Virtually indispensable workwear with reflective material

It is a classic: the work dungarees. We tested pants from four manufacturers, as always under real shop conditions.


For the popularity of the work dungarees with reflective material there are many reasons. So the bib protects outerwear such as T-shirts, shirts and sweaters from dirt and damage. And the length-adjustable straps provide the advantage that the pants are cut at the waist on, without being able to slip. In addition, the outerwear cannot slip out, as it is possible in normal pants. In many models, the carriers are brought together at the back below the shoulder blades and form a common piece of fabric to the buttock. But there are also embodiments in which the carrier extends parallel to the back. Thanks to the support it needs no belt, which feels some pleasant. It is best to try several models.


In practice, it depends on the equipment to

A dungaree provides plenty of storage space – back pockets, side pockets, pockets on the bib and the legs are standard. Tools and other job-related things can be carrying easily, the ruler over screwdriver up to the mobile phone.

The knees of pockets are attached, allow to be pushed cushion. This protects the knees when working on the floor. By the way, warming the reflective overalls the kidneys, which can be an important aspect in drafty halls? In general, the pants rugged & durable materials are produced. If they are dirty, they can be easily cleaned in the washing machine. Finally, they come in many shapes, sizes and colors – there’s something for every taste. However, many shops consider it important that their employees the same model wearing – for a unified image to the outside due to customers and visitors, but also to foster a sense of togetherness among colleagues.

Several days testing under practical conditions


Four models of the manufacturer Strauss, pioneer workwear and Crow; we have undergone a multi-day workshop test. The pants were worn during normal working. Our testers were four workshop employees of GSS Commercial Vehicles GmbH & Co. KG. Maik Hanselmann, trained vehicle technicians and commissioner for technical sales in the commercial vehicle specialist, summarizes the impressions of four colleagues. The

Pants were provided by the manufacturers. Our test criteria were features, comfort and handling.


Good news: All four pants beat well and will get the “thumbs up” logo. That struck us at the individual pants:

Bags offer the pants “esmotion” by Strauss plentiful, both with zippers and Velcro fasteners. On there is an inner and an outer pocket and two pen holders. “But you should remember where you stored that, otherwise you may look for first time,” says Hanselmann. At The Hip him elastics fall on, which increases the wearing comfort. At the knees, a pad can be inserted. The trousers have a hanger, which Hanselmann noted positively. The verdict: “The overalls is neatly cut and processed, the distribution of bags makes sense.” One can work well with the pants and move well in it. Suggested retail price: about 57, 90 Euro (net).

Dungarees “Modern Plus Pro” from Crow


Many ways to store things, the model provides “Modern plus Pro” from Crow. The manufacturer speaks of a “multifunctional pocket organization”. Thus, there are side pockets, pen holders on the bib, integrated coin pockets with zip and many other pockets. The back pocket is provided with reflective stripes for better visibility. “I am sometimes puzzling, for which the individual pockets are intended. But since everyone has different needs,” says Hanselmann. There is an adjustable elastic band on the side and the usual knee, which are additionally equipped with reflectors. A hanger has not discovered Hanselmann. When getting used to it looks at the arrangement of the carrier. They run on the back almost parallel. The verdict: “The pants has a proper equipment and can be worn well Also the workmanship is good.”


What our testers to the model “Star Line” was first noticed, the two large front pockets. “I did at first, at least perceived as a bit disturbing as unusual,” says Hanselmann. Bags offer the pants in all forms. On Latz there is an additional pocket, back pockets are closable. There is the usual ergonomic on a cushion on his knees. On the right side a hammer loop falls on. The plant has a hanger, which Hanselmann is important. In the hip, the width can be adjusted by means of studs, our testers noted positively. The verdict: “The pants have a good comfort and are well made.” Dungarees “Tools” from pioneer workwear


The two-colored dungarees “Tools” from pioneer waits with stretch on the sides, but also in the step. The straps are adjustable elastic. “The pants are nice flexible,” says Hanselmann. Numerous pockets and pen pockets offer enough options to accommodate things. “When the bags are filled, you have to take a little, that remains hanging anywhere,” he says. On his knees there is the possibility, upholstered foisting. The verdict: the comfort and the functionality rated Hanselmann as “good”. The processing was okay. As for the bags, everyone must know himself what he needs.

Considered the favorite science fiction weapon, weapons laser gradually become a reality thanks to fiber optics.

