New on the market: Lighting suit in the dark

BESIP sends clear SIGNAL: “See Me!” In the fourth year of Signal festival, he wants to highlight the importance of using reflective materials and show a new pedestrian visible trend. On the Fruit Market in Prague, for four days, human beings literally light up.

“It is important not only to see but also to be seen. Especially for pedestrians as the most vulnerable participants in our operations. For visitors to our BESIP Point, we will have reflex tape ready as a basic security element of visibility. We also want to show how clothing with reflective elements cannot only work but also look good. That is why we have prepared a proposal for a collection of sportswear for women, and we will introduce other ways of using reflexive materials, especially for children. “says Martin Farrar, head of BESIP, to add to the unique festival:

“Because it is a festival of light, we will also show the future of pedestrian visibility. We contacted the Technical University of Liberec, where they patented the unique use of nanotechnology to illuminate various items, including clothing. While others illuminate various objects, our presentation will be lit by people and dummies in shining clothing. ”

BESIP, in cooperation Active ČR’s “Transport No. 1”, has prepared an exhibition on the Oven try in Prague based on reflexive elements, from their use to clothing to more and more popular reflective tapes. An attractive part of the exposition and a look into the future will be the use of active light on clothing. Dresses of Slovak designer Susana will be seen, the lighting elements for women’s dresses and accessories as well as the use of this technology in the near future: from alert vests to rescue workers to accessories for athletes.

BESIP security patrols will also be part of the festival and will help to ensure the safety of people traveling along the festival’s path in bright shining clothing. “By working with the university and the company that is in charge of commercial use of the patent, we are among the first to get the final prototype vests that not only meet all the parameters in terms of the use of reflective materials, but they are also equipped with illuminating elements. This adds a new dimension to pedestrian visibility, “adds Martin Farrar.

“However, it is important to stress that such an outfit requires an active source, and for the visibility of pedestrians, there is something extra. By law, the pedestrian outside the village must be equipped with reflective elements and any light, even self-evident and visible, is not sufficient. It must always be used in combination with reflective materials, just in cases when a light comes out of energy. “he says.

Let us add that, as of 20 February this year, an amendment to the law applies, which clearly sets out pedestrians outside the municipality to be obliged to wear reflective vests that are visible to all other road users, i.e. front, back, and side. In this sophisticated period, it should be remembered that the reduced visibility is not only the time from sunset to its exodus but also fog, heavy rain or snowfall, so reflective elements are mandatory under these conditions even at the time of day.

The best reflective element is a reflective vest

For almost a year, pedestrians moving outside the village have a duty to wear a reflective element in the dark and the evening. According to the police, the best reflective vests are visible. But the results from the testing room, which were also Czech Television, show that many of them, after a few storms, have lost their luminous intensity. The people in them, though, do their duty, but they cannot be seen better.

The requirement is that the vests withstand 25 cycles of washing, said Ivan Itch, a technician at the Textile Testing Institute (TZÚ). Although the tested vest declares that it can withstand 50 cycles of washing, signs of wear are visible after the first.

The vest material according to the head of the Certification Department of TZU is inadequate because it is very thin: “After the first wash, the damage is visible on the reflective tape.” The vest would not be tested according to the test. After ten rumors, it would be almost useless in the field.

“These fluorescence belts are susceptible to wear during washing and maintenance,” Horace explained. Materials are also destroyed by abrasion or bending. In the institute, therefore, they simulate the friction of the vest that pedestrians walk in. However, none of the samples tested.

At the last inspection, no third vest was passed

For bikes or children’s clothing, there are no limits on the properties of the material. The radiant color is only an advantage in these cases. On the contrary, the strict parameters are prescribed by the law for working clothes, that is, it is just for reflective safety vests.

According to reflection experts, the CE mark is one of the most important data. “There are vests that do not have a brand and look very similar. But they cannot really be guaranteed that the reflexive properties are in order. “said Karle Kieta, an author of the Karle Kieta Certified Safety Institute.

