorcyclists riding motorcycles or scooters over 125 cm3 will have to wear a yellow vest or armband. The FFMC called yesterday for the mobilization…


At the end of the Council of Ministers held yesterday at the Elyse Palace, Interior Minister Claude validated one of the measures announced in the context of the 11 May 2011 IRB and particularly controversial. The voted decree provides that drivers and passengers of motorized two-wheelers of more than 125cm3 will have to equip retro-reflective devices as of 2013…


Failure to comply with this legal obligation will be accompanied by a fixed fine of third class (68 Euros) and a withdrawal of 2 points on the driving license. The FFMC reacted by letting it know that it did not intend to let this “measure” go by, which is “tinkered again in haste.” She called yesterday for the mobilization of all her supporters.


The FFMC campaign against the law on the wearing of the yellow safety vest in two-wheelers

The essence of the problem is far from new: from the very first announcement, the FFMC expressed its discontent by publishing press releases, launching public poster campaigns (see illustration above) and organizing demonstrations. In response to this call for discussion, the government has simply changed its text … by turning the vest into an armband.


This is the misunderstanding among bikers, who do not need such a measurement for many reasons:

The visibility of motorcyclists on the road is already excellent thanks to the 4 retro-reflective stickers on the helmet (legal obligation), supplemented by the headlights for the nocturnal journeys;

Visibility is not a question of lighting or colors of clothing, but more related to the lack of attention of motorists who have not learned to cohabit with two-wheelers, yet more and more numerous;

Why does the measure apply only to two-wheelers of large displacement, and not to mopeds and 125cc? However, they are the least well trained and equipped…


In short, for the FFMC, the government is “next to the plate.” With the presidential elections taking place in the spring, the association will have to act quickly if it wants to have a chance to see the government backtrack. That promises great events!

Fluorescent jacket: Towards a 2nd class ticket

The National Road Safety Council has just made its recommendation on the retro reflective vest motorcycle. Required (at least under the seat), do not wear it if need be fined in the amount of 35 €.


The NSRF therefore comes to shell its recommendations to the Ministry of Interior. Unsurprisingly, the new (not so new) one size of license plates and the transport of a retro reflective vest the Optional Port will figure prominently.


Even sanction an oversight flashing

It is by the end of the year that the recommendations will be, or not transposed into legislation, but the NSRF therefore formally proposed this morning that the obligation to have a retro-reflective jacket to be extended bikers and scooter riders.


Article R416-19 of the Highway Code

“The driver must be of a high visibility vest complies with regulations when it is brought out of a stationary vehicle on the road or its surroundings after an emergency stop. In traffic, the driver must have this vest at hand. ”

Warning, if no penalty will be applicable in case of non-presentation of this vest during a check, the non-use when necessary can be suppressed, as for motorists, with a fine.


To date, this is a 4th class fine but the NSRF proposes lowering it to a second class. Either 35 € fine for any motorcyclist or scooter driver which would not vest retro reflective is following an accident or an emergency stop. As much as a change of direction without blinking, it’s really dangerous act, very common and rarely (never?)


We will monitor the implementation of these proposals in the coming months, as the reactions of manufacturers, who already had to get rid of stocks armbands made for France before the cancellation of the project.



The 4 mandatory retro-reflective stickers on the helmet (under penalty of € 135 fine) are there to provide nighttime visibility of the biker when he is not on his motorcycle. Under such conditions, it therefore surprising that wearing the vest with a reflective vest in case of emergency stop is extended to motorcyclists. Unless it is considered bad mind to think that yellow waistcoat in the pipes for years, needs to be carefully imposed, regardless of what the moaners and statistics.