EN ISO 20471 for high visibility clothing

The EN ISO 20471 is the first international standard for high visibility clothing. It replaces the European standard EN 471st.

But what has changed? And what does the new norm for manufacturers and distributors as well as for consumers / buyers of clothes currently manufactured according to EN 471?

This brings the new warning clothing EN ISO 20471 with itself.

With the new EN ISO 20471 requirements for high visibility clothing for use shall be first established risk-based, in 3 classes specifically designed to protect against ‘high risk’. The previous interpretation of “for professional or business use” of EN 471 is a thing of the past.

Class 3 is still the highest and Class 1 has the lowest protection level, respectively, depending on the amounts of warning agent (background material) and Reflex (retro reflective material).

IMPORTANT: For a use of high visibility clothing the lowest class 1, a combined use with clothing of the higher classes is advisable to increase the visibility.

After the EN ISO 20471, the amount of warning colored background material will be “net” determined. That is, e.g. without logos or other (also provided) imprints.

The warning agent must at high visibility clothing for higher risk levels (classes 2 and 3) for better visibility from all sides in any case, the torso wrap. Also new is that for reflective strips only the higher quality level 2 is allowed. Thus, the mention of the previous number in the new pictogram deleted.

The characteristics of the classes must now be retained even after at least 5 launderings.

Models of Warning clothing from CHILD meet the requirements of the new EN ISO 20471 already. Most models are already according to new standard officially tested and recertified. This is the proof that the CHILD models always provide optimum safety and comply with the latest technology. From childhood until now manufactured according to EN 471 high visibility clothing could be sold off and used without any restriction.

For a use of high visibility clothing in exceptional risk situations with the requirement for maximum safety KID offers the new range of high visibility clothing gemmated® SCOPE (jacket / pants) according to EN ISO 20471 to. This is characterized by a particularly striking design.

The biggest change of the EN ISO 20471 is that high visibility clothing is “risk-based” considered and evaluated. This would especially help the consumer in assessing which is the high visibility clothing for the respective application suitable. The extensive range of high visibility clothing with reflective tapes of CHILD easily meets all requirements.

Please contact us if you have any further questions. We are happy to provide information available.

Stay visible with reflective stripe

It is a dark winter day in central Bergen. The time has not yet become eight, and a rush of cars and buses whizzing by venerable Bergen Handel gymnasium in Kalfarveien.

On both sides of the street are people on their way to work and school.

A pupil who shall number the first lesson runs across the street without worrying about cars driving past. Get user reflective tape, but still crossing the street untroubled.

We would make a cool reflection for young people who want to make them visible in traffic, but that was still simple and stylish, tells student at Bergen Handel gymnasium, Stain Landaus (18).

Along with two classmates, he started in Sept. youth enterprise “Be visible UB”, which produces practical and tough reflective bracelet, with room for mobile.

The style conscious boys spent considerable time planning how the bracelet would look like, and got good using a draftsman and ALF center for employment training, producing bands.

We would keep it as pure and simple as possible, telling Landaus who are general manager of the youth now.

Currently they have sold about 30 tapes of teachers and acquaintances, but hope the other students at the school will take interest reflex gradually.

They plan to set up a booth at the school where they will be selling ribbons, and have created a separate group for now on Face book.

The bracelet is made of the same material as exercise tights, so it should be easy, and sit comfortably on your arm.

It is black with two reflective stripes and has a simple design.

Reflective is so easy that you do not notice that it is outside of the jacket, and then you do not take it off and on, says Hans Jacobsen (17) pr.- and marketing manager.

He says that it is also ideal for training because it has room for mobile.

The company was started as part of the subject “Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development” and with a grant from Sparebanken Vest shall continue to operate until the end of May.

Reflective bands sold for 150 million piece, and the boys hope they will make a profit within the school year is over.

The contractors tell they are keener to use reflex after they sat behind the wheel for the first time.

When you go out in the dark thinking that the cars look, but once you start to drive, you learn that it is not true, says Lars Otto Torsi.

Now he makes sure he always uses reflex when it is dark, and hope other young people will follow his example.

Severe Kristopher Jensen went by bus for 18 years, and has had several scary situations on the road because of pedestrians who do not use reflectors.

