Reflective action in the parish church

“Encourage and convince you to use reflective vests can be in many ways. A great opportunity was a meeting with children and teenagers in the church.” says a press officer in the District Police Headquarters.


Deputy Inspector. Bożena Buczkowska from the police along with priest Piotr Szcześniak from the parish St. Józefa in Inowrocław, after a short talk, handed parishioners stamps and reflective tapes. The action was carried out so that getting around with reflections on the roads was safer.


“It is worth talking with traffic participants about reflections and explaining their “operation”. Well, however, when listeners can almost immediately find out about it. Hence a talk in one of the Inowrocław parishes with a group of children and youth,” adds Izabella Drobniecka.

Free gadgets for the ordination of two-wheelers in the church

Ladies and gentlemen,


As we have informed you earlier CLICK HERE on May 13, 2018, on Sunday after Mass. at. 11:30 in the church of the parish Andrzej Bobola at Al. March. J. Piłsudskiego 248/252 in Marki – Struga a solemn dedication of motorcycles, bicycles and other two-wheelers will take place.


It will be a kind of the start of the motorcycle and bicycle season and a request for happy participation in road traffic.


Attention! For those cyclists who will come to dedicate vehicles to Strugę – Department of Supervision and Prophylaxis of Traffic Office of the Police Headquarters – he has prepared for FREE special gifts – improving road safety. And they are reflective sachets, reflective vests, reflective stripes, for which we thank you very much. In addition, you will be able to receive the calendars and leashes.

The parish Extreme Way of the Cross will take place in April

In the parish in Myszyniec, the Records for the Parish Extreme Way of the Cross began. This initiative based on the EDK model, which takes place all over Poland. This year, parishioners and guests will have to overcome 16 km.


The Parish Extreme Way of the Cross in Myszyniec has a much shorter route than the classic ones. participants will start on April 5 with the Gadomski family, towards the basilica in Myszyniec. It’s 16 km.


Important information:

Collection at the basilica in Myszyniec at 20.00 (parking at the St. Martin’s Hall), transfer by bus to Gadomski (under the monastic house).


Beginning with a holy mass at 20.30 in the church in Gadomski


The participants go walking, in silence, in groups or individually, along the route from Gadomski to Myszyniec. Surface: asphalt, gravel, sand. On the route, there are marked points: stations of the cross. He is considered individually.


Completion after midnight in the basilica in Myszyniec, where the last station will be cleared.


Return home on your own.



From March 31 (Sunday) to April 4 (Thursday) in the sacristy and the parish office. At the registration, participants will receive a package: a book with considerations of the crossroad station, EDK key lanyard, and ticket for a trip by coach from Myszyniec to Gadomski (cost PLN 10).

Important: minors are under the care of adults.


Safety rules:

You need to wear a reflective vest and a mobile phone, it is worth taking rain clothes, good shoes, a flashlight, patches for abrasions. PEDK lasts several hours, it is good to have a thermos with a warm drink, energy bars or other easy to store food.

30 percent of vests did not meet the requirements

Recall from August 2014, reflective elements must be used by all pedestrians, moving along the road after dark outside the built-up area, and not only children and adolescents. Such colorful, shiny reflections, however, fell in love with the youngest. In the photo of children during the action “Wear reflections” in Bydgoszcz, Dariusz Bloch / Archive.


The Trade Inspection inspected clothing for the warning, reflective accessories and hearing protectors.


Reflectors are becoming more and more popular. It is influenced by the increase in our awareness, but also by numerous educational campaigns.


Recall from August 31, 2014, reflective elements must be used by all pedestrians moving along the road after dark outside the built-up area, and not only children and young people up to the age of 15, as it was before. There are many reflections on the market. However, not all of them, as it turns out, provide total security. This is the case, for example, with gadgets (promotional materials) that may be similar to them, but should not be treated as such. For the reflector can only be called an accessory that has passed the conformity assessment procedure and has the CE mark.


The Trade Inspection has decided to take a closer look at such reflective accessories. The audit took place in the second quarter of 2017 in nine voivodeship. Inspectors checked mainly wholesalers and stores. They looked at 53 products and questioned 16 of them (30.2%). Grounds? Even the negative results of laboratory tests, errors in the instructions for use and the lack of a declaration of conformity confirming that the manufacturer has carried out the conformity assessment procedure.


