Visibility on the road means safety

In the darker season there is an increased risk of accidents for pedestrians. Poor visibility, changing weather conditions and dark clothing are the main cause of accidents at dusk. The Austrian Road Safety Board gives tips on how to do in the winter months most visible and prevents accidents.


Although pedestrians, brightly lit car from afar, they themselves are often perceived contrast, only very late of automotive handlebars. Simple tools are bright and equipped with reflectors clothing. Pedestrian wearing clothing with reflectors can be seen for a motorist with low beam already from 150 meters away. Pedestrians wearing dark clothing, however, can only be seen from 20 to 30 meters, that is often too late to react accordingly.


Danger on the crosswalk

The poor visibility is particularly at crosswalks cause of many accidents. “In the dark, still many a protection path leads a nondescript wallflower – with increased risk of pedestrian studies show a much lower at night stopping readiness of the vehicle driver before pedestrian crossings than in daylight In poorly lit pedestrian crossings of the handlebar will to pedestrians is to give priority, even.. A third less present as well-lit at therefore important for survival for pedestrians equation is. “Visibility is safety,” explains Florien Schneider, prevention consultant in the PRR.


Reflectors set standards

Final so the mousy revelers! Not only the optimum illumination of the protection path itself can be lifesaving, his customers can actively help to protect their lives in the dark: With reflective material clothing at night pedestrians are much more visible and therefore safer on the road.


While walking, Nordic walking or even when working in the road space (snow shovels, hedge trimming, etc.) it is recommended to make them “visible”. “Think of the reflective material not only when you are along rural roads as a pedestrian on the road, but also in urban areas, because 90 percent of pedestrian accidents occur in the villages We therefore recommend that all pedestrians and cyclists. Apply to your own protective light-colored clothing and reflective materials, “concludes Schneider.


Safety tips

Clothe yourself in twilight and in the dark as bright as possible!

Reflectors should radiate around to make pedestrians also visible from the side. They do not cost much and bring an enormous increase in safety at dusk and in the dark.

Reflective clothing alone is useless if you do not behave safety conscious!

Search on crossing always make eye contact with the driver!

Police teach primary school students about road safety

Safety vests and reflective bicycle spokes increase security

Practical classes were given the primary school pupils in the Minden Street on Tuesday morning. In the schoolyard, the police-security adviser Heike Klein and Ditmars Hess welcomed the children and parents. At dawn they demonstrated to the students how important it is, even in the dark on the road to be seen. For this, the children were given reflective vests.


Thus, it was also really vividly, the children took place in the police van and watched from there if they can recognize their classmates in the dark well. “The one sees hardly,” says the eight-year Auras. “Only with vest I can see,” he says.


Ditmars Hess grazed him over such a vest, so he is better known on the way to school. “The jackets of the children are dark and the backpacks have hardly reflectors,” says Heike Klein. “It’s just not as cool to go with a vest to school, but in this way we show the children the difference. It would be ideal, of course, if the satchel also reflected,” said Klein.


“This morning I look at as a learning unit. Once a year we welcome the police with us. The issue of security is part of the social studies,” says Vice-principal Wolfgang Mickey. Ditmars Hess explains the classic scene from the road: “Children with and without reflective vest standing about 30 meters from the police van and then the fellow students can see for themselves whether they recognize the child or not Some have safety vests with reflectors, while others do not.” says Hess. 30 meters is about the distance that needs a motorist than stopping when he was on the way with 50 kilometers per hour. The stopping distance is then obtained from the reaction time and the braking distance, so Hess.


“Dark dressed people are perceived in the dark about 25 meters before, while those with reflective clothing to a distance of about 160 meters are visible,” says Owe Hageman by Dakar. He accompanied the project and keeps at school or a lesson from. “To the children of the differences between the visibility and the dangers to explain,” he says, pointing a photo with a dark person. In addition, the traffic safety consultants had a bicycle there to show the children the importance of lighting and reflectors. “The wheel has spoken here sticks reflected each spoke. Once the tire is moved, the area lights,” Heike Klein explained to the children. “We hope to achieve with this vivid action, the children and parents and prevent accidents at dusk and dawn can,” Klein hopes for more school children who move with reflective clothing in the dark.

Reflective clothing makes Pedestrians safer at night

Pedestrians are particularly vulnerable in autumn and winter – beware in the dark. Those in the dark are not seen – except, they wear reflective clothing.


In the dark season, pedestrians are particularly vulnerable to road traffic. The statistics show that the number of pedestrians killed in 523 in 2014 died more than every third (219) in the months of November to January, warns the accident research of the insurers (UDV).


Pedestrians are particularly at risk on the mostly badly or not illuminated country roads, four-fifths of the 2014 killed passers-by died there. On a dark country road, if possible, you should not walk if there is no separate walkway. And wear a reflective vest can make you be seen easily and keep you safer.


