It is worth to take reflective vest at your car

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a first aid kit and reflective vest. It is worth to carry them, because they can save our lives. Drivers need to remember to bring a warning triangle when traveling. Otherwise, in the case of road traffic control, they may be fined from PLN 20 to PLN 500. The triangle is necessary in the event of a crash to be able to warn other road users of the event.


Fire extinguisher in place easily accessible

In addition to the triangle, the driver must also have a fire extinguisher. According to the rules, it should be placed in a place easily accessible if needed. In case of absence, the driver is also exposed to a general mandate.

If there is no fire extinguisher in the car, the diagnostic at the vehicle control station may decide that the car will not pass the technical test. The driver must then buy a fire extinguisher as soon as possible. Also check its expiry date. If it is exceeded, it would not be a problem, it is best to buy a new one.


However, contrary to the common opinion of drivers, when traveling in Poland, do not have to have in the car reflective safety vest. However, it may be useful, because it significantly increases safety when you need to change the wheel, for example, in a dimly lit night. The police, however, advise you to push your car on the shoulder or otherwise off the road.


– Even wearing a vest on you, we cannot forget about the imagination, especially as we have pierced the wheel on the left side of the vehicle. In such a situation, let us put our car in a safe place before we start to change the wheel – calls Mares from the Road Traffic Office at the Headquarters of the Police. He adds that a reflective vest is not required by law, but it is worth having – we are visible from it at a distance of up to 200 meters. Without a waistcoat the driver will notice us at a distance of 40 to 100 meters, provided he has well positioned lights.

– Car traveling 90 km / h. If we are wearing a reflective vest, we give others more time to react appropriately – says Mares.


Contrary to popular opinion, car drivers do not have to have in the vehicle also the first aid kit. Nevertheless, it is better to equip it. In accordance with the provisions of the Road Traffic Law, a person involved in an accident in which he or she is injured should immediately provide the necessary assistance and call the police and the ambulance. The driver who participates in the incident and does not provide assistance to the victim is subject to penalty of a fine or imprisonment.

– If the driver has a first aid kit and can give first aid, it significantly increases the chance that the injured person will survive in the accident – says Mares.


First aid kit may prove useful not only to help others.

“It may happen that the help will be provided to us by another driver, using the first aid kit that will be found in our car,” says Jack, medical rescuer, Allenton Baby Academy consultant “With a Safer Pharmacy.”

However, the regulations stipulate that in some vehicles the first aid kit and reflective triangle must be compulsory. This is true even in the case of passenger cars that drive as taxis. In addition, the first aid kit must be equipped with a personal trainer for driving lessons. It should always be included in the equipment of buses and trucks, as long as they are used for the carriage of passengers.