The vests with reflective materials were dangerous, they were not visible enough

Every second reflective vest examined in the laboratory had a low luminance coefficient. What does it mean? Lack of adequate visibility of the user, which poses a threat to his health and life when he is moving on the side.


In the case of reflections, no such irregularities were found, but there were objections to the instructions for use. For reasons of formal incompatibility, the inspectors also questioned 5 hearing protectors.


Most entrepreneurs have voluntarily removed errors. The President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection initiated proceedings in five cases.


So what do you buy reflections?

As advised by UOKiK experts, let’s watch out for gadgets. Companies often give out accessories that look like reflections. It is not known, however, whether they have the appropriate properties, because they have not undergone a conformity assessment procedure. Confirmation that they meet the requirements is a CE mark, placed directly on the reflector or on the attached label.


The instructions for use must be written in Polish. We should learn from it at least under what conditions it should not be used and how to store it so that it does not lose its properties.


Attention. Wear a reflector so that the headlights of the car illuminate. The lower, the better. Thanks to this, the driver will notify you in advance. Do not cover the scarf with a scarf or bag. Fix reflective elements on the side of vehicle movement.


Check the condition of the reflectors. If you have wiped the reflective tape on the clothing or backpack, replace it. If water got into the reflection, buy a new one because the old one lost its properties due to the moisture.

A set from Nike for runners on rainy, snowy and windy days

In the winter the weather does not spoil us, so it is worth supporting the training with the right equipment. Especially for you, the editorial staff of Polska Biega has tested the running kit from the Nike brand: the Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Shield, the Epic Lux Shield leggings and the Nike Therma Sphere Element.


Agnieszka Kwiatkowska (co-author of the blog): I have been involved in running for several years now, which is why the selection of running equipment is very important to me. As a long-distance runner, I value comfort and functionality. I pay attention to details and I like to test different brands.


Thanks to the editorial staff of Polska Biega and the Nike brand I got a running set, which could certainly be a great starter set for every runner for the autumn and winter period. I will share with you my insights about each product: Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Shield Water-Repellent, Epic Lux Shield leggings, and Nike Therma Sphere Element. I was able to test all the items of clothing in three weeks, the weather outside did not spoil, thanks to this equipment I tested the rainy, windy and even snowy weather.


First impression, very positive – the shoes are neat, streamlined and light. At EUR size 41 (26 cm inlay) weigh 255 g. My standard size of running shoes is 25.5 cm, but with this model, I do not feel any discomfort. The element that immediately catches the eye is the shoulder of a traditional binding, instead, we have a binding system with a welt. With one move, we can adjust the shoes so that they fit the foot. This solution makes it easier to lacing on cool and rainy days when we have gloves on our hands. The end of the “shoelace” is equipped with a “hook” and we can attach it to the shoe so that the string does not interfere while running.


The shoes used Nike Shield technology, a system that has the task of protecting against the penetration of water and wind with simultaneous, free air flow. The material from which the shoe was made is light, thin and actually waterproof. I had the opportunity to run in these shoes in the rain, deliberately went into puddles, and the sock after taking the foot off the shoe was still dry. What’s more, even when cleaning shoes, moisture did not get inside.


The upper is seamless, nothing hurts and does not rub the feet. The reinforced heel holds the footwell and gives a feeling of stability while running. I have a fairly wide foot, which is why my biggest problem is the fitting of the shoe in the midfoot area, in this model I felt comfortable. There is a lot of space for your fingers. Inside there are not too many sponges as in a typical training shoe, does it speak a plus? In my opinion, yes.


The shoes worked great both on dry and wet surfaces. The rubber sole provides a good grip. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Shield I took to training on asphalt ground, forest but the beaten path and tartan treadmill. They have done very well with every surface. I would not take them in a typical trail area. The only downside is the feeling that the longer the training lasted, the binding system began to loosen. Fortunately, it can be quickly adjusted.


The manufacturer also mentions the sole soles used, the so-called Beveled Heel, which facilitates smooth rolling of the foot. Nothing more nothing less. During longer runs, I did not get any prints, and during the interval, training shoes were dynamic and springy. In this model, we can also appreciate the cushioning, which is not exaggerated and the shoe does not have the impression of being clumsy. This model will definitely be useful for every day, varied training. Although this is not a starting shoe, I would not have problems even taking him on the competition.


Despite the fact that the tested model is in cool, gray-black colors, it, fortunately, has reflective materials, which increases visibility after dark.

