Drivers are obliged to wear reflective vests outside the city from 2018

The Russian government has supplemented the road traffic regulations with a paragraph that obliges drivers to stop wearing a reflective jacket or reflective vest when the vehicle is forced to stop outside settlements.


The relevant decree of the Cabinet enters into force on March 17, 2018. According to statistics, in the first six months of 2017, over 7.5 thousand pedestrian raids were recorded on Russian roads at night. This is 10.2 percent less compared to the same period of 2016. As a result, 1321 people died, another 6537 suffered.


The number of vehicle arrivals at drivers who did not use reflective vests also increased. In the six months of 2017, 66 such accidents occurred, which is 4.8 percent more compared to the previous year.


Drivers must have protective vests in many European countries.


Carabineros does not record violations by the port without safety vests

Captain of the Investigation Section Traffic Accident (SIAT) Cachapoal, Gerardo Henríquez said that today is not having the safety vest available at a police checkpoint.

Fernando Avila Figueroa

To date, police have not taken any infringement in the region of O’Higgins by not carry the reflective vest. While the measure is mandatory from January 1.police personnel continues campaigning for the community to purchase this item and so add to your safety kit.

In conversation with the Captain of the Investigation Section Traffic Accident (SIAT) he said that effectively drivers must include the vest to their safety kit, indicating the Traffic Law Article 75, so it may be required by a policeman, in the technical review, or by a municipal inspector.

Henriquez said that what seeks the vest goes beyond the issue infraction because the bottom line is that the person is visible on the road if required alighting before an emergency. He added that the Traffic Law classifies in very serious infringements, serious, less serious and minor. Among the less serious breaches of the decree of the Ministry of Transport and Communications indicated, so as the captain said today, is not having the reflective vest available at a police checkpoint, joined the case not have it.

Captain Gerardo Henriquez added that no offense is placed not vest because such infringement would be added to the Traffic Law, legal change that must come from a motion or a presidential message to deliver to Congress.

With regard to roads, the last weekend only infringements were issued for not respecting the speed limit and non-use of seat belts. There were no violations by non-use vest, as the captain argues that there is still the legal rule stating it as infringement. This requires an amendment to the Traffic Act.

According SEREMI Transportation, Francisco Lara, have delivered vests massively in communes like Pichilemu, considering that the call goes beyond the infringement, since the aim is that the standard is met as a security measure in addition to traditional kit they must carry vehicles. The authority appreciates that according to a study Automobile Club; more than 80% of drivers surveyed see the issue as a good measure.

The authority said that control of Transport have carried out checks, but pursue violations, because the work has been educational and clarify doubts of drivers, such as the price of the vests with reflective tape, subject although market regulation, believes that established stores still have stock, this week joined merchandise will be replenished. It is selling at street which has achieved better grab customers; however, the price of these should be regulated in the coming days. “What interests us is that good coverage in terms of compliance and have a good reception as it is a positive element of security inside the vehicle,” said Lara

Officials of the Community Office, under the First Commissioner San Fernando, invited the community to self-care, delivering reflective backpacks, which can be used at every opportunity to increase their visibility distance.

The activity carried out by the police, took place in the central area of ​​the city, where pedestrians, cyclists and tenants were favored with the delivery of these phosphorescent backpacks.

During the day, Petty Officer Luis Rubio Segovia said that “In its preventive role invites people to self-care, because prevention is always better than cure”.

Similar campaigns have been conducted in different municipalities in the region of O’Higgins, where police used strategically, trying to captivate the attention of as many residents running on the site.

“As Community Office, we have a constant work with people, we always try to leave some teaching, but being able to deliver this reflective implement, makes us a tremendous contribution in reducing traffic accidents, either outrages bystanders or cyclists ” added the manager of the Community Office, Chief Petty Officer, Pablo Jerez Bustamante.
The coming weeks will continue doing similar activities in different provinces of the Region of O’Higgins.



