The new school year starts

Approximately 2,600 children are likely to be enrolled this year in the area of ​​responsibility of the police inspection Delmenhorst / Oldenburg-Land / Wesermarsch. For them, the school routine begins with their school enrollment on Saturday, 17 August. For all other school children, the new school year starts on Thursday. On this occasion, the police appeals to all road users and calls for special caution and consideration. Especially at the beginning of the school year must be reckoned with thoughtless actions of the “newbies”. In particular, parents are asked to practice the right behavior in traffic with their children. For example, they can already go out together in advance and discuss special danger spots. It is also important that the parents ensure that their children are easily identifiable. This can in the form of glowing safety vests, collars or satchel covers. Even bright outerwear, preferably with reflective stripes, is helpful.

Parents should also practice with children who are brought to school by bus. Again, there are sources of danger, where they have to keep an eye on passing traffic. The children must learn that they have to pay attention to cyclists and pedestrians when getting off the bus. Especially important: Never cross the road directly in front of or directly behind the bus.

Children who are brought to school by car must be properly secured. Up to the age of 12 and a height of fewer than 1.50 meters, a suitable child seat is mandatory. Missing or insufficient securing of children in the car can be punished with up to 70 euros. The entry and exit should only be done on the side facing away from traffic. Parents should also consider carefully whether it is necessary to drive their children to school by car. Less traffic helps to prevent the dangerous traffic chaos in front of the schools.

To give children the safest possible start into everyday school life, the police will focus more and more on school trips, especially in the first few weeks. Of course, monitoring the prescribed speed limits will be one of the priorities of the police. The city of Delmenhorst, as well as the rural districts of Oldenburg and Wesermarsch, will also carry out speed checks and measurements near the elementary schools.

Furthermore, compliance with child safety regulations in motor vehicles is checked. Also, the police have, among other things, violations of the holding and parking regulations in the school environment and the area of ​​school routes in view.

Reflectors in Winter: Bright lifesavers for children

Especially in the dark season, children are at risk in traffic. With the right clothes and equipment, you can avoid accidents on the way to school. Our tips to increase visibility in traffic.

“A careless moment, a child running out into the street between parked cars – especially in the fall and winter months accidents happen to the little ones more often. However, many dangerous situations and accidents would be relatively easy to avoid,” says TÜV Rheinland.

Lack of visibility, especially at dusk and in the dark to school trips accidents: Especially accident critical times: between 7 and 8 clocks in the morning and between 16 and 18 clocks. “Children are seen worse,” says Julia Lohmann from the German Road Safety Council (DVR). The risk of accidents increases when snow, rain and backlights worsen the sight of motorists. Parents could easily find a remedy, Fohmann warns.

Safety on the walk

“Parents should always have their children in mind,” says Julia Lohmann. Especially first-graders are particularly vulnerable, since on the one hand by their height even do not have the required overview, on the other hand also be noticed worse. “Children of this age are often still unpredictable and their response is poor.” The ADAC points out. Especially when the little ones first have to master their way to school in the dark. If the parents cannot accompany the children to school, this task can be taken on by other adults or older children.

Visibility in traffic

With light reflective clothing, children are visible in the dark up to 40 meters, in dark clothing, however, only up to 25 meters. If a car has to brake at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour, the braking distance alone is around 28 meters. Therefore, the earliest possible visibility in traffic is extremely important. Colorful clothes seem more striking than monochrome, advises Württemberg insurance. Not only children and pedestrians but also joggers and cyclists are often overlooked in the dark season. Particularly suitable is therefore eye-catching clothing, such as neon colors such as pink or yellow.

Reflectors increase visibility

Who does not know her from his school days? ABC shooters or kindergartners receive small colorful reflectors that they can tie to their school bags or clothing. Meanwhile, there are a variety of animal and cartoon characters and colors of these Blinkies. In the spotlight of oncoming cars, these reflectors are already widely visible.

Visible clothing

In the dark season come again the bright neon-colored safety vests are used. They are made of breathable and lightweight material and can be easily pulled over the normal jackets. Visibility is increased enormously with safety vests: even at a distance of 140 meters, these can be perceived by motorists. An important time to slow down and prevent an accident.