Pedestrians who do not have the reflex are a nightmare for us running bus, because they blend in with the surroundings and you see them so late. Then it can quickly cause a hazardous situation cannot manage to stop in time, he said.

Jensen finds that it is especially adolescents and adults who are reluctant to use a reflector, and that people in the city are duller with reflective clothing use than those living in more rural surroundings.

He praises the boys for the project and agrees that it is necessary to have a product that can appeal to young people.

I think it is absolutely king that the boys have been involved in this matter, and that they have found something that is easy to carry and use, while it works in traffic, says Jensen.

The importance of reflectors in dark

Norwegian residents can enjoy not only endowed with youth, but a comfortable old age. And that they can gather, protect not only themselves, and children, but also their pets. Of course, there are exceptions – that is the northern region of Norway grown deer, which kill hundreds every year, because at night the road safety is hardly noticeable.

Police data Lithuania over half of 45 pedestrians were killed, 28 of them – the dark time of the day, still 473 injured. Norwegians reflectors made of reflective tape are no problem for them it’s not messy at home or forgotten attribute. Outside the Arctic Circle, residents, winter residents during the whole day, twilight or darkness, especially well aware of the importance of reflective tapes.

Learning how to correctly wear reflectors: where to suggest you? Children have learned in kindergarten to wear reflective vests and wear reflectors. Even during the day walking in the city center kindergarteners always wear a reflective vest. The schools also emphasize the importance of reflectors. Hear the course of the reflectors must be wishing to obtain a Norwegian license.

Riding a bicycle or motorcycle wearing a reflective vest is mandatory. Therefore, adults nighttime wear reflectors are a matter of course. The most common is to wait reflectors for clothing, has also come in addition to the approval of jackets, pants, jackets, backpacks. Many of the companies located in the northern region, over their own security personnel. Of external objects, buildings, oil and gas platform construction, repair or routine maintenance operatives clothing stands reflective parts. And the man never forgets the reflector and is always clearly visible. Norwegians keep their lives not only at work or traveling home on a daily basis, but also to spend their leisure time, for example, participating in or hunting.

Reflectors abundance is not just for humans but also for their beloved pets. Nighttime dogs dressed in reflective jackets or sake with special flashing. Complete freedom to walk both in the mountains and villages, both carriageways with reindeer very often ends his days to run down the car. To avoid collision with the environment almost fused and suddenly appeared on the road surfaces in animals is almost impossible. Unfortunately, Lithuania reflectors Carrying rules still too low uptake. Several hours of darkness it is difficult to see not only the moose or deer, but also people.

Correct reflectors Carrying culture promotes the project “Do not moose” in cooperation with the Lithuanian Road Administration calls always have a reflector and wear it correctly.

Safety vests for school children in Germany

The ADAC brings reflective safety jackets which he distributed to primary schools in South Westphalia. The reflective tape withholds their services. The material damage is apparently at several million Euros.

The safety vests, which the ADAC has also distributed to primary schools in South Westphalia, have a dark spot. That is why the “Yellow Angel” brings back the jackets.

“We have ordered together with Deutsche Post and the action, Eon Hers fur kinder ‘safety vests for all children starting school in Germany,” says ADAC spokesman Andreas Hazel, “so that the school for the youngest road users will be safer.”

Also the ADAC Westphalia asked for all elementary schools from Dortmund to Siegen, who wants to distribute the yellow safety vests to his I-Dote at the beginning of the dark season in South Westphalia. Almost all schools accepted the offer.

“A well-known manufacturer of safety clothing” says Andreas Hazel, – – Consequently, the traffic experts left the West directed by CWS boo produce in China. In order to guarantee the quality of the jackets, the ADAC went to “play it safe”. He asked the company CWS boo to an extensive certification of yellow bedspreads. In addition, TÜV Rhineland tested in Shanghai, the quality of the clothing on the spot. “Here, the safety vests all the tests and also the final full test passed,” says Andreas Hazel.

Extradition could walk across the stage. Each Gaul of ADAC was supplied with the desired amount. “We have passed directly through our partner DHL packages to schools,” said Dr. Peter Mints reminiscent of ADAC Westphalia in Dortmund. Finally, should the safety vests from 22 September – are passed to the first graders – even before the autumn holidays.