Basic human instincts and Brexit

Many times I tried to sell the idea that the Czechs are no more xenophobic than the British. Thursday Brexit not fully proved. It showed that over 50 percent of Britons are xenophobes, because nothing else was Brexit. It also showed that in reality working hypothesis that a certain proportion of the population are foreigners in reflective vest welcome and from a certain proportion of the indigenous population are becoming a nuisance. Equally valid is that whatever punishments will sebetvrdší just a certain part of the population will steal. It works between people and it works as well as between other animal communities – such birds. Englishmen jumped to the bait that behind their worsening living conditions may immigrants from the former Eastern Bloc, because it is more natural response than long considering the fact that the nose is pulling their own elites.
Factually speaking, originally a relatively generous social network in the UK is constantly tightening. Many social benefits to which the postwar UK government forced through fear of socialist revolution, the salami tactics chipping. They say there is no money, and these immigrants are also generous social benefits abuse. What does it matter that immigrants in England originally came mainly doing work that Englishmen do not want. And like the English people of East Bloc also pegged. They are the ones who are doing hands while they are managers. When they lose their job, they should not want anything, they should be grateful for what they have earned to date and leave. Rowan Atkinson in his speech to the Conservative summed up like this: I personally like curry, but now that you have the recipe, I see no reason why they should stay. (Here meant for Indians and Pakistanis). But thanks to Brussels, they immigrants have rights almost the same as in English and try to use them. For this they are blamed authorities in Brussels and falsely blamed immigrants. For many Britons, for example, it is also incomprehensible why should immigrants to claim unemployment benefits after working here, pay into the social system, but then lost the job and returned home, and this aid would be paid in their home country. That’s unfair. An unfair apparently considered by the British government, and thus not send money to the Czech Republic, who were these people paid from funds in the Czech Republic. In this case, the optics of those who want to understand, Brussels harmed Britain because somehow guaranteed and those from the East to receive money when they no longer work.
One of the still surviving remnants of the postwar era in Britain’s free health system (NHS), which circumscribed and former socialist Czechoslovakia. Another part of this system in Scotland is still a well-functioning system of allocating state housing and works well especially for single mothers. Although this system has already suffered some reduction. Dissatisfaction that immigrants can both use of the systems as well as natives occasionally flashes printing. But overall it is a social network in Scotland yet much softer than in England, so maybe because it is in Scotland against immigrants much less resistance than in England.
Not that the government in Westminster did not try to cut the social network itself, and not only at the behest of government in Brussels. For example, the above mentioned NHS in England is under attack and the English government with him again salami tactics trying to privatize. This causes frustration for older people in England who have experienced and socially favorable periods than this, and they wrongly blame on Brussels and immigrants. Young, of course, nothing like this cannot do because they do not make the comparison. Perhaps this is precisely the reason for the difference in votes between young and old people, and not only that young people are progressive while the old Sun. Indeed, it will be very interesting to the postwar generation of engineers and technicians retire and further technical development of Britain remains on the young and progressive.
Positive attitude towards immigrants in Scotland is probably different because, at present, Scotland is developing positively, unlike the era of Margaret Thatcher, which damaged Scotland in favor of England. Scots therefore have no reason to be dissatisfied with the EU because of the overall situation has improved. It is also seen in Glasgow alone, even when crime is significantly lower than it used to be before, because people have better.
UKIP cleverly used the frustration of people in England and instead offered a positive alternative reprisals against those who can not defend themselves. This still fanned the flames of David Cameron, who offered people something actually did not even think seriously, just to secure his position in the government, and thought that it simply by Hungary. He bet again on the campaign of intimidation as the referendum on the independence of Scotland, but this time it did not work at full capacity, because if you burn too frequently calls people to stop responding. It is also a question of how well the feelings of ordinary people to understand the man who grew up in an elite environment, graduated from elite schools, has never worked hands and their proximity to the people presents that when floods dresses up to social suit and tie boots, safety vest and helmet and goes to show in front of the camera, as with the people. That alone represents the royal family is much better.
Something about the mindset of these elites says also that instead of the strongest EU member states agreed in Brussels on how quickly even out wages in the former Eastern bloc countries to the level of the old members and so completely removed why should those from East to migrate to the west, there was only the fact that nivelizovala price of goods and production moved to Eastern European countries, where just the employees who use their hands can pay less and, therefore, those who wear a tie, they can receive more, the more the price goods throughout the EU basically leveled. Therefore, those who wear a tie, voted to stay in the EU, while those who use their hands to vote for performances. The truth is that as powdered milk or food for child stands in the Czech Republic more than in the UK, while lower production costs and significantly (one-third to half), lower wages in Eastern European countries.
Instead of removing injustice and robbing East Europeans, however, David Cameron picked up and in order to placate public opinion in England, went to convince our leaders that they should agree to limit support for migrant children in reflective tape, because the children of East Europeans with hyperbole, probably just eat just one in two days, while the children of indigenous people need to eat every day. And unfortunately, our government is afraid of what would God forbid Britain withdrew from the EU, this shameful requirement walked.
In this situation, when the former Eastern Europe is economically stable than some of the old members of the core of the EU, ie Germany, instead of consolidation ratios at the expense of profits elites trying to advance eastward and secure additional markets. I do not paint the devil on the wall, or perhaps something to compare to anything, but the Third Reich collapsed on the fact that Hitler decided to invade Russia before the victory over the cap in Britain. Likewise, the collapse of the EU, because it will try to expand east sooner than you solve the problems in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy, and over time may be patience and eastern Europeans, because tolerate the feeling of being regarded as an EU citizen the second category can only be for a time.


