Reflective umbrella – Visible and dry in rain and debris

Rain in combination with dark makes the view worse for motorists. With our Reflective umbrella, you can now keep you dry and get well aware of rain and debris!

This telescopic reflex umbrella has a high-reflecting surface that makes you visible in the dark. Keeping you dry, visible and safe! Reflective material is shining sharply white in the dark, near lights, such as street lamps and car windows.


Everyone likes to get attention! But it is especially good to be alerted by car drivers when you are a pedestrian, biker or biker. Those with reflexes can be seen by car drivers much more clearly and from further distances than those without.


At Reflex Movement, you can learn more about reflexes and the benefits it makes for you and your visibility in traffic. You can also trade reflexes. All our reflexes are CE approved. In our web shop you will find hanging reflexes, soft as hard, reflex sleeves, reflective vests, magnetic reflexes, and reflexology animals and slap wrap reflexes.


The reflex movement is owned and operated by Jessica Mossberg, entrepreneur and entrepreneur.

“My vision is to make adults use reflexes more widely. Parents are very skilled at providing their little children with reflexes, and children’s outerwears often have insured reflexes. In our adults (and adolescents) the clothes are often dark, so reflexes make big Even if you live in an illuminated urban area you need reflex. I, as a numeral, are extremely aware of the fact that there may be people I do not see by the way, have had to brake hard even at illuminated crossing points, just because I Did not see the person who started to cross the road. Then it is important to understand those reflective elements are needed year round and not only in the winter. ”