In addition to safety, vests can also be tightened bands and sashes. However, the surface of the reflective material should not fall below 15 square centimeters, warns the Tüv. Otherwise, the luminosity is not big enough. In specialist shops and on the Internet, LED bulbs with reflectors can be purchased, which can then be fastened with a clip to the backs of shoes and bring even more attention

Safe locomotion

Anyway, a roadworthy bike should have reflectors on the spokes, so-called cat’s eyes, as well as reflectors on the pedals, says Julia Lohmann from the German Traffic Safety Council. “And with a bell to be heard better.” In the meantime, there are also bicycles, the rear additional reflective strips and thus increase security. “Young children should also use the sidewalk with their bicycles in the dark season.” Headlamps, worn on the helmet or the head, also generated more attention from oncoming cyclists due to the cyclist’s movement.

Also, the LED lamp could often be switched to the flashing mode and so additionally noticed earlier, advises the Württembergische insurance. However, more and more children are using not only the bicycle but also scooters, which offer less space for reflectors. “But visibility can be increased by using LED lamps that are attached to the front panel,” advises Lohmann. Some scooter manufacturers already have built-in lamps, some also have side LEDs and reflectors on the wheels.

Conclusion: The more flashy, brighter and more colorful the clothes, the more reflectors and blinking on jackets, bicycles, and scooters – the earlier the little ones are perceived even in the dark season. And they are all safer on the road in winter.

For safety while boozing: every age is in demand

With reflective adhesive film and special safety vests for Boßelgruppen, Verkehrswacht wants to make people’s enjoyment, which often involves alcohol, safer. The non-profit association provides both of these free of charge via its office in Papenburg. A comment.

An offer that all ages should use – regardless of whether or not something has happened in the past few years or decades when booing with friends or neighbors. Because unfortunately far too often dispense in particular older Boßelspieler on such security measures, true to the motto “It has still gone well”. At any rate, restaurateurs report that. These players should keep in mind: The one time may be the last, namely when an accident ends fatally. And who would have thought that younger Boßel players seem to be more sensitized to safety vests with reflective tapes, flashing lights or reflective adhesive film?

It would be even better if it did not remain with material security measures, but it would also come to personal. This means that at least one member of the group remains sober.

Motorcycle season begins: “Make yourself visible!”

The motorcycle season has begun. To avoid accidents, experts from the Transport and Accident Prevention Directorate of Wuppertal Police Headquarters organized a prevention day with the network Limiter Inside to give tips to motorcyclists. “The most important factor in all is predictive and safe driving,” says Ralph Geeven of the Traffic and Accident Prevention Directorate. “And wearing a safety vest for you to be seen.”

In the parking lot at the intersection to Kohlfuhrt / corner Müngstener bridge visitors can take a look at the mini-screen on the bike Thorsten Lamb throw: This is equipped with the ProVida technology and is intended to illustrate how well visible motorcyclists with and without safety vest. “Especially in fog, it is often difficult to directly recognize motorcyclists. Especially if they do not wear reflective clothing.”

With safety vest sew on reflective tape, you are just better to see

Thorsten Lamb and his colleagues from the police headquarters in Wuppertal used ProVida technology to determine the visibility and speed of motorcyclists. “The driver with safety vest is better to see,” says Lamb. Clear that his urgent advice is “Wear a safety vest!”

 Ralph Geeven from the Traffic and Accident Prevention Directorate: “Unfortunately, there is only one helmet required so far. It would be desirable if wearing complete motorcycle clothing was enforced as a duty. Also for your protection, because motorcyclists have no crumple zone. “

The safety vest is a simple means of avoiding accidents, says Geeven. “Especially at the beginning of the motorcycle season, it is often difficult for motorists to get used to the other road users. After all, there was a half-year break. “Accidents with injuries and deaths are therefore commonplace – even if the numbers in the Bergisch city triangle are declining. In only a quarter of accidents involving motorcycles, the cyclist is the cause of the accident. “Causes are often too high a speed or too close to motorcyclists,” says Geeven.

First of all, a feeling again get for the machine

Frank Schulz has been a member of the network Limiter Inside for one and a half years. “I’m an advocate of neon yellow safety vests,” he says. Before the start of the season and the first tour brakes and wheels are checked and once only short trips drove. “Participating directly in the bunch of rips, I do not think so. After the long break, I need to get a feel for the machine again.”

Visibility increases security in autumn

Upper Austria. Autumn is a dangerous season for traffic safety. Better visibility through reflectors increases safety.