The man was lying on the street, a car hit him

A 47-year-old pedestrian died on the spot. The accident occurred on Tuesday. Railway in Poraj. The police and the prosecutor’s office determine the circumstances of the incident.


The tragedy occurred around 17. “The Audi driver, a 28-year-old man, rode down Kolejowa street, raided a man lying on the roadway. The 47-year-old resident of Poraja was killed on the spot,” informs the Poviat Police Headquarters in Myszków.


The circumstances of the accident explained by the police from Myszków and the prosecutor’s office. On Tuesday there were difficult conditions on the road in the area, which could have contributed to the tragedy.


By the way, policemen call on everyone to use glare. “On an unlit road, drivers mainly see strong lights of vehicles approaching from the opposite direction and horizontal signs painted on the road. The silhouettes of pedestrians and cyclists are noticed at the last minute, usually at a distance of 30-40 meters. In bad weather, visibility gets worse. If the pedestrian equipped with a reflective vest reflecting the lights of the car, the driver will notice it already from a distance of 130-150 meters, which is about five times before!” police warn.

The fire heat bounces off them

Safer and more convenient: The volunteer fire brigade Steinenbronn has bought new operational safety clothing. A uniform costs 1000 euros.


Stefan Turata wears his fire uniform for more than ten years. And the missions have left their mark. The reflective tapes are already dissolving. “The first broken,” says the commander of the volunteer fire Steinenbronn. Also, the fabric is frayed in some places. But the new uniforms for him and his comrades are already in sight. They are stored in boxes in a corner of the guard’s lounge. A new uniform costs 1000 euros. Overall, the new operational clothing for the assets of the weir with 55 000 euros to book.


Quickly available

Turata’s colleague, second deputy commander Sven Horvath, is already wearing new clothes to show what’s different. “We ordered them in sand colors because they are more visible,” says Horvath. The firefighters carry them always in operations, not only in fires but also when they help after traffic accidents. Another advantage of the new uniform is that it belongs to the standard program of the manufacturer. “That way, uniforms can be delivered to more members faster than if the company has to wait until they have enough jobs in orange.”


Horvath opens his new jacket. “She has an air cushion in here, which absorbs the heat during a fire,” he says. Before the firefighters ordered the new uniforms, some of them tested it. “We also paid attention to the wearing comfort,” says Horvath. Because when deployed they would have to concentrate entirely on their work. The pants are high cut, have wide straps and are partly reinforced. “Because we often work on our knees,” says Horvath. Compared to former uniforms and helmets, the forces would have to adapt. “They’re so close now that we do not feel the heat in a fire,” says Horvath.


Heat not noticeable

Soon, all his colleagues will get the volunteer fire department the new operational clothing. “We just have to sort them out and provide them with the personnel number. Then we can swap them for the old ones. “The fact that these are now worn out after more than ten years also has to do with the operations of the armed forces. “After every fire, we have to wash them because of the toxins,” says Sven Horvath. Previously, they were less often washed to save the material.

All you need to know about the new Quebec Road Code

The Quebec Parliament unanimously adopted the bill to amend the Road Safety Code. Many measures have an immediate effect, while others will come into effect gradually.


These will aim to increase the awareness of each user of public roads and to force him to act with caution and respect, especially for those most vulnerable to him.


Here are the main measures. The parenthesis is the date on which the provision enters into force. Unless otherwise specified, this is the year 2018.


Driving alcohol

A recidivist will be forced to drive a car that will be equipped with an anti-starter ethometry. This sanction can only be lifted after 10 years, provided the driver demonstrates that alcohol or drugs have no impact on his ability to drive a vehicle. (a decree to this effect will be issued by the provincial government)



Fines for cycling offenses are increased. These will be between 80 and 100 dollars. The same amount of the fine will be applied to other road users who are not drivers (those who go on trout, skates, etc.). (May 18)


Bicyclists are no longer required to signal the stop, but they still need to signal the change of direction. (May 18)


There are no signs of inefficiency for cyclists (April 18th)


Even if the road is free, the red traffic lights and the stop sign require complete immobilization. Bicyclists have to go in the direction of traffic – unless a sign allows anything else or when necessary.


It is forbidden to move between two rows of moving cars.