But as soon as the packages had arrived in schools, as they were also called back again. The result: All delivered vest were recalled. Should already be some spread that students are allowed to keep these vests. Andreas Hazel: “You meet so the warning functions, only not achieve the best possible standard of safety.” That’s why CWS boo will revise all delivered 750 000. Safety vests and provided with a prescribed reflective material.

The distribution is delayed, that galls me.

“This of course delayed the distribution of the Yellow Jackets to a few weeks,” says Dr. Peter Mints, “the galls me.” Fortunately the autumn holidays come in between, so that the non-material damage was not so great. Dr. Peter Mints: “Immediately after the autumn holidays – so no later than 23rd of October – will be ready is the new west in the schools.”

The material damage, which the manufacturer CWS boo has to wear is, said Dr. Peter Mints, “at several million Euros.”

Reflective vest for pedestrians’ safety

Between November and January; twenty more pedestrians without reflective vest die crushed because of the lack of light.

This is a consequence of the transition to winter time: between November and January, 20 more pedestrians are killed every month on the roadside. To warn about this unknown phenomenon Prevention Maid launched November 3 an awareness campaign.

“Reflect” in every sense of the word. “Think you”. Because the challenge is to encourage pedestrians to get noticed because with winter time, it’s dark in the morning at a time when one starts at school and at night when you come home from work.

This is precisely the morning and evening, after dark, the majority of accidents occur from November to January: pedestrians who do not wear safety vest are less visible effect when they walk through or on the roadside.

The time change does have an impact on health?

“One day, I wanted through a small country road. A car came with a bang. It was winter and I was dressed in black. Fortunately, it was just at the start of the walkway so I have backed, “testified Chloe who lives in the Paris region testifies to the microphone Europe 1.”In the countryside, there is not much floor lamp, so I am with my phone into flashlight mode and I’m doing great signs,” said the young woman.

But the “flashlight” technical Chloe is not the most appropriate as it may, however, blind the driver. There are much more effective measures according Fegueux Sophie, medical adviser for highway safety like trying to put lighter clothes or brighter colors or better to have reflective tape. And for cyclists, have a retro-reflective vest.

But not everything is a matter of pedestrians and drivers of two-wheeled drivers should slow down especially when changing from a well lit area to a darker area. It is, in fact, at that time that we have the most difficulty in distinguishing pedestrians.

Motorist without reflective jackets will be hit easily

The “lobby jacket” won. And from April the famous warning reflective jackets will obligatory throughout Italy. The law actually not required under the jacket on all cars (as is the case for the triangle), but stipulates that any emergency operation around the car should be carried out with the famous jacket.
Thus any violation would take effect only if you are caught “in flagrante delicate”. We must say that any measure to reduce the risk of accidents is welcome, even if it favors some powerful industrial lobby.
The point is that the case of fluorescent jackets is a prime example of disregard for their own safety that you would like to increase.
With the decree in fact creates a huge legal vacuum in terms of insurance: if a motorist is hit near his car without wearing a reflective vest, the insurance will not pay. This is the only certainty of the “vests”.
However, no reliable statistics on how many motorists are invested while changing a tire, how many accidents could be avoided with this rule, the indirect benefits to the greater visibility of pedestrians around parked cars.
You only know that from April onwards insurance will have a new excuse not to pay. And the turnover of the companies that manufacture these reflective jackets will increase.
But it is not all: the next step will be to make it compulsory to apply reflective tapes on all trucks. An optional thing throughout Europe, but those we will be required by law. So they will have to sell kilometers adhesive reflector strips to cover all trucks circulating in Italy.
But back to the jacket which, by the way, should cost about 10 Euros. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has in fact issued a decree with directions to the personal protective equipment for drivers of passenger cars.
The vests with reflective stripes and suspenders must comply with the essential health and safety requirements described in Legislative Decree 4 December 1992, n. 475. And the Manufacturers will be able to present, on request, in addition to the EC declaration of conformity even the certificate of conformity. It must be assessed by the examination for the EC, by which an approved inspection body certifies that a model of personal protective equipment is manufactured in accordance with relevant national standards, transposing the harmonized standards. For high visibility garments harmonized standard reference is UNI EN 471.

High visibility vest becomes mandatory in Germany

From 1 July 2014, the Germany imposes reflective vest to motorists, but in Italy it is compulsory to wear it for 10 years. Germany has finally decided to require that high visibility vests for German motorists. Reflective vest, which in Italy is compulsory to wear when they leave the car in the evening, from, next July will be monitored by German police on all cars. But how is it that Germany, a model of efficiency and safety of the infrastructure, is around 10 years than in Italy?

