Motorcycle: safety clothing is not required but useful

Changes in the traffic meant that an increasing number of drivers with driving license category B, interest on motorcycles with a capacity of 125 cc. Buying wheeler are also associated with the search for useful accessories and safety clothing. Do clothes on a motorcycle have to be expensive? What to buy for your own safety?


You intend to buy a motorcycle with a capacity of 125 cc? So you should also consider the purchase of appropriate clothing. Although Polish law does not specify any requirements as to dress, beyond the mandatory helmet protects the head, for your own safety should dress up for a ride on a motorcycle in a special wardrobe, elements of which significantly protected parts of the body in the event of tipping.


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To feel safer, remember that under no circumstances choose to ride in shorts, t-shirt and jacket. This outfit gives no protection and can even hinder the drive. The flaps are good for the beach, and do not move the single-track road.


Long trousers

Minimum ride a motorcycle are long trousers made of thicker material, such as jeans. The thicker the material, the shock encountered on the way of insects will be less painful. If you want to ride on long journeys, and not worry about comfort when caught us rain, much better idea would Motorcycle pants. Such an item of clothing with reflective tape can be purchased from 100zł. Price increases, depending on how much professional buy pants. Clothing may be lining on cold days, breathable membrane, vents, knee pads etc. The better and more branded pants, the price will automatically increase.

A thicker jacket


On a warm day, you can always wear a jacket directly on the T-shirt, but for your own safety just better to have it. Long Sleeve is simply a basis. Ventilation holes in a special jacket ensure air circulation and cool the body while driving. Equally good are made of synthetic materials and leather. Well, to the execution of used were double seams, resistant to tearing and regulation circuit on the sleeves and hips. The most important is to strengthen the elbows, shoulders and back. As in the case of trousers, the more advanced clothing, the higher the price. Sufficient jacket on a motorcycle with a capacity of 125 cc can be purchased from 250zł.


Protection of legs

One of the most important elements is dressed biker boots. Shoes not only protect the interest, but primarily affects ride comfort wheeler and gear changes, a transmission is manual. Bty are the only element of contact with the body surface at a standstill and when moving off from standstill. Lightweight sports sneakers rather suitable. Better to go in the shoes ankle with higher protector, such as boots (stiffen the legs will not fall from the feet give traction to stop). However, the best will, however, special shoes on the bike, which can be purchased from about 150zł. They are equipped with absorbent material prepared for high temperatures, anti-bacterial liners and membranes to protect against getting wet. Built-in protector ankle and he’ll give adequate bracing. In addition, professional shoes have reinforcements on the fingers, making it easy to shift and protection when przytarcia of asphalt.


Good gloves

Hand protection is similarly important as securing leg. Only gloves journey does not become tiresome quickly. Gloves provide comfort and are important during bad weather. Material of gloves should breathe a design contain protectors ankle fingers and wrists. Gloves should be selected so as to hand in order not to constrain movement and facilitate maneuvering. The cost of the gloves is varied (expense from 50 zł up).



Concerned about their safety, it is not a shame, if we assume for a jacket bright reflective vest. With it, you can be sure that it will be more visible on the road. The vest will help especially at night.



If you decide to ride in the usual jeans and jacket, it is at least interested in the knee pads and elbow pads. They may even be on a roll or a bicycle. In the case of trucks will reduce the health consequences.



Road Traffic Law requires helmet. For managing and transporting a person without a helmet approved threatens 100zł mandate. You can purchase a helmet closed, which is better when you drive faster (better surrounds the head and suppresses noise of air). The second option is to open helmet – simplifies dressing, but does not protect quite as well, for example, against insects and flowing air.

Children in safety vest practice in road transport

Children recognize road hazards usually very late. You then there is little time to react. Steffen Greiser and Sandra Mühlner exercise with girls and boys of Kita Freud shaft in Delitzsch to school. Traffic education is important to them and therefore they wear safety vest to do volunteer work in the Auto Club Europa.


