New Ignite running reflective shoes for fall-winter

The Fall Winter 2016 Puma has added a new model, the Dual Ignite Running shoes, made with reflective material, with the dual benefit of flexibility and shock absorption in a single running shoe. Learn more here on Style & Fashion.


The Fall Winter 2016 by Puma has added a new model, the running Ignite Dual shoes, with the dual benefit of flexibility and shock absorption in a single running shoe.


Designed for medium and long distance runner, the Ignite Dual feature patented midsole Ignite Foam, which is visible on the heel and forefoot in hidden level, to ensure a return of energy over the entire length. The articulated zigzag grooves are designed so as to compress the support and the subsequent lifting of the foot. Molded EVA sock liner accommodates your foot ensuring maximum comfort to facilitate the race.


At a technical level, the outer sole has been improved by Puma to fit the natural gait of the runner. A guide groove which is extends from heel to toe and allows a more uniform transfer of the weight of the runner in the different phases of the step. The deep forefoot flex grooves add freedom of movement while the carbon rubber inserted on the heel allows a greater duration.


The characteristic of double advantage also applies to the upper with a flexible mesh of superior quality and two tones that ensures comfort, breathability. The mesh variable color and the reflective inserts add depth and dimension to the silhouette and provide greater visibility in low lighting conditions.


The look is completed by a modern graphics and catchy that it will be starring in the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio featuring reflective clothing from the race and on the podium of the federations and athletes sponsored by Puma. Ignite Dual is also available in the Ignite Dual Disc version which, while maintaining the same elements, shows changes in the design of the upper. Ignite Dual Disc is characterized by the innovative system without laces Disc Closure of PUMA, which guarantees rapid adaptability, simple and tailored by rotating the disc system. The upper is constructed with a combination of a foam comfort that extends so as to conform to the foot and a knitted net which ensures breathability and depth.


The color combination and Ignite Dual Graphic also appears in the Apparel Collection which offers functionality and style: all the heads are equipped with the innovative technology Drywell able to keep the skin dry by giving maximum comfort during workouts. Among the novelties of the season stand out: the T-Shirt Graphic Shorts Sleeves Tee is made with mesh panels that contribute to the circulation of air in heat zones and reflective details provide superior visibility in poor lighting conditions; Vent the jacket Thermo-R Runner Jacket adapts to the movement and facilitates through an innovative design, lightweight and thermo regulating.


The Soft-shell windproof material protects from the cold during the race, while the high voltage areas in the garment allow ventilation, to maintain a feeling of freshness during the race and heat when at rest; the lightweight shorts 2-in-1 Short has a rear zip pocket with waterproof coating, laminate, to ensure that the objects kept inside remain dry while the reflective fabric details complete the design offering greater visibility.

Running in the dark with wearing reflective clothing

Especially in winter, when the sun rises late and sets early in the daylight savings time, it is inevitable go running in the dark, or otherwise in poor lighting conditions, it’s dangerous if you not wear a reflective vest. And unfortunately there is not always a way to go running on exclusive tracks for runners and closed to traffic: you often end up running in the street and on the sidewalks with the consequent dangers data from the car and motorcycle traffic.


When it comes to race with the dark, it is therefore essential to think first of their own safety, trying to make sure to be as visible as possible.

  1. Use clothing with reflective fabric inserts

Especially in the lines of ‘ clothing for running in winter now all brands fit Reflective patches or fluorescent colors at will: look for those with the greatest surface for high visibility (and obviously forgets jackets and tight uniform dark color).


  1. Highlight especially the moving parts

Put yourself in the shoes of a motorist lost in thought: see you better, earlier and more clearly if he sees something moving lighted on his horizon. Then add reflective bands on the legs, arms and if you also to shoes (you can also use the reflective tape on the heel).


  1. Use flashing lights

For the same reason, the flashing lights will capture more easily the attention of a driver with respect to the fixed lights: ok then the headlamp, but also holds a torch, or fastens forearm a small light bulb, and put them in the intermittent mode.

