Students dressed in safety vest practice with DRC and police

The accident in mid-December with a seriously injured primary school student has gone well: the boy goes back to school; several safety precautions have been taken at the place of the accident. And for the primary school students of the primary school, everyone dressed in safety vest, there was a special day of transport safety with DRC and police.


On Tuesday morning, the boys and girls from the three first classes of elementary school, with the rescue forces of the DRC, used their age-appropriate measures to deal with an accident. In addition, the men of the DRK presented their two vehicles brought along.


The focus was on the right behavior in road traffic. The first years were practiced directly at the Bella. It was especially clear to them how important it is for them to be seen in the dark season. So they activated the reflective warning vests, which the traffic watch had once donated to them.

Test in the dark


There has all noticed that two children – one with dark clothes and one with a reflective vest – were lit in the dark with a flashlight. The child with dark clothes could hardly be seen.

It was also important to point out that the children in the area of ​​bus stops and school way behave in such a way that nothing can happen.


The traffic safety day was also important for the children who had experienced the accident: it was a follow-up. The most important message is that rescue vehicles and police are part of the task of underlining the role of the police as a friend and helper.


They provided a good example, as did all those involved. He had a lot of questions to answer. Likewise, his colleague Nicole and the police officer with reflective vest Dennis as well as the DRK Krause, Guido and apprentice Daniel, not to forget the class teachers Werner and Sabine.


Idea comes from parents’ evening

The idea for the traffic safety day came up with a parent-evening conversation with teacher DRK-man Krause.

A lot of things have happened in the area of ​​the accident site: the local road light has been repaired and is to be equipped with more luminosity, children silhouettes have been set up, the bus route has been partly changed and a tempo panel has been installed. And the police announced tempo measurements