With the dawn of the cold season, the days are shorter and the nights longer. The resulting poor visibility in combination with the main causes of accidents distraction and excessive speed is a risky mix for potentially dangerous situations. “Many dangerous situations and accidents can be avoided if students, pedestrians, and cyclists are more visible to motorists,” emphasizes State Councilor for Infrastructure Günther Steinkellner.

More security with reflective elements

Visibility materials help to prevent accidents. Whether it’s safety vests, reflective wristbands, and wristbands, headlamps, reflective materials for sewing and sticking, or workwear that uses reflective material – properly fitting or using these elements and behaving properly will increase road safety. Just wearing a safety vest in the dark increases the visibility from 30 to about 150 meters. Parents and adults are also seen as role models for younger people and should lead by example.

“The brighter and more conspicuous you are to recognize, the better you will be perceived. This also increases the ability of vehicle drivers to react in a timely and appropriate manner, “concludes Steinkellner.

What are the differences between the fluorescent and reflective?

The appearance of many yellow vests in the streets, on our screens and in one of our newspapers is an opportunity to be interested in a scientific eye: these devices must be both “fluorescent” and “reflective”. What are the differences between the two and what are they due to?

If at night, I see a car in the distance, it is either because it emits light, or that the light from another source. It reflects at least in part. Specifically, the light rays are partially absorbed by the car and partially reflected, before reaching my eye.

It’s very simple until then; let us now see the fluorescence: when a material is fluorescent, it is able, each time it absorbs a little light, to emit a little too. Thus a fluorescent vest with reflective material gives the impression of being even brighter: not only does it reflect a part of the light that reaches it, but also its yellow or orange zones emit light for each part of the light that they absorb. Which makes the one who wears it more visible and improves its security.

The usual safety vests also have gray bands that look dull in the light of the day. To make them more beautiful? No, of course! These are reflective strips, which, they, aim to return any ray of light in the direction in which it arrived, which also ensures to be very well seen.

The principle was developed just one hundred and one years ago by a French inventor, juxtaposing three mirrors at right angles to form like a cube corner or a pyramid. Little by little, we miniaturized this device to make reflective plates that equip wheels and pedals of our bikes. Finally, we find that half-spheres have similar properties. By aligning many of these tiny spheres side by side on a safety vest, we can create these reflective strips, hardly thicker than a classic fabric!

This reflective effect increases the safety of humans on foot, by bike, by car or motorbike, but it also exists in nature: it is also thanks to him that the eyes of cats glow in the dark and that ours sometimes appear red in the photos!


Nowadays, enterprises, institutions, and companies are facing a difficult task, which is to stand out with their services or products against the competition. It is enough, however, to undertake proper marketing activities and meticulously implement the adopted strategy to achieve success. Advertising gadgets provide invaluable help in this regard.

Let’s be honest: who among us does not like to receive gifts? Even a small gift can improve your mood. And if this is a useful little thing, joy is double. Marketers most often reach for promotional gadgets such as pens, notebooks, and lanyards. Unfortunately, this type of gift is already highly overrated and may not bring the expected results. The recipient will quickly throw them into the drawer, and the print on them will not even be memorable. Therefore, the choice of advertising gadgets needs to be well thought out so that their distribution will bring the desired result.

Why do you need company gadgets?

Company (advertising) gadgets have one basic task – they are to make the recipient use them regularly, and thus remind themselves of the existence and activity of the company from which they received them. Therefore, before we choose advertising gadgets for companies, we need to think about what our customers may find useful and what they will throw away in the trash. The gift must be functional enough to evoke good associations. The company logo should be placed on it in a visible place so that the recipient and the people around him can remember it as soon as possible.

Advertising gadgets that people use? Glare!

Printed company gadgets are one of the most popular marketing tools used by enterprises. Many studies have already proved their effectiveness, which is why companies have been giving their clients small gifts such as pens and notebooks for years. Each company excels in this type of thing because of its wide availability and relatively low price, so to attract the customer’s attention you need to choose something that is not yet so common. A good idea is not only anti-stress gadgets but also printed glare. In addition to the advertising function, they play an additional, useful role.

Reflective gadgets handed to clients at conferences or fairs show them that we care not only for our company’s offer to be remembered, but also for improving their visibility on the road after dark, and thus, increasing safety. In addition to standard reflective products such as self-locking bands or key rings, printed reflective vests can be a hit.

Reflective vests with reflective materials are not only a mandatory element of the car’s equipment. It is also outerwear that should be worn when we are planning a walk after dark or night cycling. It is also a product to be supplied to children. Given the widespread use of printed vests, this is a thing that works great as an advertising gadget.