Test: RPM LS Jersey by reflective fabric

Spring has now arrived but despite temperatures above the seasonal average days still requires sufficient coverage of the body, especially the bust, to address peacefully the workouts in the saddle. The Italian Cycling RPM offers LS jersey made by reflective fabric, a jersey from thin cut that still offers excellent protection levels. That’s our opinion.


The LS Jersey is a knitted from very tight fit and made entirely with Roubaix fabric, a fiber cutting edge in the field of thermal clothing, able to maintain optimal levels of heat and at the same time softness and strength even in the most critical situations.


On the rear side has the three classic open pockets with the addition of a fourth hydrophobic pocket and with zip.

The LS Jersey has several reflective details. We find, in fact, along the top edge of the pockets, front shoulders, and on the logos on the side seam.

A very light-weight knit, in fact, the weight we found, in size M, was 292 grams.

The Jersey LS is available in sizes XS to XXL and in all black.

The LS Jersey has a very tight fit, but still allows you to accommodate an intimate mesh inside. The cut is equally soft, with the attractively sweatshirt inner surface.


The closure is comfortable, with the zip which can also be easily handled with the glove. The collar is slightly raised helps to protect the throat from the cold, also adheres well without causing discomfort, thanks to the presence of soft protective seal that prevents contact of zip in his throat.


The elasticity is excellent and comes out well to go along with every movement. The cuffs adhere well without creating any constraint; the sleeves have a length such as not to hinder the movements of the arms and the rear panel effectively covers the back, while remaining firmly in place also by addressing the technical sections, while not being provided on the brink of an internal insert in silicone.


In the presence of extremely low temperatures, the LS Jersey requires one additional outer layer, but it is during the autumn and spring outputs, with temperatures that are around approximately 15°, this reflective vest gives the best of itself. It can, in fact, to maintain a constant body temperature without excessive overheating. If, however, you start to sweat, we appreciated his talents and sweat absorption of perspiration, resulting in keeping the skin dry. Obviously this is not a windproof boss or rain, so in such cases is to be combined, for example, to a windproof vest or a light rain jacket.


The back pockets were large and well accessible. It should also be appreciated, the presence of the fourth zip pocket, which is useful to contain objects of a certain value, such as documents or keys, but it is also able to comfortably hold a mobile phone and protect it well from the rain, given that the interior is water-repellent.

As always, one appreciates the presence of numerous reflective tape details, which are always welcome on this type of mesh that will be used in the less long days and, therefore, more subject to the diminution of light.


RPM has become accustomed to Heads of highly technical clothing, as well as comfortable, able to enhance the athletic movement of the pedal. The shirt LS Jersey fully reflects these features, proving to be a solid choice for the weeks preceding and following the coldest time of the year.

Complaints about ME reflective uniform

It is adapted ME-uniform. The safety vest is replaced and the protection pieces exhalation is improved. To remedy the symptoms for heat problems is getting the riot modern thermal underwear and extra carrying instruction.


Police have the ME-uniform TNO examined after some riot was seized by the heat during exercise. This study shows that the excess heat generated in the use of the uniform is the result of a combination of factors. It is the combination of the non-moisture-permeable safety reflective vest with the other protection pieces (arms and legs).


Also, the weather conditions, the manner in which it is used and a uniform influence on the rate at which heat problems arise, the duration of use.


The ME reflective uniform was extensively tested before release. During the wear tests were no complaints. The modifications to the uniform will take some time.


No safety vests for conductors NS

NS does not intend to equip conductors with a safety vest. Those were suggestions after Monday showed that NS in the new tender for these vests had entered the ability to accommodate increasing the number to 10,000. Initially only the replacement of 700 vests Safety & Service employees. But NS says that such a margin is normal.