The preschooler’s daycare friendship in Delitzsch East is fit for the school.

Since January, they are regularly in child means go to the girls and boys who come in this year in the school not only traffic rules and road signs to teach, but also practical to practice with them how they can cope with the school safely.


Greiser, even police officer jumps a quasi for his colleagues, who can no longer afford this part during working hours. “What we do here, we do volunteer,” he stressed. The contact with the device has come into being straightforward. The interest to offer the traffic education course was from the beginning. The institution informed the Parents’ and in turn supported the concerns.


Greiser and Mühlner sought cooperation with the Road Patrol in Torgau. “In Delitzsch we did not,” lamented Greiser. Every month there were at the daycare center, a 90-minute program in which the children practiced playfully safe behavior. “We placed primarily on value that the children tested their knowledge in real traffic,” says Steffen in safety clothing. For this purpose they went the way from kindergarten to primary school East in close proximity from which children could judge for them when they can cross the road safely. “Children six years old have difficulty assessing the distance and the speed right,” Greiser said. “When practicing it but was getting better.”


Safety vest as Coronation

As a reward for the hard work of the children they recently received a certificate, a pedestrian identification and coloring books. “But the final straw was the safety reflective vest,” said Andreas Becht, ACE Regional Adviser. He had come especially for this time of delivery. With its west, they were allowed to visit also the fire fighting vehicle Delitzscher.


Because Steffen training of daycare children was not enough, he also offered to parents to inform them of specific features of the way to school. The possibility has been well perceived. He suggested, for example, before: “Get some games bring from home to school, they can be explained sources of danger, and they go sometimes in a crouch to take the point of view of their child.”

Bicycle training with safety vest at the primary school

“Not so fast,” warns Lothar Philipps, road safety consultant of district police in safety vest, the children on their bikes. In the audit of bicycle training at the primary school Altena, location Dahle, the primary school students were able to demonstrate their skills.

The training is part of Mobiliäts- and traffic education during primary school. Even before the summer holidays the children had begun with the theory classes. “Which road signs are there and what do they mean?”, “Why a dead is angle so dangerous?” And “What are the main traffic rules?” – All these issues were at the Science Education Program.


Before we went into the practical training, the children various questions about what has been learned had to answer in a test. “Students in reflective vest have very well made and always hung in all,” said tangible lesson teacher. Together with the local police in person by Hoffmann, and with Lothar Philipps of the district police, then the practical part was designed.


In five double lessons, the children got acquainted with different traffic situations. “Above all, it comes to strengthen motor skills and implement the previously learned traffic rules into practice,” explains Lothar Philipps. “The children should also learn that even if they behave properly, it can come through other traffic accidents,” said the Police.


With the final test, the children gained a bicycle through. “A kind of certificate is participation with no driver’s license.” In the entire practical training were supporting the teachers and the police of the students’ parents in safety clothing.

Safety vest help to avoid traffic accident

The VDI safety experts have examined the accident in Germany according to the polluter pays principle. The result: Between 830 and 1180 death victims could be avoided in safety vest in 2020.


The VDI Expert Panel has analyzed the accident for each individual means of transport, deduced the need for action, and quantified potential savings. According to this, between 830 and 1180 accidents per year can be prevented in Germany in 2020. The two most important levers to avoid traffic congestion are the renewal of the car fleet and the resulting improvement in safety technology, as well as a reduction in the diversion of road users with a potential of 200 to 300 victims each. Half the non-front-end quota could be 200, the renewal and equipping of the truck fleet with assistance systems between 40 and 80 haulers’ less. Up to 80 traffic victims are less to be achieved by driving training for motorcyclists, older drivers and drivers. In each case about 50 victims could be avoided by improved visibility of the pedestrians and cyclists, by better safety clothing of the motorcyclists and by the increased wearing of bicycle helmets in connection with helmets for pedelecs.