Silently, the drone glides on arid lands of New Mexico and suddenly it turns its direction by diving to the ground. Then we see a shell out of his pitcher to go straight to its target, but the shell has just been launched that explodes in flight. On the floor above a large sand-colored truck, a cubic mechanism swivels and pulls invisible laser rays to destroy targets one by one. The High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator (HEL MD) is a laser weapon prototype that was developed for the US Army by Boeing manufacturer. Inside the truck, the engineer with reflective overall Electro physics, Stephanie Blount, aims targets on his laptop and directs the laser with a kind of joystick. She says it’s like a video game.
And that makes sense because we often see laser weapons in video games and science-fiction movies. The first true laser was demonstrated in 1960 and this technology is not science fiction. Boeing prototype is one of many laser weapons that developed in Europe and the United States. And this technology has become possible thanks to robust and affordable lasers that generate their shelves with optical fibers.
The effectiveness of these fiber laser weapons is measured in Kilowatt (KW) and much less powerful than the ambitions of the US Strategic Defense Initiative. This was a plan during the Cold War to create lasers that could destroy ballistic missiles that carried nuclear warheads. But even if these weapons are less powerful laser modern, it does not mean that they are ineffective in combat. Tests such as those conducted by Boeing show that these lasers are powerful enough to neutralize enemy threats such as mortars and homemade rockets. And the main advantage is that these laser weapons do not cost a fraction of the cost of conventional defense weapons.
Thus in 2014, the US Navy has shown a laser weapon called Laws which was mounted on a ship that could destroy small boats such as those used by Somali pirates or terrorists. And this experimental laser weapon is currently installed on the USS Ponce, an amphibious ship for the carrier patrolling the Gulf.
But laser weapons still face many obstacles from the increase in power up to the difficulty of using lasers in a fog of war or simply cloudy. But security experts are beginning to seriously consider the lasers in their strategies. Paul Scherer, a specialist in advanced technology at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) said: After a search that lasted nearly 50 years, the US military is the first to consider laser weapons for transactions field.
Searching for the perfect laser weapon
Laser weapons have always fascinated weapon designers, especially during the golden age of the Strategic Defense Initiative that was dubbed Star Wars and peaked between 1980 and 1990. Reflective vest is necessary. According to a report CNAS, the United States spent the equivalent of $ 2.4 billion in 1989 to try to develop laser weapons that can destroy ballistic missiles while being out of reach.
The trick with any weapon laser is to focus its energy on a tiny spot enough for the heat and damage the target. And above all we must do it with a machine that is compact and portable enough for the battlefield. Thus in 1996, the US Air Force launched the Airborne Laser project as one of its contributions to protect against ballistic missiles. But given that it was impossible at that time to generate megawatts needed to optical energy, the designers chose a chemical oxygen iodine laser (COIL) that could power through a chemical reaction. But the COIL was so impressive that he had to carry on the Boeing 747 and there was little room for the laser fuel. Lockheed had provided laser technology on this project.
According to Phillip Spangle scientist specializing in lasers Naval Research Laboratory: The atmosphere was another major problem, not only because the rays were disturbed by dust and natural turbulence, but their passage (those lasers) caused a kind thermal bloom. When the radius was spreading at a very high power, the atmosphere absorbed the laser light by heating the air and dispersing the laser. And this process completely dissipated the energy of the laser.
In 2010, the science of optics was advanced enough that Airborne Laser can destroy a ballistic missile in flight. But the logistical issues such as the size of the craft prompted the Defense Department to drop laser weapons. The department canceled the Airborne Laser project until early 2012. And the expenditure of the Department in lasers lowered at full speed from 961 million in 2007 to $ 344 million in 2014.
They had not wasted money, but we focused on fiber lasers that were more economical. Fiber lasers were invented in 1963 and since 1990; they are designed and promoted entirely by IPG Photonics which is located in Massachusetts. Other solid state lasers use rods or rigid plates or crystals discs for generating the radiation, but the fiber lasers use tiny optical fibers which are coated with compact coils. The fibers collect optical energy from laser diodes that can be found in DVD players. Obviously, these are not the same diodes, but improved versions that can amplify light for maximum energy. In addition, the electrical / optical conversion is more efficient at 30%. This efficiency is almost double of solid state lasers and very close chemical lasers such as the COIL. And since the reflective fibers are long and thin, they have a large surface area for heat quickly spread. Finally, these fiber lasers have a long service life and maintenance is much more affordable.

A diary in Bohemian Prochoice

Despite low unemployment, which is also in October Prochoice remained at 3.1 percent, is for women who are looking for work after maternity leave, the labor market situation quite simple. Find a place where mothers do not have to work shifts or part-time, is a problem.

Diary: Employers in reflective overalls already have some great kids, and so forgotten that a full-time grandmother probably not for everyone. But there is precious little.

Future nurses fought in the South Bohemian Prochoice hospital. On several sites had to demonstrate how their future works ready. Prachatické hospital director Michal Larva lauded the future nurses have for their excellent work conditions. He himself tried one of the disciplines. Just to changing the sheets is said to let go. Victory in the competition drove away from Rachitic students of Medical University of South Bohemia.

Diary: When the director himself tried as hard working nurse has had to admit that it would be worth considering them work easier, at least by purchasing wind-sheets, which work much easier. Some details reveal just to practice.

The owners of transport companies in Prochoice desperately need truck drivers. The Labor Office offers such places more than three hundred. Employers, however, agree that the problem is not only that the chauffeur to drive rather goes abroad, but also in the price of driving. It had come up to fifty thousand. Office work is based on the future drivers in safety clothing towards retraining at the end you are just getting the necessary driving license.

Diary: Wiggle the wheel who can say where, but if he also does not rub in the fact that kamioňák family barely sees once a week. Sleep in the truck popular works also help.

Residents of Vim perk Brewer Street are desperate cries rating nightclub in the neighborhood.. But that would apply to all pubs in Vim perk. The owner of the pub was therefore agreed that hiring a security guard and his guests will restrain the people in the neighborhood in the morning under the windows nevyřvávali.

Diary: Whether the agreement will force something to prove in January. That would Vim perk like to evaluate the behavior of misfits around the city.

Safety vests handed out to drivers in police Prachaticích. At the same time they are verifying that all vehicle armor they have. Within two weeks, so the second time bestows gifts drivers and pedestrians.

Diary: Motorists were full of smiles, even though most of them, when policemen stopped, absolutely not easy at heart. Policemen and get positive points.