A reflective vest with a print from a marketing point of view has the largest advertising space. There is enough space on the back of the vest to place the company’s logo or go a step further and print a catchy slogan referring to its activity, which will be remembered not only by the owner of the vest but also by people who will see it.

Wearing reflective vests with reflective tapes has long ceased to be seen as an unpleasant duty. More and more people are beginning to realize how important glare are reflectors and how effectively they can protect them from danger. That is why the choice of vests for promotional gadgets is the most hit. By giving your customers practical company gadgets with the logo, you can be sure that they will not go to the bottom of the drawer, but will be used daily, which means that many people will see them, which will translate into better sales.

Shorter days, rain, fog and changing road conditions – police call for caution

Early darkness, fog, and sometimes heavy rainfall – these are permanent elements of the approaching autumn weather. Changing the weather forces a change in driving technique – unfortunately, many drivers forget about it. The police call for special care for both drivers and pedestrians. Not adapting speed to road conditions can be a cause of the tragedy.

The advent of autumn aura makes the road conditions change very much, more treacherous and dangerous. Frequent rainfall or falling leaves cause the road to be wet and slippery, and the braking distance is significantly longer. Morning fog is an additional difficulty. They limit not only visibility, even to several meters, but also, settling on the road will make the surface slippery. Let us remember that the leaves lying on the roads in combination with falling rain are just as dangerous as snow and ice. Therefore, traffic police officers appeal to everyone, both drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians, to exercise extreme caution and prudence.

Remember that exceeding the speed limit and not keeping a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, in combination with a slippery surface, significantly reduces the braking distance. In extreme cases, the driver may slip and not control the car. Overtaking in such conditions, passing, cornering can be very dangerous. Drivers should remember to drive on the road with the lights on and observe speed limits, and when the weather conditions are worse, to slow down according to the rule that slower means safer. We urge you not to charge, think and anticipate threats.

Special care should be taken near pedestrian crossings. Be careful when reaching them. If a pedestrian enters the crossing, the driver may not brake. Therefore, a special appeal is also directed to pedestrians not to enter directly in front of the oncoming vehicle. Even at the pedestrian crossing, make sure the driver manages to slow down. Of course, pedestrians have priority in passing, but here the principle of limited trust applies most.

Every pedestrian and cyclist should also remember their safety and ensure that they are visible. A reflective vest, keyring, headband, or even an ordinary flashlight will make it easier for the oncoming driver to move around when the road is dim. We remind: every pedestrian who moves after dark on the road outside the built-up area must have a reflection placed in a way visible to drivers. There is a fine for missing reflective materials. Although traffic regulations do not impose the obligation to use vests with reflective fabric and reflective elements in built-up areas, they significantly improve visibility. They give drivers valuable time to take the right response – often saving lives and health.

How about a bee raincoat for children’s traffic safety?

Under the theme of “Protecting children from traffic accidents with fashion,” students at the Bunka Fashion College, a vocational school, created stylish “child safety clothes” that are easy for drivers to see. On the 5th, there was a final review meeting at the same school, and “honey bee raincoat” was selected as a Grand Prix from works using fluorescent fabrics and reflective tapes.

Fabric for work clothes transforms for children

Rainwear with the image of Sentai Heroes and vests for men and women combining denim and fluorescent fabrics. At the judging committee, 10 teams from first-year fashion engineering basic courses presented their work.

Clothes using reflective fabrics and fluorescent fabrics are called “high visibility safety clothes” and there are official standards for adults such as vests worn by road workers, but there are many color and design restrictions, It is difficult to apply for children.

From May this year, students took lectures and conducted market research to work on clothing design and production. A popular vote was held by visitors at the cultural festival last month, and the top 10 teams faced the judging.

Represent the bee stripe pattern with reflective material

In the review, 11 experts inside and outside the university, such as traffic safety education organizations and apparel officials, comprehensively evaluated points such as “I want to wear and I want to wear” in addition to safety and fashion.

Grand Prix raincoat designed bee color and shape. It is a conspicuous color of yellow and black. The waterproof cover on the back that can cover the school bag has an image of transparent wings and a flower on the bottom. Leader Momoka Kudo (19) said, “I wanted to make use of the features of bees, such as the roundness of the buttocks and stripes, in the design. It was difficult to sew the reflectors together.”