Ear headphone circulation is forbidden. (30th of June)


Bicycles shall be equipped with at least eight reflective elements (pedals, wheel side, red rear reflector and white in front, and reflective vests) (May 18)


Cyclists have to stop five meters behind a school bus that has the damage done. (May 18)


Overtaking a cyclist

The driver of a road vehicle must slow down and observe a safe distance when overtaking a cyclist. This distance is 1.5 meter on roads where the speed limit exceeds 50 km / h and 1 meter on roads where the limit is 50 km / h or less.



Pedestrians have priority on a crossing of pedestrians as soon as they have indicated their intention to cross. (May 18)


The driver of a road vehicle must slow down and observe a safe distance when crossing a pedestrian. This distance is 1.5 meter on roads where the speed limit exceeds 50 km / h and 1 meter on roads where the limit is 50 km / h or less. (May 18)


The principle of prudence

The Road Code introduces the “Prudence Principle”. He says: “Every road user is obliged, especially with regard to the most vulnerable, to act with caution and respect when traveling on public roads.” The Code does not provide for a specific sanction for non-compliance with this principle, but the rest of the code rules can be applied. (April 18th)


Driving inadvertently. Mobile Phones

It is forbidden for any conductor and any cyclist to use a mobile phone or any other portable device intended to transmit or receive information or be used for entertainment purposes. There are some exceptions.


The fines for drivers are now between $ 300 and $ 600. In the case of subsequent deviations, the minimum fine is doubled. The driver is also subject to an immediate suspension of the 3, 7 or 30-day permit, depending on whether it is a first, second or third relative and after a two-year period.

Alliander makes safety clothing circular

The personnel of network operator Alliander receives circular safety clothing. All 2,600 technicians must have new clothing before the end of the year. With the circular safety clothing, Alliander wants to take a step towards circular operational management.


A consortium of three companies can supply the package of new clothing. The package includes safety clothing with reflective tapes, work clothing, and personal protective equipment. Employees can order new clothing via an app, it will be delivered within 24 hours.


Tailored to staff

According to the network manager, the clothing is better tailored to the work of the staff than before. A thermopile with long sleeves is now provided. “Warm in the winter and cooling in the summer,” Alliander describes. With the new clothing, the fit is also adapted to the work that is done.


With the circular clothing, Alliander also appeals to employees: the clothing must last as long as possible. Any damage to the clothing must be repaired as quickly as possible. Clothing that can no longer be used is taken by a textile recycler. The clothing is then recycled into a product of the same level; an old reflective jacket gets a second life as a safety jacket. If that is no longer possible, the clothing is processed into, for example, insulation material or car upholstery.


Circular in other ways

Alliander applies the circular principle in more places. For example, two buildings of the company were made circular during a recent renovation. In Arnhem, an office uses geothermal heat and cold to sustainably cool and heat. The energy that is needed is generated by solar panels on the roof. The building also has an energy buffer to store generated solar energy.


Other companies

Circular clothing is used by more companies. Last year the police announced that they would reuse the discarded uniforms. Hostokay staff and a number of construction companies have been wearing circular clothing for some time.

Professional clothes with new unique features!

Now Husqvarna updates its range of protective clothing. Here we see the new Tech-Knee, a pre-bent knee joint with improved saw protection and in water-repellent material. Another long-awaited novelty is the specially designed forest jacket for women.

Husqvarna’s protective clothing targets both forestry professionals and other demanding users. Now all collections have been updated with new design and unique smart features that make them even safer and more comfortable to work with.

The biggest news comes in Technical Extreme, Husqvarna’s most advanced protective clothing for professionals – and now also for professional women. For the first time, the Extreme jacket is launched in a long-awaited ladies model, uniquely designed for women who need the best possible safety clothing for an active working day.

Another revolutionary novelty is the Tech-Knee pants, a new innovative knee feature that effectively protects without affecting freedom of movement. The entire knee area on the front of the pants has been reinforced with extra saw protection layers formed after the knee to provide optimal protection regardless of working position. New water-repellent materials both on the inside and outside of the knees provide the best protection against moisture. The entire Technical Extras collection also has reflective protection with reflective fabrics and recessed ribbons.

Another exciting new feature is the Robust pants, a pair of extra durable waist pants, which is one of the world’s strongest fiber materials.

For those who need protective clothing with high comfort, which is easy to move in, the Technical Collection has been developed. The garments are made of thin, elastic fabrics with a figure-like fit and pre-bent knees and elbows to become really comfortable.

The Functional and Classic ranges are for those who sometimes work with forest and outdoor work. Here are launched new jackets with extra ventilation, more pockets and better protection for knees and ankles.