“We are at a point where we cannot make much progress with individual measures and purely on the road, and if we want to significantly reduce the number of traffic tonnages, we must include the infrastructure and the behavioral measures of the transport sector,” explains Professor Rodolfo in reflective vest, Chairman of the VDI-FVT and Centerleiter at Daimler.

Pedestrians without safety vest will receive fines

Officers are still betting on prevention, but now it starts pedestrians without reflectors will be punish.


The obligation to use pedestrian walking along the road outside the village reflective materials is one of the most important changes introduced by the amendment to the law on road traffic. Although she came into effect in February, but officers from Klatovska, unlike some of his colleagues from other regions, in violation of the law still give away penalties. Instead, they are handing out reflective bags, for precautionary reasons.

Last week at pedestrians who moved in reduced visibility on roads outside the village, some illumination for example south Bohemian police. “The three pedestrians who violated the provisions of the Act were imposed fines, each worth five hundred crowns. Three pedestrians who violated the same provisions of the Act were policemen, due to age, reproved and instructed to use reflective elements, “said the results of the checks the local police spokeswoman.


It will be similar by police from now on. “The police will no longer be pedestrians only to negotiate but shall, in the absence of reflective elements and giving fines,” said Ladmanová and warned that in the coming period, police will be increasingly pedestrians and will supervise them focused and traffic safety events.



Already last autumn launched Ministry of Transport, Besip and Czech Police campaign “We are”, which is focused on pedestrians. “This campaign is also involved police officers to Klatovsku. The project officers from the traffic inspectorate handed out these days for seniors bags with reflective elements and the point is that it moves when a pedestrian outside the village of reduced visibility on the shoulder or side of the road in a place that is not illuminated by public lighting is required to wear elements of retro reflective material disposed so as to be visible to other participants in road traffic, “said Ladmanová, adding that it is recommended to put reflective tape on the upper or lower extremity, and always toward the road. Pedestrian walking outside lit areas can also use a vest with reflective elements, for example, or use tags or badges.


“The driver of a motor vehicle or sees record pedestrians wearing dark clothes at a distance of 18 meters in the red at 24 m, in white at 55 meters and the use of reflective materials for 200 meters. When the driver see pedestrians, does not mean that immediately stops the car, “she told Ladmanová.

Safety vest let pedestrian isn’t defenseless

In the autumn-winter period, police in safety vest have to caring more about pedestrians. The rain limited visibility, inattention of pedestrians and drivers, and soon the gathering dusk and misery ready.


Just last week in Gorzow there were two accidents involving pedestrians. Both happened on the street. 6 December, 21-year-old driver of the jeep hit a 13-year-old. The next day, a few hundred meters away, 74-year-old head of Ford hit a 52-year-old. The result of these events was fracture in foot. In 2016, the district occur 34 accidents involving pedestrians, who killed 4 people and 32 were injured. In 2015, there were 31 events, two people were killed and 32 were injured.


And here arises the eternal question – which is to blame? Is pedestrian who suddenly barged into the street and stopping even for a split second, whether the driver who did not slow down before entering the crosswalk? Each event is different, but many of them can be avoided. Police remind that pedestrians need to wear a reflective vest to take care of visibility. Drivers should be focused all the time.


– Short days are not conducive to the safety of pedestrians. Quickly the gathering dusk makes passing through the street people are barely visible. The situation does not improve clothing in dark colors – explains Yarashevich team press police. Pedestrians also forgot about the one basic principle that learning in every kindergarten, first look to the left then right and left again and just move briskly!


Poland does not have a provision that would require the driver to stop when a pedestrian approaches the crossing. – Pedestrians have priority when they are already on the transition – said Jaroszewicz. But it is worth to observe oncoming traffic. We are not sure whether the driver of the car in time we notice. Short way to set-off is a situation in which a pedestrian onto the road behind obstacles or directly under a moving vehicle. The driver will not have time to stop the car. In the autumn-winter period the braking distance can be extended by the wet or icy surface.


