My neon bike is reflection and safely

There were the wooden bicycles, the recycled bikes, the electric bikes: here is now the phosphorescent bike with reflective material!


The bike is certainly a means of transport very practical and ecological, it does not prevent that its practice remains a little risky. To navigate the traffic, contacts with cars unfortunately become sometimes inevitable. In addition, at night, the risks increase significantly, so much so that since 2008, the reflective vest has become mandatory cycling at night or insufficient visibility, out of town. While a cyclist without a vest is spotted only at a distance of 30 meters, a reflective vest allows apprehending him at more than 150 meters and therefore to react accordingly. Taken in default of wearing the vest, a cyclist is even liable to a fine of 35 Euros.


And if the bike itself could signal its presence in the middle of the night? This is the case of the bicycle called “The kilo”, whose frame is entirely phosphorescent. He is the first model of the Glow line (in French: “glow”, “brightness”, “light” …) of the manufacturer. A manufacturer who has a special bond with ethics, since he goes as far as creating certain lines of bicycles especially for causes that are close to his heart: pink bicycles whose profits are donated to the fight against cancer, green bikes that will finance ecological projects…


None of this for the Kilo just an original model that every sweet transport enthusiast should instantly fall in love with the reflective elements. We in any case, we validate!




Bicyclists received fines and reflective news from police

The Road Police has organized a new ample action to control cyclists traveling on public roads, while police officers from the Prevention Department have also put in place a preventive action, in which reflective vests have been divided.


The action took place at the end of last week, between September 1-3. Specialist prevention specialists distributed over 60 reflective safety vests and told cyclists about the minimum measures they had to take to avoid casualties in accidents. As regards the action of traffic police officers, 192 fines were imposed, amounting to over 60,000 lei, some of them by bicyclists. Such actions are organized periodically due to the high number of accidents involving cyclists. Police statistics show that since the beginning of this year, 24 serious road accidents have occurred in Suave County with the involvement of cyclists, in 17 of them blame being exclusive of bicycle drivers.


Unfortunately, four people died because of these accidents, although there was a two-fold decrease in deceased persons over the same period last year. For whom he still does not know, the fines provided by bicycle legislation are particularly high. The minimum sanction is 6 points of fine, 870 lei respectively. So keep safety with reflective elements on road is very importance.



The obligation to use reflective elements by all pedestrians

On August 31, the amendment to the Road Traffic Act came into force. It introduces the obligation to use reflective elements by all pedestrians irrespective of age, moving in the dark at an undeveloped area. Until now, such an obligation was only for children under the age of 15.


This is a very important change. Cops and experts underline that after a pedestrian with a glare, the driver will notice five times faster than the unmarked. A person moving at dusk on the unlit road is practically invisible. The driver will only notice it from a distance of 20-30 m. If we assume that the allowable speed outside the built-up area is 90 km / h, and the minimum braking distance at this speed is 90 m – we see that the pedestrian has no chance. Already one reflective element causes it to be visible from 150 m, in which case the driver has enough time to slow down, slow down and safely avoid him.


The new rules do not talk about how to wear reflective elements or how they look. They only require you to be visible to other road users. Experts emphasize that the lights of the car do not illuminate the entire silhouette of the pedestrian. They are suspended low (about 25 cm above the ground) and illuminate the road asymmetrically – more light is falling on the right side of the road. That is why reflectors should be placed as low as possible and right on the right. The right leg is the right leg – knee and ankle. Reflectors can be pinned to the legs or shoes. It is also worth to have a retro reflector also at the back, at back height, so that pedestrians are also visible to the rear. It is therefore worth to invest in a reflective vest or take care of the glare of our children’s backpacks or satchels.


“One glare can protect against disability and even save lives,” emphasizes Marcela, head of the Social Prevention Section of the Traffic Department of the Capital Police Headquarters. Unfortunately, pedestrians often do not remember the safety of their own and others, and they make up nearly 9 percent all accidents. The worst part is that they are dead themselves. What mistakes do we most often commit? First and foremost we go out on the street directly in front of a car or behind another vehicle such as a bus or a car. In this situation, the driver has no chance of reaction. Besides, constantly, we often cross the road in an illegal place or in a red light – he notes.