This allows the rail carrier know in response to the tender. According to NS is the standard that a contract shall include the possibility of ordering higher quantities than are needed. “Should there be need vests in the future, this train does not launch new tender to acquire the armor.”


Safety reflective vests

Now it’s wearing only employees engaged in security at NS Such vests and need to be replaced. Therefore NS Monday issued a tender for the new vests. It initially pinpoint the replacement of 700 jackets, but also includes the ability to deliver accommodate up to 10,000 employees’ from the second delivery year or when changing safety. “NS stressed, however, in a reaction to have no plans as well to equip conductors with a safety vest.


These vests with reflective tape protect the V & S employees from attacks by weapons and physical mewled. Verde let the carrier know aggression to counteract in other ways, such as shutting down the stations with turnstiles, the deployment of field agents and extra surveillance. Moreover, the carrier will improve public safety by from June on nights after 22:00 standard two conductors on the train and mobile V & S teams on the other nights.


Equipment Reflective MACNA Night-Eye: bright

Applicable from January, the questionable – and challenged! – Government action forcing to wear retro-reflective equipment motorbikes seems nevertheless having a positive effect: it pushes the motorcycle equipment manufacturers to improve the visibility of motorcyclists and scooter riders.


Three years of development

The result of three years of research and development, Night-Eye process has the feature to capture and refract light strongly, even low. “More ambient brightness is low, the more the material reflects intensely” says the Dutch manufacturing MACNA.

To achieve this, the reflective material “Night Eye” consists of a micro-faceted multitude hemispherical at grainy, which act like tiny mirrors. The advantage of this technology lies in its discretion: to date, and jackets motorcycle and scooter covered the Night-Eye does not differ from traditional equipment.


At night however, their ability to reflect light shows much higher: the proof image with the above arrangement made with the jacket touring MACNA Concrete.

Currently MACNA offers two ranges of equipment that use the Night-Eye technology: a first fluorescent yellow for maximum visibility and a second gray that can be found on clothing less “flashy the eye “as the Concrete reflective jacket.

Cyclists disagree with the duties of reflective elements

Associations that promote cycling as a mode of transport does not agree with the obligation to pedestrians in poor visibility had elements required to wear reflective clothing. That is the amendment to the law on road traffic promotes the Ministry of Transport. “This obligation is inadequate especially in the villages where you can expect the movement of pedestrians and drivers would thus they should be ready,” said Vice President of the European Cycling Federation Daniel.


“The implementation of the obligations of pedestrians wear reflective elements is inconsistent with the principle of responsibility stronger traffic participants (motorists) for the damage they can cause,” said Moore. Ministry proposal requires wearing reflective elements and in the community in places where there is no pavement and not sufficiently illuminated.


Such conditions but by the association fulfills a number of residential streets where pedestrians without reflective fabric clothing according to the letter of the law could not move at all. But in reality it will be completely different point associations and demand that even without the reflective elements could walker to communicate through. In this case, for example, could be required before the passage of the vehicle on the verge of retreat.


Besides wearing reflective elements associations require adjustments to the duties of cyclists in motion in operation. It includes the abolition of the obligation to always ride on the right side of the road, which endangers cyclist’s example when the side of the road parked car in narrow lanes or before the roundabout. Cyclists crossing for cyclists should also take precedence over branching vehicles. Preferences for these associations are demanding even in a situation where the vehicle comes from tertiary roads that may not have been marked trails in these sections interrupted.


Among the associations that submitted comments on the law, for example, was the association Auto * Mat, organizing bike ride with wearing reflective vest, association Brno bike or Partnership Foundation.

Police handing out Reflective tape instead of fines

Six out of ten deaths of pedestrians are dying on the roads at night and eight in poor visibility. The sad statistics led logically to supplement the Law on Road Traffic mandatory reflective elements. Police officers or pedestrian controlled but as shown exploration rights, while fines instead of fatty distributed reflective tape.