The police urge to wear reflective elements also in urban areas. Besides the pedestrians do not have other option – the rules clearly state that glare must wear each. But there are exceptions: the pedestrian may move after dusk outside the built-up area without reflective material, if it is on the road intended for pedestrians.

Police regularly carry out actions aimed at pedestrian safety. Officer’s education starts already among the youngest. Those elders must reckon with the legal consequences of their behavior. Irresponsible drivers and pedestrians dismissive rules are admonished by the police. Officers traced back not only mandated blocks. In the event of serious infringements of the matter direct to the court.

Reflective vest is one of the car safety equipment

It is worth remembering that the law, which applies to road traffic, is not uniform – in different European countries have very different restrictions. But the safety vest is the same safety equipment for using car. Here’s database of information on what to look for before embarking on a journey through the most popular tourist destinations, in order to avoid the mandate.


Poles like to use the car, because the value and freedom of this mode of transport. Are not dependent on the distribution of buses can take any route or stop when they feel like it. Car’s trunk always will put a safety reflective vest for just in case. Car traveling is mainly to countries such as the Czech Republic, Germany and Croatia. When you travel in the more remote areas, such as Egypt, Turkey and Greece, but often decide to travel by plane.


Before going abroad should check what your country speed limit, fuel prices, tolls, and – what should necessarily be in the car. Such knowledge will help to avoid fines – and these can be very high (in France, exceeding the speed limit by 50 km / h will cost up to 1,500 Euros in Spain – about 600 Euros).


Equipment that is not all. You should also take care to minimize the impact of unforeseen events, not just traffic. A reflective jacket and triangle sign is necessary if the car in broken on the road. Important turns out to also purchase appropriately selected travel insurance, covering medical expenses abroad or repairing damaged equipment. An important role is also played by car insurance – the so-called. Auto Assistance – is an optional addition to travel insurance. Provide rapid assistance in the event of failure, collision or theft of the vehicle. Its range includes, among others.

Winter flying with safety vest

Although Poland does not have a tradition of riding single-track in the winter, in other countries such the United Kingdom, it is a matter entirely normal. Interestingly winter flying can make a lot of fun; you only need to properly prepare for this, like safety vest and other safety accessories. Therefore, if you cannot part with a motorcycle in the winter days, this article is for you.


Who is the hardcore winter and wants to ride motorcycles?

Riding a motorcycle in winter differs greatly from summer driving. First of all, during the winter it is worth remembering that the day is much shorter, what is more, we have a rule to deal with more cloud cover, often also fog, snow, sleet, and this in turn affects our visibility. So remember, in that period you need to take care of it, to be visible to other road users.

Drivers of cars and so will have a lot of problems with its own visibility, pouring snow, it does not affect well on safety.

To increase your visibility, invest in the right clothes, avoid these only in black, all kinds of panels, reflective or fluorescent can save your life. If you want to ensure maximum safety, wear a reflective vest. Yes, we know it has just as many supporters as well as opponents, but remember, in these days is not only about your safety.


Suitable positioning of your visibility on the road may also be dependent on the appropriate stop / set motorcycle. Therefore, do not stop too close to the vehicle in front, not ‘hide’ behind the cars. Setting up so as to be visible, try to catch eye contact with the driver of the car, over-signifying their intentions.

Finally, if you are a player that uses tinted windows, replace it, use transparent and in winter it is a godsend, it will prevent fogging visor for which so easily by connecting breath with rain and moisture out.


Drive smoothly, plan maneuvers!

As you know, the winter riding in principle only after the wet, often icy so it’s important to plan your maneuvers, give yourself time to make decisions, all kinds of hasty action in the best case will end tipper. This means that your horse should be progressive and delicate, especially when it comes to energy use and motorcycle brakes. Make slow and patient. Leave yourself more space to think and react, adequate distance from the vehicle always gives a few precious seconds to decide, even in slippery conditions. Thought! This is the most important. Think about the situation on the road, rubble, puddles, holes in the road are the next opponents, therefore, give you some time to be able to safely ride next to them.