Masonic self-government cares for the safety of children and young people. Since 2002 he has organized the “Safe Road to School” campaign, where students from grades 4 to 6 of primary schools in Masuria learn the rules of road safety. The students received sets of young cyclist – helmets, bicycle lighting, safety vest and reflectors.




Reflective elements are mandatory after dark

Poland is in 2nd place among European Union countries in terms of the number of children without safety vest dying in traffic accidents. According to a report by the Police Headquarters in Poland, there were 3210 traffic accidents involving children aged 0-14. As a result, 80 children died and over 3,500 children died, was injured. The vast majority of all accident victims among children aged 0-6 are vehicle occupants. In the case of children aged 7-14, the majority of fatal road traffic accidents were among pedestrians.


– Around 800 children are killed each year in the European Union. Only in Poland, as 2012 figures show, this is about 90 children. This problem so exists and is very significant – says Pewee, CEO of CUBE.ITG, a company which, together with Polish rally champion Kieta, promotes children’s reflections.


Reflective elements significantly increase the safety of pedestrians and cyclists on the road. Under the traffic law, every pedestrian is obliged to wear them, not only the child who is traveling at dusk outside the built-up area. There is a penalty of up to PLN 500 for missing a reflective item. According to the experts, sevenfold increase the chance that the driver will notice the pedestrian and thus be able to slow down or safely avoid him.

– Pedestrians who do not have reflective material, with a slight aura visible from a distance of 20 meters, with a reflective element are from 150 meters up to 300 meters.


Reflective elements are considered inter alia, Vests, lanyards, fasteners, and key chains. You can buy them in sports and paper shops, most supermarkets, health and safety stores or reflexes and gas stations. Many shops offer specially designed children’s reflective animal or animal cartoon key rings. The reflective element itself is not enough – just as important is its proper location.

– It is best to wear it on your shoulder or somewhere high on the leg. Then the driver has a chance to actually see this sign – says Pewee.


In September 2015, the CUBE.ITG Capital Group launched the “Reflected Kids” campaign in Wroclaw. Its purpose is to make children aware of the need to wear reflective elements on their clothing. Kieta, the four-time Polish champion in the general rally of the Polish Rally Championship, was urged to safety on the way of the pupils. He also handed out a reflective armband with the Rally Team logo and the “Family in the Form” social campaign.

Children got reflective vests – be safer

Such actions are not so cool as simply needed, “said Jolanta Kupczyk, Head of School and Pre-School Team in Górki Śląskie. Recently amended traffic regulations apply to all pedestrians who, after dark, are moving in undeveloped areas, are obliged to use reflective elements. This is to improve road safety.


Equipping students in reflective vests is not a new idea in the commune of Nędza. – In previous years, they were sent to older students, this year we decided to give them first class. Every child such a reflective element should have, it is a matter of safety, and the best, most visible vest is – said the head of the commune of Národs Anna Iskała.


Until now, the use of pedestrian reflectors on the side of the road has been compulsory for children up to the age of 15. This obligation now covers all pedestrians on the underside of the road. When it gets dark, each of them should be fitted with any reflective element so that it is visible to the driver.


About the safety on the road and not only told the police officers from the police station in Racibórz Kuźnia. The school also visited Sznupek – mascot of the command. – It is important for children to understand that reflections are really important. Especially now, in the autumn and winter, when it gets darker. New regulations are not just another requirement to be fulfilled. Reflective safety vest actually increase safety because they make it visible on the road that the driver can react quickly enough, “said the youngster. Radosław Rolka, District Police Commissar in Racibórz Forge. A pedestrian who travels in darkness without glare, the driver can see only 20 meters away. Visible reflectors increase this distance to more than 150 meters.


