The hunters in reflective vest went to shot wild boars

In a place close to the Polish border, a hunt for wild boars was held on Tuesday. Hunters wanted to reduce their population, as they are slightly overpopulated here and cause damage to farmers. No pigs were able to do it, but they shot one fox. There are several silhouettes of orange reflective vests in the milk haze. They are so-called hunters or hunters, hunters, who have the task of raiding game to the main gunmen of the shooters. They lurk in their places opposite them.


On Tuesday, wild boar hunters should be the main victims. There are 92 hunters on them, of which about 65 shooters. “We organize this pre-anniversary hunt every year. Last year we hit seven wild boars. The record we had in 2012 that was three more, “calculates the Hero. Wild boars have been overwhelmed recently. Although not so extreme in Freeland as it is recently in the forests. “So far, we have caught twenty-one wild boars. That is the same number we caught for the past hunting year. It lasts from April to the end of March, “the Hero points out. Pigs are mainly causing problems for farmers. They like to enjoy not only on the stomach but also on the corn or mice. These delicacies often look for the fields where the sowing crops are growing. “Today, besides wild boar, we will also shoot a fox, both races and raccoon dogs,” my guide says.


The local president taught a four-thousand-dollar boar at night

We climb the forest slope. Occasionally, a shot sounds from a distance. A couple of hunters are inviting their dogs: “Where the piggy is, but where is it?” Wild hogs have bad luck this time. Just here, in the nozzle, the fallen roe scare the hunters. We are approaching slowly up the hill to the shooters. The mud sticks to the shoes; the feeling of heat is slowly disappearing and the feeling of moisture changes. “It does not say anything,” he says from above. None of the black-shot shot hit. Even though they do not yet, the hunters know that Tuesday’s fun in the pre-dinner without the main prize of the tombola will not be. The four-thousand-year-old boar ran down the local president tonight.


“We have to stick to the bar, to know that beside us the next door goes to the right and left. No one should go off, go too far ahead, “says the owner of the hunter association, Josef Hardin. For the certainty that you are walking alongside a hound by your colleague, not only does a reflective vest or a hat – by the way, reflective apparel also have hunting dogs – but also a variety of regular calls or whistles. On the contrary, shooters must be as quiet and very alert as possible.


Another slaughtered pig will wait for starved hunters with dumplings and sap lettuce. “Wild boar is also good baked with steamed cabbage, even smoked or with sirloin sauce. Good is a schnitzel, but game is fat-free, so it is not so juicy and does not have to taste everybody, “Josef Hardin drives through the saliva path. From somewhere out of the creeks, a bit of barking and a row of dogs suddenly sounds a bit from the railroad. Their owners can scream the vocal cords to call them. However, when the hunters approach, they find that dogs are chasing around deer who find death in the rest of the field fence.


Hon was the life of a fox

Upon arrival at the inn, we find that one shot has hit the target. The victim is a fox. “I’m a little disappointed; we’ve never been in such a vacancy while we’re on this hunt. Unfortunately, wild boar caught the wind and showed only two shooters, but they did not have their day. However, the fox counts. A damn likes kennel-killing chickens, “says the Hero.


It seems that wildlife hid in nearby Poland on Tuesday. “They are looking for forested heaps around Tarawa, where they have peace and good food. On our side, they go out at night. In addition, tourists who are walking through the woods are very scared, “adds the hunter in safety vest. Above the slain fox and the horn sounds somewhat sad hall from the pipes. However, inside the inn they already smoke from the plates. So hunt well and have fun especially.

No car should be driven without mandatory equipment

Every car must have mandatory safety equipment. If a thing is missing or invalid, the driver is liable to a fine of up to two thousand crowns. On the other hand, compulsory gear is not self-serving; it can help motorists in an accident or injury. In addition, which is the most important thing? For each driver it is different.


“Warning triangle, first aid kit, surely a vest. Probably a light bulb and a warning triangle, the most important thing to me is the reserve. “And that’s just the only thing that’s required to have a limited service life, usually five years. In addition, because it was the last time its contents changed by law in 2011, we should check if ours are still valid. In addition, according to Robert, a road safety expert, the car kit is important.


“This is because it can be useful not only when driving in a car. One has a car parked; somebody has an accident and so uses it from a car. I am still sure I can treat someone. “The youngest element of mandatory equipment is a reflective vest that we must have in all cars for the fourth year. Besides the first aid kit, there is also a warning triangle, spare bulbs and fuses, a spare or repair kit, a jack and a wheel nut. It is enough and we were wondering if the drivers had ever used some of the mandatory equipment?


