An essential reflective band to complete your visibility

Drive case, a Strasbourg-based company specializing in road safety related accessories and training, fights against accidents linked to poor visibility of users. In addition to traditional safety vest, pedestrians and cyclists can wear a reflective armband to increase their visibility.


Reflective armbands usually made of stainless steel and shatterproof or polyester, armbands wind around your arm either by torsion or Velcro. At Drive case, the majority of armbands meet EN 13356: 2001, which specifies the optical and surface performance requirements for accessories intended for non-professional use and designed to signal the presence of an individual visually when illuminated by a vehicle on the road at night.


An ideal gift during your prevention days

Existing in different colors and customizable with a logo or message, the Drive case reflective armbands are essential accessories during your training sessions. Their small size and ease of use make them perfect gifts for your employees or audiences so they keep a souvenir of your brand or event.


Other high-visibility accessories

Complete your range of reflective products by discovering the other collections offered by Drive case. In addition to your armband, opt for a vest, the most effective tool to be visible on the road. For sportsmen, the reflective gusset belt is an essential accessory. For your children, a wide range of reflective accessories to hang on a bag or clothes are available.

Pedestrian: Light clothing and reflectors are important

It gets dark early and late light: In the winter time pedestrians are particularly vulnerable in traffic. Bright clothing and reflective material provide better visibility.


Only a few days ago suffered a pedestrian, after being hit by a car, fatal injuries. In general, the trend in accidents, are involved in the pedestrian, rising since 2015 again. Between 2011 and 2015, a total of 27 persons who were recorded on our roads of vehicles, mortally wounded.


There were the six in 2011 and 2012 and five in 2013. 2014, the number dropped to three deaths, with seven victims of the peak was reached in the same period last year. Also in terms of the number of seriously injured pedestrians, it has risen in the last year dramatically, to 52 against 35 in, 2014.

Darkness, rain, fog


Particularly dangerous for the weakest link in the road is the cold season: darkness, rain and fog are factors that increase the risk. Carries a pedestrian dark clothes, a driver recognizes him only from a distance of about 25 meters. Far too often, this is too late…


Therefore, the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure and recommend that one should dress bright and use reflectors, which are available in various forms and can be applied to umbrellas, shoes or clothing. Last Sunday, on the occasion of an action 2,500 reflective armbands were distributed in the capital.


Tips for Motorists

One should always be on the move in the opposite lane on highways. Here in the dark is wearing a safety vest – how they have incidentally always in the car with him must – mandatory. If you are traveling with a dog, should provide it with a reflective collar.

Addressed to the drivers it’s like to drive a reasonable speed, turn on the low beam when visibility is poor and keep the windows clean.

Instead of fines policemen distributes reflective tape

Six out of ten deaths of pedestrians dying on the roads are at night and in poor visibility. The sad statistics logically led to supplement the Law on Road Traffic mandatory reflective tapes. Policemen and constables pedestrian control, but as the survey showed rights, yet instead of fatty fines handed out reflective tape.

Penalty for lack of safety features may reach up to CZK 2,000. But punishments do not come yet; it is confirmed by her colleagues.

“Rather violators explain how important it is to be seen, and on that occasion reflective tapes were given away,” she said.

“It is now essential especially prevention and education, police also distribute reflective elements to pedestrians,” confirmed a police spokeswoman. For example, on Monday morning seniors on one of the busy intersections in the city center received shopping bags with reflective heat transfer film.

“During events we give pedestrians reflective tape, which is quite interesting,” said spokesman.

“In the past six months, we handed out maybe eight hundred reflective armbands to put on sleeves,” said the police spokesman.

His colleague added that people even go as well as to police and reflective tape on request. “Unfortunately, we do not have much that we can give out to everyone free of charge upon request. We do it just for preventive action. ”

Contrast tape instead of a fine for pedestrians without reflectors. “Strider evening check and inform them that they should have reflective elements. They are also the BESIP married and we give them, “he told the police.

Officers are frequently on preventive actions such as handing reflective armbands. “People come for them and our staff, in the past six months, we handed them perhaps eight hundred,” said city police spokesman.

Police officers explain to people that the reflective elements are also good to wear in, not only in the dimly lit streets, but everywhere, especially in poor visibility.

Qualified assessment of the impact of the new law is still early, but questioned the police officers and it unanimously welcomed. And again, it’s not just sanctions.

“Personally, I believe that it is very good that the issue of the visibility of pedestrians speaking, it has a preventive effect. I notice that people and daytime wear reflective tape on bags, so awareness is pretty, “said one pedestrian.

According to local police the number of pedestrians with reflective elements on clothing definitely increased. “It is not enough, for example, Walker had in his hand a flashlight, must be visible from the rear. Therefore, it is best with reflective tape or reflective vest, “she added.