But the TZU test did not pass the vest on the stand that had this brand. The Czech Trade Inspection carried out the last control action targeting these goods in 2012. The fault was found with every third manufacturer.

Reflective elements protect pedestrian life

Traffic policemen focused on the pedestrians in the early morning and evening hours during the Wednesday traffic safety event, whether they are sufficiently visible for the drivers.

According to the head of the Hradec Traffic Police Service, Karle Kati checked a total of 110 pedestrians, of which only eight did not have reflective tapes. “But it was in the illuminated sections,” he added, adding that one pedestrian had been handed over to the administrative proceedings.

“There are pedestrians who know about the obligation to have reflective elements, but they do not wear them when they do not have to. We have now given out 1100 reflective tapes, 150 bags, 20 reflective bikes for motorcyclists and 200 orange vests for the driver. Reflective vests can be used by cyclists and pedestrians. “said Charles Kati.

Police officers also stopped in Hradec one pedestrian who had earphones in his ears and did not respond to their call. “Earphones with loud music are a problem. The pedestrian does not hear the approaching car, he does not know what is happening in the neighborhood and is easy to become an accident victim, “says Charles Kati.

According to road safety experts, at night the driver will see pedestrians with a reflective element at a distance of two hundred meters. At a speed of 75km / h, the driver needs at least 1.5 seconds to be aware of the danger and to react. In that time, it will be 31 meters. And before he starts his own evasive maneuver, he will leave the pedestrian track more than 150 meters away. This requires a driver of about 200 meters, which is the distance a pedestrian can see a reflective element. It follows that a person moving in the dark in dark clothes does not give a very good chance to safely carry out the avoidance maneuver. Therefore, at present, not only cyclists need to be illuminated and marked at night, but also the responsibility to keep themselves in a low visibility and out of the village, pedestrians also have reflexive features.

Although pedestrians do not have reflective elements in the city, the police have appealed to everyone who went to Hradec on the sidewalk around Kassel’s sawmill to wear reflexive elements which made of reflective materials everywhere and to distribute them at once. For example, Napa Vaclav ova had a flashlight, but in her bag. She explained that she did not go to herself at night alone, but as a driver she recognized that pedestrians should be clearly visible in the dark.

“Autumn and winter, when the day is shorter and wilderness is getting worse, is extremely demanding for the driver’s attention. On a slippery surface, it will not stop as fast as dry roads. Pedestrians and cyclists should be aware of this and stick to the principle of being seen. “said police spokesman Hanna Miller.

Her words were added by the head of the Hradec Traffic Police: “Drivers must expect that weather conditions may change rapidly. Where they can safely pass through the ninety-one, they can be dangerous sixty. It can drizzle the water from the cars transporting the word fish. It will also make wet mud. “

Winter clothes from Craft will brighten and warm you up

Do you run every day to work and work, or do you have time for training in the evenings? To keep you out of the cold and to be seen from afar, Brilliant shine from Craft.

Running all year without a break is no honey. From this point of view, the winter period is critical, with the arrival of two enemy enemies – cold and dark. These two factors can completely decimate the joint forces of many runners. According to unofficial estimates, the number of winter sleepers climbs to seventy percent.

Craft, therefore, comes with a range of winter clothes for Brilliant that wants to help runners in these challenging conditions. Its first task is to provide adequate insulation and protection against wind and rain while securing your safety during running in the evening and night hours. In addition, it offers visually very good models, uses high light reflective tapes.

With eight hours of work, you do not have the chance to go both days in the winter. And if you leave the run-in until the time you arrive at work, the darkness will be even greater. And your portion of the training mileage is even more dangerous. An exemplary example of how well-traceable route changes overnight with the arrival of a night in a dangerous zone and you are just waiting for some of the cyclists to come down when they leave the end is the Brno cycle path along Strata.

With Brilliant attire, however, one can literally cry like a Christmas tree in the night, which can cause amused smiles on the one hand, but on the other hand, you are certain that you have made the most of your safety. Of course, reflective clothing does not replace an indispensable headlamp and a red blinker, but each piece of light reflection can help to alert you to your presence.