But also in the mostly better-lit inner city area, the risk of being killed is higher for pedestrians in the months of November to March, according to the insurance association, almost twice as high as in the other months. Anyone who is on foot should wear clothes that are as light or reflective as possible. Parents should pay attention to the equipment of reflective material with children’s clothes, shoes and school bags. Crossing pedestrian streets should only be crossed at a well lit location and never parked by vehicles.

Magic Vision: reflective clothing for visibility

Better visibility in the dark

Using reflective fabric and high-contrast colors in the visible zones offers the Magic Vision line visibility and an extra dose of style during training.


Few things are more important in autumn and winter to be seen as of other road users. Bright clothing or reflective strips are essential. The traditional French brand Magic has recently unveiled its new vision collection, in which the developers have adopted exactly this problem.


Helmet, vest, leg, knee and arm warmers and gloves Vision series bear all the unmistakable signature of Magic designers while ensuring a good visibility on the road. To the products besides the classic white-silver-colored reflective strips and elements in Magic yellow are attached. Both together is to make visible and protect against accidents at dusk cyclists.


Particularly striking is designed the vest. She has a figure hugging fit, a good temperature management and is waterproof. The light yellow zones are placed so that one is seen best in riding position. There are also more reflective material for better visibility at night. In trade, the Magic Vision Vest costs 130 Euros and is available from the beginning of the 2017.

Pedestrian: Light clothing and reflectors are important

It gets dark early and late light: In the winter time pedestrians are particularly vulnerable in traffic. Bright clothing and reflective material provide better visibility.


Only a few days ago suffered a pedestrian, after being hit by a car, fatal injuries. In general, the trend in accidents, are involved in the pedestrian, rising since 2015 again. Between 2011 and 2015, a total of 27 persons who were recorded on our roads of vehicles, mortally wounded.


There were the six in 2011 and 2012 and five in 2013. 2014, the number dropped to three deaths, with seven victims of the peak was reached in the same period last year. Also in terms of the number of seriously injured pedestrians, it has risen in the last year dramatically, to 52 against 35 in, 2014.

Darkness, rain, fog


Particularly dangerous for the weakest link in the road is the cold season: darkness, rain and fog are factors that increase the risk. Carries a pedestrian dark clothes, a driver recognizes him only from a distance of about 25 meters. Far too often, this is too late…


Therefore, the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure and recommend that one should dress bright and use reflectors, which are available in various forms and can be applied to umbrellas, shoes or clothing. Last Sunday, on the occasion of an action 2,500 reflective armbands were distributed in the capital.


Tips for Motorists

One should always be on the move in the opposite lane on highways. Here in the dark is wearing a safety vest – how they have incidentally always in the car with him must – mandatory. If you are traveling with a dog, should provide it with a reflective collar.

Addressed to the drivers it’s like to drive a reasonable speed, turn on the low beam when visibility is poor and keep the windows clean.

Your children will be better seen with in safety vest

See and be seen – this is how it works at the celebrities. Not a bad motto. At least when we are transferred it to road traffic. There is now the time when it is particularly important that the little ones are seen in time!


3 things you need to know

Children without reflective clothing are seen by drivers so late that they may not be able to brake in time.

Reflective elements are easy to retrofit.

For school bags and safety clothing, pay attention to the DIN standard.


“In the winter, twice as many children are on their way to school as in the summer, and the banal reason in many cases is that car drivers see the child too late, but the children are not aware of this. As soon as first-graders see a driving car, they are convinced that they are also seen by the driver. The insight that there is a big difference between seeing and seeing is fully developed only at the age of eight.”


A child who is darkly dressed sees a driver only at a distance of about 30 meters, brightly clad is it with 40 meters just 10 meters more. Compared to how long a car needs to stop, this is – depending on the speed – in many cases too late! If the child carries a reflective safety vest, it is about 130 meters wide! This is enough for a driver at 100 km / h to brake in time.


Your child will be enlightened

For school bags and clothing, which should reflect properly, it is important to pay attention to the DIN standard. For the satchels it is DIN 58124, for clothing DIN EN 13356.


If the children are to be well visible even with normal clothing, it can be easily retrofitted: reflex tapes, reflective vests, reflex safety collars or reflective patches – the choice is great.


In times of the LED you will also find many garments and gadgets that glow and flash: caps, chains, rings, glowing shoe bands. This however please rather as a supplement sees. To the visibility of the reflective strips do not come.


And then we have a tip that has nothing to do with the clothes: Give your child enough time for the school way! When the little ones get away in time, they are not under pressure and less break neck.

Reflective clothing for pedestrians and cyclists

Pedestrians and cyclists with dark clothes are practically invisible to motorists at dusk. On jackets and trousers reflective elements increase not only the visibility on the road; they can be life-saving. The facts, the BG ETEM supplies in the new “pulse”.


The number of the injured in road traffic pedestrians and cyclists is loud high accident statistics for years and does not get much back. More than 77,700 cyclists suffered an accident in 2015. 383 died there or the consequences. One of the possible causes of an accident: They were seen too late.


