Buff has a tubular with reflective material

Original Buff presents its new tubular with Reflective material Buff, an accessory that improves the safety of all who practice their favorite sports outdoors and at night.

Made of 100% microfiber and without seams, the multifunctional tubular Reflective Buff offers maximum comfort and avoids chafing on the skin as well as controlling moisture and odors thanks to the Polygene treatment.


Reflective elements are distributed throughout the model and can be viewed under low visibility conditions up to 150m.

For this fall-winter season 2016-2017, the new Reflective Buff features eight different models including plain colors like black, fuchsia and yellow or fun prints that will make running, cycling, for example, safer.


In addition, some of its models have been designed under the parameters of the concept ‘Mix & Match’ developed by the brand, which can combine this reflective tubular with different caps to set.