Commitment is the second year this year. The school was sponsored by the Nissenken Quality Evaluation Center, which promotes the spread of safety clothing.

Honda holds a road safety tote bag presentation ceremony

On the 19th, Honda produced a road safety tote bag for children, “Mamata Tote on the shoulder” and held a presentation ceremony and a road safety class at a nursery school in Tokyo.

Reflective material is a strong ally that prevents accidents after the evening

Compared to midsummer, which was bright until around 19:00, it was much faster to set sun. In my area, a voice and chime broadcast “Let’s go home” is played at 17:30 for children playing in parks, but it is already dim at that time. A traffic accident while walking will increase in the time when dusk is getting much earlier. Looking at the data on the number of casualties by age, it is stunned that there are many children aged 7 years. The most common time is October, with 68% of accidents occurring between 15:00 and 18:00, just after leaving school.

My nephew was just 7 years old this month, but he entered elementary school in April this year, and for the first time he went to school on foot without his parents. Spring was still tense, but my friends increased and I became used to school life. After the summer semester, the second semester started, and now I can walk on my way to and from school. Sometimes he suddenly starts running with friends and chats without looking around.

At that time, if a driver carelessly passes by. If you think so, you will tremble, but you can imagine that many unfortunate situations often overlap the background of the sudden increase in accidents for 7-year-old children. No matter how much attention parents and teachers have, it is difficult to completely correct the behavior of free-spirited children. Therefore, what is important is to increase the accident prevention effect with clothes and goods for “protecting yourself”.

According to data from the Cabinet Office, the distance that a driver can see a pedestrian with the headlight of the car facing down at night is about 38-50m for bright clothes such as white and yellow with reflective fabric. Black clothes such as black will be shortened to about 26-30m. Since the distance that a car with a speed of 60 km / h travels in about 1 second is about 17 m, the driver will notice that the pedestrian is delayed by 1 second, which increases the risk that people in dark clothes will lead to an accident Thing.

Therefore, a powerful helper is a reflector that glows when the car’s light hits it. Wearing this, it is said that it will be visible enough even for people in dark clothes to be confirmed by drivers about 60 to 130 meters away. In addition to the accident prevention effect of such reflectors, the focus was on the psychology that the driver slowed down when looking at the uniform of the sun shining in the dark, with this time Honda wants to protect children from traffic accidents , “Mamote Tote” started free distribution in accordance with the autumn national traffic safety movement.

Thoughts on Honda’s safety

When I went to Sakai Nursery School, where I wanted to see the actual thing as soon as possible, 20 children aged 4 to 6 gathered and the traffic safety class “Ayatorii Hiyoko” was held. From the various sounds lurking in the city, the children were overwhelmed by the quiz of identifying and applying “dangerous sounds”. We listened in a friendly atmosphere, such as how to see traffic lights and how to cross pedestrian crossings.

This “Ayatorii” started in 1995. Instructors from each region trained by Honda are held approximately 4,000 times a year for nurseries and kindergartens throughout the country, and approximately 273,000 children (2018) are taking this course. A news gathering was held at the nursery school. Every child looks fun. Finally, the children were delighted when everyone received a “Tote”. You can hear the voice of “Oma-san!”

According to the catchphrase of “Omari-san on the shoulder”, reflecting material is applied in the same design as the police officer’s uniform based on dark blue fabric, and there is a part that shines red like a stick, so it is quite realistic when seen in the dark. If I saw this while driving, I realized that it would slow down first. When I talk to a five-year-old girl, my mother is picking up at 18:30, and by that time it will be already dark. What do you put in this “Tote”? He answered cheerfully, “Change of clothes!”

With the slogan “Safety for Everyone”, Honda aims to create a society where all people who use the road can live with peace of mind. He said that he made a “tote” on his shoulders in the hope that it would help. In addition to accepting free distribution at Honda Welcome Plaza Aoyama and distribution on special websites, donations will be made to some nurseries in Minato City.

As a mother of one child, this activity brings together the strong feeling of “I want to protect the lives of children” and at the same time, as a driver, “I do not want to be a perpetrator who takes the lives of future children” I feel that this is a meaningful activity to reach out. Honda also seems to have a little humor in that each child has a “My Oma-san”. Until now, my daughter had been holding bags and hats with keyring reflectors, but from now on, I would like to use “Mamote Tote” as a lesson from the evening and keep it firmly protected.