What is Craft’s reflexive range of clothes interesting? Compared to most competitive ranges, such as Asics (Late-Show), Brooks (Nightlife), Puma or Nike (Flash), Craft has the most reflective fabric combined with a decent functionality. In other words, it is not just a designer design, but also functional wear. In his pocket, Brilliant would push (in all directions) only Nike Flash, which, of course, requires a multiple purchase price.

We have selected two sets of clothes (ladies’ and men’s) for testing. These are the most common combination that a runner will use throughout the winter. The basis of each set is the long-lined Brilliant Thermal elastic, complemented by a unique men’s short sleeve jacket or a ladies’ toe with wind and waterproof finish.

Stronger neighbors

An even stricter law has been in force in Slovakia since 2014. Pedestrians must wear reflective vests on the road regardless of whether they are moving in or out of the village. “In the beginning, people complained, but now they have no problem,” said Czech.

The effort to improve the safety of pedestrians has been felt by some traders for the revenue. “Reflective materials are sold about twice as much as before,” said Yvette Easel, a salesman at Brno’s Work wear store.

On the contrary, Alana did not recognize any change in Nomo haberdashery. “(reflective clothing) sales have not so far picked up. Greater interest will start in the autumn when the days are shorter. “said Salina.

Last year, the police in the South Moravian Region recorded four hundred and thirteen drops of cars with a pedestrian. “Of these, two hundred and twenty-two happened in Brno,” Swab said.

Over forty percent of pedestrian collisions took place at pedestrian crossings. All of the cars with pedestrians are increasing every year.

Reflective elements can save your life?

It is diminishing ever before, which has a detrimental effect on the number of road accidents. Last year, a third of the tragic accidents took place at night, even though fewer cars were driving. But caution should not only be given to drivers, but also to pedestrians who die the most often because of poor visibility. How should one dress properly to be seen from a distance? We have some tips for you.

The worst part of the year is coming, both for drivers and pedestrians. But why do they die so often in the winter months on the roads? The fault is the change of time that comes with the earlier slackness. We return from work in the dark, and we sink in our coats, we wipe rain and snow from the windshields, and the frozen road tests the tires and the art of drivers.

“Night accidents are really dangerous. There are a few dark winter months ahead of us. All road users, without distinction, should consistently adhere to the principle of seeing and being seen. “advised Aha! Roman Bosky of the Road Safety Team.

Do you feel that no yellow stripe will save you? In that case, you should know that in the dark, a pedestrian driver with reflective accessory can see a distance ten times greater than without them. You’ll best do it if you wear light reflective clothing and combine it with reflective tapes.

The law then stipulates that as a pedestrian you must have reflective vests not only in the dark but also under reduced visibility, for example at dusk and dawn, or even on a white day when the visibility is affected by heavy rain or mist. And always when you go outside the village where there is no public lighting.

How to place reflexes

  • On the wrist, or over the ankle at the side of the center of the road.
  • To be visible from all sides.
  • Size of the least common reflective tape.

Top 5 industrial accidents

44% of the employees who wear work clothing which has reflective tapes on it on the work floor in a factory, workshop or outdoor location indicate that they have ever experienced a trip and/or crash. A quarter sometimes made a mistake. This is shown by research commissioned by Manu tan among 865 employees who are involved in safety in the office environment and on the work floor in factories, workshops and outdoor locations in the Netherlands.

Image Top 5 industrial accidents

“It indicates that walking on the work floor is still not without risk,” says Jan Piet van Disk, Director Operations Benelux, and Safety Coordinator at Manu tan. “On the one hand, more attention should be paid to a clean, well-organized work floor, on the other hand, the proper use of personal protective equipment, from safety clothing to fall and hearing protection, is very important.”

The research also shows that safety devices are not always present in over 30% of cases, such as wearing reflective vests. “That is a high percentage,” says Van Disk. “Apparently safety is not yet taken seriously everywhere, but it is of course also important that the chosen protective equipment matches the requirements of the working environment.”