Penalty for lack of security elements may, according to a spokesman for city police officers in Hradec Kralove Eve reach up to 2000 crowns. But the penalties do not fall so far, confirms her colleague from police Hanna. “Rather violators explain how important it is to be seen, and on that occasion they also reflective tape giving away,” said Legal.


“It is now essential especially prevention and education, police in the Piles region pedestrians also transmit reflective elements,” confirmed a police spokeswoman Jana. For example, seniors Monday morning at one of the busy intersections in the city center received shopping bags in reflective colors. “During the events giving away pedestrians reflective tape, which is quite interested,” said spokesman Petra.


In the past six months, we handed out maybe eight hundred reflective tapes on sleeve. His colleague from the district added that people even go on a police station and reflective tape on request. “Unfortunately, we do not have much that we can give out to everyone on request free of charge. We do it just for preventive action. ”


Contrast tape instead of a fine not comes without pedestrians and reflective material elements. “Strider evening check and inform them that they should have reflective elements. They are also taken from BESIP and we give them, “he told Provo City police.


Even Brno officers widely distributed in preventive actions called a reflective tape on the sleeve. “People go to them and to our staff, in the past six months we’ve handed out maybe eight hundred,” said city police spokesman Patel.

Police officers explain to people that the reflective elements are also good to wear in, not only in the dimly lit streets, but everywhere, especially in poor visibility.

Unique plus


Qualified assessment of the impact of the new law is still early, but questioned the police officers and it unanimously welcomed. And again, it’s not just sanctions.

“Personally, I believe that it is very good that the issue of the visibility of pedestrians speaking, it has a preventive effect. I notice that people and daytime wear reflective tape on bags, so awareness is pretty, “said Stray.


The Jiminy by local police number of pedestrians with reflective elements on clothing definitely increased. “It is not enough, for example, Walker had in his hand a flashlight. Therefore, the most reflective tape or vest, “added Legal.

Police will distribute reflective vests and belts

Pedestrians and passengers two groups of people, which in those days would turn the attention of police in Olin reason in both cases is the same: to be more visible. Reflective vests today 15 to 17 hours will be handing police a passenger in the passenger seat on the road at the entrance.


“In vehicles because in most cases is the only reflective vests drivers. Other participants did not, and so are often in danger when they move, for example in traffic accident site, “explained Olin police in safety vest.


According to her, more and more tragic accidents, which could often be avoided just that, if a person moving at dusk or in darkness have seen enough already from afar. If pedestrians can wear reflective tape on hand, it will be a greatly help.


“You will, together with representatives of road safety and traffic patrol handing pedestrians in Olin Street on Thursday,” said Lucie. The reflective belts handed out event was held by her between seven and eight o’clock in the morning.

A thief robbed a reflective vest in the car

Police officers are searching for the unknown thief who chose an unusual disguise. Cars parked in the street walked wearing a reflective vest. He stole two bags in which they were stored stuff for three quarters of a million. Police were looking for him since September 9, now appeals to the public.


“An unknown offender shortly before three o’clock in the afternoon, first peered into the vehicle. When the seat saw two bags, did not hesitate, broke a window and travel bags alienated, “said police spokeswoman Vista.

The plunder for three quarters of a million, then quickly ran into the bushes, where they originally came from.


Hundreds of thousands in cash and watches

According to police luggage hid hundreds of thousands of crowns in cash, jewelry, cosmetics, clothing and shoes. Police in safety vest managed to get a photo stolen ladies watch brand beetling, which are likely to suspect a man tried to sell.


“Although the record did not capture the face of the suspect, he might know someone, for example by walking or style of clothing. Detectives are therefore now after exhausting other options are turning to the public for help, “said Martin.

If anyone could suspect the man on the tape identified, can call the hotline 158th “Detectives are investigating the case on suspicion of committing crimes criminal damage and theft, for which the offender if caught and convicted threatens imprisonment for up to eight years,” said Martin in reflective jacket.