“Not yet. I used a triangle and a first aid kit. I did not use anything else. I did once when I helped in an accident. I have not used anything for my driving career yet. “The law does not exactly say where the parts of the mandatory equipment should be, and so with Robert we get into the car. What mandatory equipment should we have in the cab? “Definitely a reflective vest is prescribed only for the driver. I recommend that it have all the crewmembers and have it so that I can dress it before I get off. There is also a first-aid kit at your fingertips to get her strapped from her seat. ”


We get out of the car and look back to the trunk, there should be the rest of the required gear. “But we must count on the fact that we Czechs mostly carry a full suitcase. What I need to get quickly available, perhaps a warning triangle should always be found, even if I have a suitcase full of platter. ”


In addition, due to the advent of modern techniques, Robert recommends other practical issues – Automap and small coins. “At the moment of navigation failure, the paper map may be very useful. Due to our payment cards, we often have little money. However, they can help us when we need it for example in the toilet and the petrol pump is no longer free or in the city where there is a parking machine.”


The sale of reflective elements has risen sharply

The public’s interest in reflective elements, which have been worn for reduced visibility since the weekend by an amendment to the Road Act, has surpassed all expectations. The protected workshop from Hradec, which produces safety accessories, recorded a 400 percent increase in orders from last Friday.


The company from Hradec Králové has observed the gradual increase in sales in recent weeks. In winter, this is a “cucumber season” and a sheltered workshop with seventeen employees has only a few orders per day. However, he is receives around 30 reflective merchandise daily.


“After the amendment to the law began to discuss radio and television, the growth was actually rocket and is still holding. People have so far neglected their security. They are hurrying now so they do not pay a fine. When asked, they admit they do not feel dangerously on the road, but they are more scared of fines and police, “says Marketing Secretary Kristina.


The greatest interest is for reflective tapes. Favorite tapes with Velcro fastener, but especially plastic self-adhesive tapes, which people can put on hand, foot, tube from the wheel or ear from the bag.


The hand strap is visible from almost every angle when moving. However, the ideal one is to have several reflective points that make the driver aware of the figure’s outline. Otherwise, it is threatening to repel the reflector, for example, with the back of the road. A black jacket and dark jeans are only visible for ten meters at night. Kristina’s reflective vests are the best choice in terms of safety. However, people do not care much about it.


“Many people have reservations against the high visibility vests that they look like garbage bins that do not fit their clothes. Fashion plays prime and life is overturned. The tapes are simply threaded, have a wide grip and can be easily removed and hidden in your pocket or handbag, “says the executive.

Reflective elements have been a responsibility for pedestrians

Pedestrians who drive on the road in the dark or diminished visibility must also wear reflective vest for the year. Police sometimes even check and distribute fines. However, the effort was paid off. According to statistics, the number of pedestrians killed outside the village has fallen. Still, there are those who walk on the roads without reflective elements. In addition, some will pay for it for life.


Last Friday, 2 September, the Czech police officers received reports from the driver. He drew attention to the unlit pedestrian who was on the roadside. He could not see it, but fortunately, he could avoid it at the last minute. It was too late before the police arrived. A sixty-year-old man on the road between Bola and Doisy hit the car. He died on the spot. Tragic events would most likely prevent a man from reflect himself on the road. It is the year that you have a year on Czech pedestrian roads. In addition, the statistics show that their use has been eliminated by just such tragic events as happened.


In the year 2016, 111 pedestrians died in traffic accidents. This is about 20 more victims than in 2015. It also started better this year, when seven pedestrians died in January, compared to 11 in 2015 and 2016. “The decrease in tragic pedestrian accidents is only outside the village, while in the villages the number of their victims was the same as in 2015, except for 20 people less than last year,” says Martin, head of BESIP.


Although the reflective material for pedestrians outside the community is obligatory, accidents occur when people are not wearing them. “Every accident is specific and we can hardly generalize that these people would live if they had reflective elements but would certainly have a better chance of surviving,” explains Martin. According to BESIP, it is shown that reflective elements can reduce the risk of a pedestrian accident by up to ten times under impaired visibility.


Moreover, the statistics show that the number of pedestrians who died after the accident in the village increased by four, while outside the village, where people would wear reflective elements, the number of pedestrians killed dropped by 10. The duty is still valid for the day visibility. Under such conditions, no one died in 2016, but three people a year earlier. BESIP supports wearing reflective elements of the campaign called “Do We See?” It informs you about the dangers that pedestrians are losing sight of. In addition to the cops, he has already given out a million reflective tapes.



Indian cows wear reflective colors to avoid a traffic accident

An ever more popular reflective tape add-on that protects at night before a traffic accident has not prevented sacred cows in central India. Animals that roam freely along the streets of the city and are frequent accidents of the crash, the local police began to stick to the corners of the reflective film.


The idea came with traffic police in the state of Madhya Pradesh, where the measure touched some 300 cattle. The results in terms of reducing the number of accidents are encouraging, and the authorities are therefore about to take the reflective colors to paint the horns; such a solution should be more durable than films that will soon patch up.


“Many drivers have suffered injuries or killed the animals after they encountered them at night with their car. We had to act swiftly to prevent such accidents, “the local traffic inspector in safety vest told AFP.


According to official data, about 550 people die annually in India because of an animal accident. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) report of 2013, over 200,000 people die annually on billions in India.