A great attraction was a show for the children prepared by the firefighters of the OSP from Misery. Students could see, among others. What is the car body cutting equipment used in roadside rescue when injured are stuck in the car. Each student could also see what the fire truck looks like inside. “The kids see the tie, but they rarely have the chance to meet firefighters, see the equipment they use to save people’s lives,” said Leszek Pietrasz, President of the Board of the Municipal Branch of the TSO Union in Ned. “Anyway, children should be equipped with knowledge of firefighting, security, human help,” he added.


“We had a lot of happiness and joy,” admitted the young Maj. – Many interesting things we learned today! Said Kevin’s colleague. “Well, for example, how to cross the road,” Maja added quickly. – And thanks to these vests we will not lose, because we will be visible! She said. “And the driver can see us quickly,” Kevin added.

Reflective vests with the coat of arms of the Commune of Nędza will also be supplied by high school students in Nida, Babice and Zawada Książęca.

Officers handed out 325 reflective tapes to the city

The policemen in reflective vest stopped the selected pedestrians for a whole week. But not people were committing misdemeanors, but because pedestrians had lighter clothing. Many drivers know about it. Few people in his life did not get to see the man who entered the road in the shadows. The action was named by the police very impressively and forcefully: Be seen – you survive!


“We shared 325 reflective tapes. In the morning, we handed it to people at bus stops, business trips, doctors, bakers, news stalls, gateways, and buses. In the afternoon, people who came to shop in the shopping centers, in the parks for those who walked or dressed dogs, the children on the playgrounds, “said the preventer of the municipal police Hanna.


Also, cyclists and mums with prams or people on the wheelchair have not been forgotten. Everyone could get ribbons adapted for strollers or medical aids. This was the first regional event of this kind in the field after the cooperation of the municipal police in the field of crime prevention. The Municipal Police of Karlovy Vary, Chekov and Island joined. These four components are working together on similar projects together.


“All reflective aids that can help pedestrians in road traffic, I welcome. Children’s things or school aids are already made by manufacturers with reflective elements. Especially for the elderly and their clumsy clothes, its worse, “said one of the drivers Petra Bock.

The government orders walkers wear reflective vests

Do you live in a village where public lighting does not work, or do you often walk in places where visibility is low? Then prepare your wallets. The Ministry of Transport wants to ask pedestrians to wear reflective vests or at least clothing equipped with reflective elements.


The reason for the proposal is according to the Ministry of Transport of Pedestrian Safety. “Particularly in reduced visibility, the distance to which the driver is able to see pedestrians moving without reflective elements on the road, in particular, leads to accidents, often with fatal consequences,” notes the Office of the Minister in the explanatory report to his Of the proposal.


The ministry suggests that pedestrians wear reflective elements in their garments, for example when they go on a road or other road without public lighting and reduced visibility. “Decreased visibility refers especially to dawn, twilight and night, during the day especially mist and heavy rain,” he says.


Costs for the acquisition of reflective material will not be too high, according to the ministry. “Given that the detailed specification of the features (dimensions, material) or the location of the reflective element on the garment (only a general requirement for visibility from other road users) is not foreseen, these pedestrian costs will be relatively low (purchasing costs A reflective band on the sleeve of about thirty to forty crowns per pedestrian) and, in principle, one-off, “the ministry said. These costs may be further reduced in view of the fact that in particular sportswear is often incorporating reflexive elements, logos, stripes and the like.


Reflective vests or sleeves will have to be carried in your backpack or bag almost all the time. At least, it follows from the Ministry’s statement: “The above costs for the acquisition of a reflective element will have to be passed on by each pedestrian, as he may be in a situation where he will be obliged to use them.” On the other hand, however, in places with denser buildings it is possible to count the existence of sidewalks or public lighting, where there is no obligation to have a reflective element, and therefore this option certainly does not imply a general obligation to wear, for example, after dark in the city reflective elements, the office adds.





Reflective elements save lives and money for fines

Police officers have the option to save pedestrians without reflective elements outside of the municipality a fine of CZK 2,000. Meanwhile, they are rather preventive, and pedestrians and cyclists distribute protective aids.