Top 5 most common accidents with physical injury

Stumbling or slipping 44%

Mistakes 25%

Wrong lifting 25%

Being hit or trapped by a machine 15%

Fall of fewer than 2.5 meters height 14%

New fire extinguishers Brabant Southeast Fire Department

REGION – Safety Region Brabant-Southeast (VRBZO) presented the new fire extinguishers for Fire Brigade Brabant-Southeast last week. The new firefighting suits are equipped with the latest technologies and high light reflective tapes to provide firefighters optimal protection in all conditions.

The fabric used is strong and durable, while the light material color has the added advantage that soot and dirt are clearly visible. This makes it easier to estimate when the suit is ready for a wash than the current black suits. A clean suit is important for hygienic and safe working. VRBZO paid extensive attention in the tender for the functional wishes and safety of the firefighters themselves.

This new site offers extra cushioning around the shoulders so that pressure from breathing apparatus is better distributed. In addition, knee protection is firmer and the reflective striping(made from reflective fabric) can now also ‘breathe’ because it is perforated. The purchase of the extinguishing suits coincides with that of the new extinguishing helmets. For the latter, VRBZO has subscribed to an ongoing tender with six other security regions. VRBZO has opted for a red helmet with an inside that is easier to remove. The new neck flap is also detachable and is made of smooth material, which means less dirt and soot can stick to it.

In the first instance, six fire departments will work with the new clothes. Gamer, Bake, de Rips, Buddle, and Helmond were chosen because the need for new fire extinguishers at these stations is greatest. In 2017, all items must be equipped with the new safety clothing.

A bike ride under the twilight in Brossard

The 5th edition of the Family Cycling at Twilight event will take place on June 17, from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, in the streets of Brossard. The departure of this family event will be at Radisson Park.

Registration of participants will be held on site from 19:30; the departure is scheduled at 20h. Cyclists wear reflective vests will follow each other along a circuit of about ten kilometers on the bike paths and in the streets of the city. They will then return to the starting site. The surprise gift will be given to the first 200 registered citizens and an acrobatic dance and percussion performance with Productions and the Kumar troupe will be presented after the hike.

Cycling supervisors and the collaboration of the Police Department of the Agglomeration of Longueil (SPAL) will ensure the smooth running of the activity. The squad Torque your ticket will also be on hand to remind the good behavior to adopt during a bike ride.

Helmets which have reflective materials on them are mandatory for all young people aged 15 and under. It is also highly recommended for adults. As the action takes place at dusk, the City advises cyclists to make themselves visible by wearing light reflective clothing and making sure to have the required reflectors on their bike, i.e. at least one white lighthouse at the front and a red light at the back activity will be canceled in case of bad weather conditions. If the weather is uncertain, the City will confirm on its social media the holding or cancellation of the event.

how to prepare for your trip?

Equipment: reflective clothing and shoes suitable for hiking

To dress in “onion”, with clothes that can be removed and put back easily is very important. It is hot in the climbs. It is necessary to cover up when taking a break and often remove a layer again during the descent.

Whenever possible, avoid sweating too much, as moisture in clothing may promote the risk of hypothermia. Plan a spare dry t-shirt if needed.

If you plan to go out for more than half an hour on snowshoes, comfortable shoes that insulate cold and moisture are essential. Furry boots or hiking boots will be the most suitable.

Be sure to come out equipped with a first aid kit, a reflective vest that will allow you to see more easily on the snow in case of emergency intervention.

It is also recommended to be equipped with a DVA (avalanche victim detector), a transceiver device that must be worn under the outer layer of clothing. It is essential to check that your DVA works well before any release and to know how to use it.

Also has at least a passive reflector on you. It is an unbreakable mini transponder, sometimes integrated with ski equipment or snowshoes that works continuously and require no prior training. You will find them in sports shops.

Also, bring a snow shovel and a probe that will free you from an avalanche or allow you to clear someone caught in the snow. Gloves, hat, reflective jacket, scarf. Be aware that time can change quickly, pack a backpack with clothes to cover you when needed.

After only fifteen to twenty minutes of burial under the snow, the chances of survival are considerably reduced. Be careful!