Take care not only about yourself, remember the motorcycle

Winter is a difficult time not only for you but also for your bike so it’s important to make sure it is in good condition. The biggest problem in the winter operation of motorcycle owners are air-cooled machines. If the temperature drops below zero, the motorcycle works differently than in summer. Then one can hear a under processing engine. During winter driving in reflective clothing should also replace the spark plug to spark a different heat. Similarly, replacement of oil, it is better to replace. Another benefit of the suspension, the winter may behave differently. However, the greatest enemy of the winter is the risk of corrosion resulting. Therefore, we apply security to leave on your machine protective layer, so any kind of spoiled, dirty snow does not penetrate metal.

Safety vest can save lives

Karl Lagerfeld (famous French designer) in an advertisement for the yellow safety vest: “It is yellow, ugly and fit for nothing, but can save lives.” The end of the yellow safety vest, but not safety


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The young French start-up “Urban Circus” proved this fashion guru to the contrary by created a collection that no longer has anything in common with the original yellow safety vest, except the safety standards that they met.


The yellow reflective vest is now neither ugly nor yellow, but represents a collection piece, which comes directly from the street and was inspired and now shines with a stylish look and a brilliant cut while she complies with safety standards EN1150 and ISO 20,471th Road safety is now colorful and fun.


The style is accompanied by the new means of transport and the fabulous success of electric, modern urban mobility. This jacket was designed exactly for this purpose.


A high-tech jacket

Urban Circus is a proud representative of the French fashion technology. After a year of research and development and after every detail has been thought out meticulously, the new collection comes with the following features is finally on the market:

– Sewn flashing LEDs

– Tactile GPS specialist

– Flexible, breathable and water-repellent material

– Compliance with the standards for good visibility

– Breathable and water-repellent material.

– The jacket is also reversible and has a smooth side.


Safety first principle

We pay special attention to the road safety and the environment, which is why we work with the following partners: the insurance MAIF, the French road safety and the Paris City Hall.


Thanks to its visibility from a distance of about 250 meters instead of 30 meters, the jacket could a driver give an additional reaction time of 2 seconds and thus avoid a possible accident.


70% of road accidents occur due to lack of visibility, and especially in this time of year, visibility is an important issue. Our goal is to expand the possibilities for using the yellow reflective jacket and to reduce these risks.


The new collection, which can be pre-ordered on Kick starter, is an excellent demonstration of the “savoir-faire” of French young start-ups. The world is just beginning to discover Urban Circus, but the best is yet.

Police calls: Be careful on the road with safety vest

Be careful. The ruling from a few days the weather is the best testimony of variation autumn weather. Police in safety vest said that road conditions are variable and dangerous not only for managers but also pedestrians. The road surface is icy and often polluted and so slippery with the falling leaves. These conditions significantly lengthen braking distances and hinder safe driving.


Drivers should primarily be careful on bridges, overpasses, hills, close to forests and water bodies, because, despite the seemingly good surface roadway there may be icy.


Please also use caution in the vicinity of pedestrian crossings. Longer braking distance during the fast of dusk and late light morning is a greater risk to pedestrians. Police in reflective vest said there was a major accident. Audi fell under the wheels of 5-year-old girl. The incident took place at a pedestrian crossing.


We also remind pedestrians to not enter the roadway directly in front of an oncoming vehicle. It is the most common mistake. On average, every second case, which occurs through the fault of the pedestrian, this is caused.


Moreover, we appeal to cyclists, which are often at this time of year can be found on the way to taking care of their own safety not to forget about visibility. Vest with reflective tape, pendant, bracelet, or even a simple flashlight will make moving around the dimly lit road will be more visible to oncoming driver.