From 20 February 2016, amendments to the Act No. 361/2000 Coll., On Road Traffic, have begun to apply. Pedestrians have a new duty to wear reflexive elements for poor visibility when moving on public roads. For violation of this obligation, the policeman may award a block penalty of up to CZK 2,000, or in the administrative proceedings between 1500 and 2500 CZK. Meanwhile, the police are giving away the reflective tapes.


Do not want to get into the stats!

In the period 2012-2015, 523 pedestrians died, of which 303 at night. More than half of pedestrian fatal accidents occur on night accidents. Outside of the village it is alarming 79%.


Campaign for Safe Behavior

Since last fall, BESIP has been alerting the campaign “Do we see?” It aims to teach pedestrians to use reflexive elements. BESIP, in cooperation with the Police of the Czech Republic, distributes 500,000 reflective tapes, 100,000 reflective vests for seniors and tens of thousands of reflective laces and youth cups.


More news in traffic rules

The amendment also prohibits driving a vehicle with dirt, snow or frost in the outlook of the vehicle. The novelty is the introduction of the so-called bicycle street. Police officers can remove the vehicle registration certificate when they discover a dangerous defect. Sunway in cities must not exceed walking speed.


Police distributed reflective elements to cyclists

The nationwide traffic safety project called we see ourselves? The project followed the first part of this preventive action, which took place in the spring of this year.


“Police and handed out to pedestrians, cyclists, drivers as well as reflective elements such as reflective tape, as well as bags and safety reflective vests with reflective marking,” said Kano police spokeswoman Jana.


The event took place at four selected locations of Kano. It was a station near the pedestrian crossing the street American, Italian, CSA and winning.

Officers in the transmission of reflective elements in addition all road users informed on how to behave safely roads.


“Preventive action is found with great success and was among the citizens very positively evaluated. The largest responses were mostly the elderly and women on parental leave, which reflective tape placed on strollers, “said the newspaper the Kano police spokeswoman.


Since February this year, pedestrians have the obligation to wear reflective material, and if moving when you are outside of the village in reduced visibility on the shoulder or the edge of the road in a place that is not illuminated by public lighting.

“Failure to meet this obligation, they face fines of up to two thousand crowns,” said Jana.

Reflective elements have been a responsibility

Pedestrians who set out on the road in the dark or diminished visibility must also wear reflective elements for the year. Police sometimes even check and distribute fines. But the effort was paid off. According to statistics, the number of pedestrians killed outside the village has fallen. Still, there are those who walk on the roads without reflective elements. And some will pay for it for life.


Last Friday, 2 September, the Czech police officers received reports from the driver. He drew attention to the unlit pedestrian who was driving the bicycle on the side. He could not see it well, but fortunately he was able to avoid it at the last minute. It was too late before the cops reached the place. A sixty-year-old man on the road between Bola pod and Doisy hit the car. He died on the spot.


Tragic events would most likely prevent a man from reflect himself on the road. It is the year that you already have a year on Czech pedestrian roads. And statistics show that due to their use, the tragic events that happened in the region were lost.


In the year 2016, 111 pedestrians died in traffic accidents. This is about 20 victims less than in 2015. It also started better this year when seven pedestrians died during the January accident, compared to 11 in 2015 and 2016.


“The decrease in tragic accident of pedestrians is only outside the village, while in the villages the number of their victims was the same as in 2015, except 20 people died less last year,” says Martin Farrar, head of BESIP.


Although the reflective vest for pedestrians outside the community are obligatory, accidents occur when people are not wearing them. “Every accident is specific and we can hardly generalize that these people would live if they had reflective elements but would certainly have a better chance of surviving,” explains Martin Farrar. According to BESIP, it is shown that reflective elements can reduce the risk of a pedestrian accident by up to ten times in poor visibility.


Moreover, the statistics show that the number of pedestrians who died after an accident in the village has increased by four, while outside the village, where people should wear reflective elements, the number of pedestrians killed has dropped by 10. The duty is still valid for a reduced day Visibility. Under such conditions no one died in 2016, but three people a year earlier.


BESIP supports wearing reflective elements of the campaign called “Do We See?” It informs them about the danger that pedestrians are losing sight of. In addition to the cops, he has already given out a million reflective tapes.