Safety in the first place by boat, by bike or by motorbike

Spring is coming and many starts using the two wheels. In the city – and not only – the risk of pedaling and not being seen at nightfall increases. But the technical garments to wear, those that provide more security, are evolving. In fact, from the research of Slam, the leader in nautical clothing and not only, but Lumen is also born, a new line whose garments are made special by a fabric that becomes luminescent if struck by a ray of light in environments with a brightness index of 20 Lumen.

Warm, water repellent and equipped with waterproof zip, these garments guarantee good protection in cool and rainy days. They are ideal for night trips by boat, but also by motorbike or by bicycle.

Reflective jacket. Made of a special reflective fabric ideal for urban weather thanks to its characteristics. What makes a Lumen garment special is the thread that makes up the fabric, with small reflective spheres inserted into the yarn.

Bowline gilet. Necessary on the boat but essential even on the road, by motorcycle or bicycle in low light conditions. Fixed wraparound hood with visor.

Backpack A234. Three convenient compartments: PC pocket and double pocket. Rubberized fabric, padded shoulder straps, handle and elastic crossover that becomes a further object holder. Practical arch-zip pull and reflective logos with reflective heat transfer vinyl. Water repellent measures 29x15x46, reflective.

Reflective school uniform

A few days ago, thousands of high school students received their new school uniforms. Compared with previous school uniforms, these school uniforms have reflective tapes. Received these “reflective school uniform”, the students said: This is to prevent our puppy love, is to facilitate the capture of the evening party in the small wood. It is reasonable to have such an imagination. However, the school’s argument is enough to convince us.

The school’s response is this: The reflective sign (which is made of reflective heat transfer vinyl)of the new school uniform is a guess about the prevention of early love, and it is purely nonsense. The promotion of “reflective school uniforms” takes into account the fact that students attend school in the winter early and late in the evening. When there is car light shining on the uniforms, the reflected light can cause the driver’s attention and take measures such as deceleration and avoidance in advance. This serves as a warning and guarantees. Student safety.

The author believes more in school’s argument. “Reflective school uniforms” are the same as “reflective clothing” worn by sanitation workers and traffic policemen. When the light is not good, they can play a role in attracting drivers of the past. For “reflective school uniforms”, we really do not need to be unscrupulous to speculate, and don’t regard the school’s good intentions as donkey liver and lungs.

The sky was not bright when the students go to school in the morning in winter. And when the students come home in the evening, it is dark as well. In this case, walking on the road to school increases student risk factors. The tragedies caused by this are numerous, and many students are involved in traffic accidents when they go to and from school. With the “reflective school uniform”, this incident will be relieved. When the students return home at night whether they are walking or cycling, the driver can see it in time.

The reflective school uniform reduces the incidence of accidents.

The light of flares

A reflective tour of the province is underway Maze wackier. Today, the students of the General Education School in the Grope district received reflections.

This is another edition of the “You are visible, you are safe” campaign, organized by the Provincial Road Traffic Center in Radom and the Marshal’s Office of the Maze wackier Vivid ship. Over 120 students of grades I-VII received reflective materials. They had the opportunity to practice their skills on a bicycle obstacle course. They also familiarized themselves with the rules of first aid and safety in road traffic.

– Today, children got sets with four reflective elements. These are two wristbands(iron on reflective heat transfer vinyl) that can be put on your arm, leg and two pendants, which you can attach to your backpack or keys – said Tomasz from the Marshal’s Office.

– In addition to education, safety and health are in the first place. This campaign should be promoted by all schools to make young people aware that safety is the most important thing for their lives and reflective vests can play an important role in our life- said Joana, director of the ZSO.

– Every action that will save human life is the most important one. If any visible and visible reflection allows the car not to enter only one person, then it is already a success – said the councilor of Masuria regional council Lessen.