Drivers and pedestrians shall both wear reflective garments

Dark clothes, dark and alcohol, all this played a role in the accident, which happened on Saturday at about half past ten in the evening between Milo vice and the Hare. The driver of a car already missed respond to pedestrians in dark clothes without reflective material, which moved near the middle of the road. Clash took twenty-eight man injured, the extent of which cannot yet be clarified.

The driver panicked after the accident and went to a restaurant in nearby Advice where police soon found him. “When the breath test has blown 0.24 per mile,” she said on Monday, a police spokesman Kamala Haraštová.

Twenty-nine male police officers confessed to the accident. He claimed that alcohol is ingested after the accident. “When the drinking occurred, shows an analysis of collected blood. We are waiting on the outcome, “spokeswoman did not want to make premature conclusions.

Walker, who ended up in hospital, breathed more – over two and a half percent. The driver against the indicted is a matter for further investigation and expertise. “In the game, however, remains whether the driver will not confess to the crime of failure to provide assistance,” mentioned Haraštová.

Reflective elements

Now alcohol strengthening pedestrians and cyclists on the roads with the onset of warm days in eastern Moravia become a nightmare for drivers. Just last year, caused in the region pedestrians “under the influence” three and cyclists even 24 accidents. “It’s a problem. I myself was a witness to the fact that we almost collided pedestrian who was walking along the road at night and in the dark. I therefore welcome when policemen handing out at events reflective tape, “said Mare Sulky of Great Pavlov.

According Haraštová main problem is not so much the number of accidents, as their tragic consequences. Clashes with “ovíněnými” adventurous motajícími the road is often ends in serious injury or death. “A typical example is unlit road between led nice and vatic. Significantly help any reflective element,” she nocturnal pedestrians vyrážejícím from basements and pubs police spokesman.

The problem is besides alcohol also that many walk on the wrong side of the road. For cyclists, then bad light bike, “said Mach. And it confirmed that the most serious accident, pedestrians and cyclists usually are related to alcohol.

It also remains a problem at the wheel, which was confirmed on Monday morning accident at Borkovany. The driver of Skoda Forman was arriving from Brno, mishandled control and drove into the opposite, where he clashed with Skoda Felicia. Measurement of alcohol showed that man behind the wheel Forman drove three percent.

After the accident, both drivers had to be taken to hospital. “According to initial information would fortunately not be a serious injury,” informed on Monday, a police spokesman Haraštová wearing reflective safety vest. And she continued. “The roads remained impassable after the accident, colleagues drove traffic shuttling,” described. Road were fully zprůjezdnit only after towing two cars. The resulting damage is around sixty thousand. By Monday recorded the traffic policemen sixteen cases.