Legislation system for reflector needed

A number of citizens called for legislation system needed beauty bar owners put a light reflector is tied tightly around the neck of the camel; what allows the driver to see the beauty of bulk on the roads at night to contribute to the reduction of the collision of cars beauty incidents.

Nasser al-Bandar and the beauty that the bulk incidents on the roads have become a familiar sight, noting that it cannot be seen in a special night that the dust is volatile almost throughout the year in Al-Ash, and often result in those accidents and deaths and permanent disabilities. He pointed out that the citizen accidents that occur on the roads always recorded deaths or injuries, and called for reflective tape to see the beauty and punish those who violate and book nearby beauty of the ways that poses a danger to the Rated.

He described many of the Muslim Bulk Palmsthertyn Beauty owners. They are stressing that they are leaving their camels lying in wait Babar. Every time an incident occurring much what beauty stands behind it, if the traffic department counted the proportion of accidents on the roads of beauty overwhelmed by the proportion of incidents which promotes claims the presence of security patrols and security of the roads on the “line” in which stray animals spread, particularly at night.

Said Khalid Al-Ahmad: collided with one of the beauty as he crossed the street earlier during Seri pitted on the road heading to Hoff alluding to the importance of road lighting.

Ahmed Hassan: The beauty oblige owners to put a light reflective element on their camels, reduce the proportion of accidents, especially in the Eastern Province as it limits the human and animal has.

Why we wear reflectors

While road users constantly encouraged wearing reflective clothing, disaster at night is not decreasing. Distributed thousands of reflectors, but people still do not wear them or wearing irregularly. Remember reflectors, it is vital now – October, November, and December for being invisible on the road may have to pay with their lives.

The one small-town schools – the usual flurry. They were met by unexpected guests – police officers and chaplain. Not for the first time, police officers carried reflectors split shares show the same thing: the majority of students still nosegay reflectors. This is especially noticeable in urban schools. “The goal of is to see if people are wearing reflectors, not so much to check how much to explain why all this need. You know, for me as a priest, never pleased when a funeral. Protect your child can pinning him reflector and also visually, or lost sight, not forgotten “- show” Roads. People say police chaplain Lithuania Algebras Foliates.

In some cases, the fact that it is necessary to wear reflectors, children know more than parents, some teachers believe. Not only reflectors but also backpacks, coats or jackets with reflective elements – that should take care of their parents. “A lot depends on our attitude. We can in fact be seen as a kind of foreign body: reflector – at the level of youth as saying. However, the growing number of people carrying reflectors. People are scared. And especially teenagers “, – said A. Toliatas. While fashion dictates its own rules, the reflector of clothing must be installed so that it is visible from all sides. Ceiling reflector is to be laid on the right side, for example. This is especially important if the pedestrian wears only one reflector. Reflector strip is to be easily placed on the sleeve or leg lower leg area.

Traffic safety experts say the most disappointing months, when to wear reflectors vitally necessary – October, November and December. It was during this period to be invisible on the move can cost very dearly. Higher risk areas – urban roads. Walking here often ignore the rules go against the direction of traffic. What’s even endangering a pedestrian? “When it rains there are puddles near the road and pedestrian always reluctant to go near gravel road, he choose to follow the path. Then it becomes invisible, “- draws the attention of the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety Division V. Pupates. In poor weather conditions, even the permissible speed for the driver may not even be able to stop in time. So the “switch” to switch the autumn – to monitor more closely the way and slowing down – each responsible driver’s responsibility. Especially dangerous situation when cars pass each other. It often happens that drivers are blinded by each other and then the pedestrian does not have any opportunities to avoid particularly painful accident “- warns V. Pupates.

Reflective, pinned on a visible place, retro-reflective vest or light shining in the hands – these security measures are necessary, going poorly lit shoulders and roadway at night or in poor visibility conditions. Every year, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Lithuanian Road Administration and other institutions distributing thousands of reflectors, inform road users of the importance and value. Why people forget to wear them? “Quite simply, people think that the disaster will overtake them. That disaster will happen to others, but not them. They do not expect to die on the road in such simple circumstances. The man has to understand that if coming out at night and especially in the countryside road, it must be visible. Otherwise, according to statistics, a pedestrian has little chance of returning home safely, “- talking with the show” Roads. People stated by Mr. Pupates. Last year alone through November, traffic accidents killed 38 people. None of them wear reflector or did not wear reflective vests. So many deaths recorded by more than one European country.

The importance of reflectors in dark

Norwegian residents can enjoy not only endowed with youth, but a comfortable old age. And that they can gather, protect not only themselves, and children, but also their pets. Of course, there are exceptions – that is the northern region of Norway grown deer, which kill hundreds every year, because at night the road safety is hardly noticeable.

Police data Lithuania over half of 45 pedestrians were killed, 28 of them – the dark time of the day, still 473 injured. Norwegians reflectors made of reflective tape are no problem for them it’s not messy at home or forgotten attribute. Outside the Arctic Circle, residents, winter residents during the whole day, twilight or darkness, especially well aware of the importance of reflective tapes.

Learning how to correctly wear reflectors: where to suggest you? Children have learned in kindergarten to wear reflective vests and wear reflectors. Even during the day walking in the city center kindergarteners always wear a reflective vest. The schools also emphasize the importance of reflectors. Hear the course of the reflectors must be wishing to obtain a Norwegian license.

Riding a bicycle or motorcycle wearing a reflective vest is mandatory. Therefore, adults nighttime wear reflectors are a matter of course. The most common is to wait reflectors for clothing, has also come in addition to the approval of jackets, pants, jackets, backpacks. Many of the companies located in the northern region, over their own security personnel. Of external objects, buildings, oil and gas platform construction, repair or routine maintenance operatives clothing stands reflective parts. And the man never forgets the reflector and is always clearly visible. Norwegians keep their lives not only at work or traveling home on a daily basis, but also to spend their leisure time, for example, participating in or hunting.

Reflectors abundance is not just for humans but also for their beloved pets. Nighttime dogs dressed in reflective jackets or sake with special flashing. Complete freedom to walk both in the mountains and villages, both carriageways with reindeer very often ends his days to run down the car. To avoid collision with the environment almost fused and suddenly appeared on the road surfaces in animals is almost impossible. Unfortunately, Lithuania reflectors Carrying rules still too low uptake. Several hours of darkness it is difficult to see not only the moose or deer, but also people.

Correct reflectors Carrying culture promotes the project “Do not moose” in cooperation with the Lithuanian Road Administration calls always have a reflector and wear it correctly.