The trade association energy, textile, electrical and media products (BG ETEM) wants to prevent that. In the new issue of prevention medium “pulse – the newspaper for all employees” it is therefore among other things visibility on the road – wear a reflective vest is important to enhance visibility and keep safe, an issue that especially in the dark winter months is very important, because many workers travel daily by bicycle in the operations.


Especially the so-called “vulnerable road users” – pedestrians and cyclists – are at risk due to lack of crumple zone. You must ensure that they are perceived by motorists at an early stage. A good way for pedestrians and cyclists to make the visible at long distances, are reflective clothing or reflective elements on clothing. Who bears these is visible to motorists according to a study of up to 150 meters. In comparison, even white clothes can be seen in the dark only to 50 meters. In colorful or even dark clothing are pedestrians and cyclists, which move in the winter in the early morning and late evening hours on the road, virtually invisible to motorists.

Reflective vest: pedestrians, pay more attention

Pedestrians are asked to be vigilant at the transition to winter time on Sunday, October 27. Need to wear reflective vest when you on outside. “Every year, during the transition to winter time, is recorded a peak accident rate and mortality which pedestrians are the first victims”, recalls the Finisher prefecture in a statement.


This peak of road accidents is found in the morning between 8 am and 10 am and dusk, between 17 am and 19 pm. In 2012, France, 36% of pedestrian deaths occurs between November and January. “The road safety therefore draws the attention of all road users, particularly the most vulnerable, the need to be extra careful on the occasion of the time change on Sunday 27 October.”


Road safety advises pedestrians to wear bright clothing, “or better yet, matching retro-reflective tape.” For cyclists, it is mandatory to wear Reflective safety vest if they run at night outside a metropolitan area. The day when visibility is low, it is recommended to wear it.

Volvo launches reflective spray for cyclists

Very involved in the field of road safety, Volvo has developed a reflective aerosol for cyclists: in a single gesture, they become phosphorescent at night and therefore more visible to other road users.


The figures speak for themselves. In Britain, more than 19,000 cyclists have been involved in an accident on the road. In France, 1 cyclist killed on 4 died following a collision with a vehicle.


A reality that may soon change thanks to an invention is made by Volvo. The latter has developed a spray that, when reflective material sprayed on his bike, his helmet and even his clothes, allow cyclists to take a night trip by being more visible to motorists.


“Life Paint”: a descriptive name

Called “Life Painting”, the spray is invisible on the day but reflects light of night lights. The pulverized product is washable, no abyss or painting bike or textiles and is effective up to a week.


The Swedish manufacturer has demonstrated an objective that is clear and ambitious: no user killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo by 2020, thanks to a better sharing of the road. As stated so well Paint Life slogan: “The best way to survive a crash is not crash”. To translate, the best way to survive an accident is to not have … Simply!


For now, only 2000 sprays are sold in six stores based in London and Kent. If the reflective product has the desired success, the distribution points multiply internationally.

Airbag reflective vest for motorcycle

Used in competition, the biker airbag vest by reflective material for the private individuals. A bit constraining to put on the first times, it is discreet to use and, above all, it does not bother the driver.


Specializing in bike equipment, Dinesen offers an airbag, D-Air Street, designed to protect the back, clavicles and thorax in case of an accident. Sensors, installed on the fork and under the seat, record the movements of the two-wheeler before being analyzed by a central computer. Thus, according to the manufacturer, the system is able to recognize all the critical situations: fall alone, rear impact, frontal or lateral impact… The life jacket swells in a maximum of 45 milliseconds. But the main interest of this new waistcoat is that the connection between the system and the waistcoat is wireless, which leaves a total freedom of movement. The other visible part of the device, the screen installed on the handlebar and which makes it possible to control the correct operation of the system is rather unsightly and too bulky. And all the more so because it provides only two really interesting information: the level of charge of the battery of the vest and the correct connection between the safety vest and the system.


The waistcoat also has autonomy of about 10 hours, a delay that we have actually observed. Let us hope that over the months, even years, it remains of the same order. However, in order to preserve the battery life of the life jacket, it will be necessary to switch off after every use. Similarly, it is advisable to switch it on only when installed on the two-wheeler to ensure good interaction with the control unit. An annoying detail: if the motor cuts off when the connection has already been established, in the event of a stall, for example, it will then be necessary to switch off and then turn the vest on again so that a new connection can be established. However, this operation is easy and the switch is easy to handle even with a large winter glove.


At the time of purchase, attention should be paid to the size of the vest because it is necessary to predict the differences in thickness between the summer and winter clothing. However, since it has wide elastics, it accepts size differences, but you should not take too large a size if you buy it in winter (and vice versa if you buy it in summer). Finally, once the habit of donning it, we appreciated the maintenance offered by D-Air Street thanks, in particular, to a very effective backbone. And, its yellow reflective back is also a not insignificant in terms of security because it makes it visible from a distance.