Also required for tourists but only by car – It ‘Steno that Germany and Switzerland, among the European countries that are more efficient road safety one of their icon, are still the only one of the few not to impose high visibility vests for drivers. While Switzerland, in fact, will only continue to recommend to drivers in Germany will become mandatory hold drive from 1 July 2014 and triggered the obligation for those who pass the borders of Germany only for the holidays. A problem that should not worry too much motorists Italians, since we have the vest is compulsory equipment since 2004 in Italy. While here, however, is mandatory to wear it if they leave the car in the event of bad weather or poor visibility (Art.162 of the Security Council), Germany motorists will not be able to show it to the police during routine road checks will risk a fine. The German obligation to keep it on board but oddly is not extended to bikers and campers.

How to be the vest reflective – The vest (or reflective braces) high visibility must bear the CE mark and the symbol of the UNI EN 471, which lays down the characteristics for work clothes police and professionals roadworks. In Italy it is essential to wear, for example in case of a breakdown, not only to avoid a fine of 39 Euros and 2 points less on the license but for their own safety. The ideal would be to have one for each passenger transported, because in case of an accident everyone should be able to leave the car and take cover in total safety, even if the Highway Code takes into account the only driver in the event of a breakdown. Have at least two ready and not in the trunk is crucial (see the instructions to avoid ending up killed on the highway).

Each country is a standards se – It ‘really curious to note that in Europe the application of standards is so varied as to oblige those who cross the border frequently to know the traffic regulations of each country. The high visibility jacket is mandatory in almost all the European Union except in Switzerland, where these are the mandatory daytime running lights. The same applies to Bosnia-Herzegovina, while in Ukraine the headlights are compulsory day only during the winter, unlike Portugal, Belarus, Greece and the UK where it is recommended the use of headlights during the day. Enclosed you will find a map of the European countries where it is legal requirement to carry a high visibility vest.

Reflective clothing is necessary in bad weather

The rain, like the wind, can be an incentive that will help us to make our training more intense tad. Wear reflective clothing is very necessary. Although the weather is likely to reduce your speed, if you are in good physical condition, use it to your advantage to work endurance; greater efforts to involve the legs and lungs. To do this, shorten your stride; the more time you spend without your feet touching the surface, the greater your resistance.

Prepare your routes. Logically, you should adjust the itineraries to weather conditions. Not just jogging in spring by a decamped area that I do in the rain. Avoid roads where many puddles and if you allow temporary refuge becomes more intense. On the other hand, it is not recommended going out on stormy days, if must go out, then wear a raincoat with reflective tape.

Dress smartly. Bring a first layer (a thermal shirt, for example) and other outside as windbreaks, waterproof material such as nylon or the like. It is essential to keep dry when the rain surprises us and also maintain body temperature. You can also consider wearing a visor with reflective material, there are plastic to keep the rain bother your eyes. Do not forget gloves to protect your hands from the cold.

Bring neon elements. The winter light is scarce; especially when it rains, and makes worse the visibility for drivers. Try to always wear a reflective band, yellow, pink etc. Even some sports garments are made with reflective fabric. Check your footwear. Maybe you are too worn or slipping because of the rain, and you need to invest in some new shoes. It is important that the feet are kept warm and dry; there are models made for it in impervious materials such as Gore-Tex.

Reflective safety clothing is very necessary

One hundred bikers learn to intervene in emergency Moan accident will participate, alongside some cyclists on a day of first aid. The objective is to reduce data motorists died performing a first effective intervention. So reflective safety clothing is very necessary.

“Last year was especially tragic for bikers, with many deaths, and is aware that a first rapid action in an accident can make the difference between saving a life or death,” explains Jodi Calvary, the group “Os Mata Par dales “Moan. Therefore this biker rock organized this afternoon the first day of biker emergency and first aid in the village. They do it with the essential collaboration of experts 3.0 Emergency Association.

So far some 80 have arrived, most motorbike users, but also some cyclists. The activities will take place tomorrow, from 16.00 pm in the pavilion Ribbon.

The event will begin with a presentation by the president of the cooperative and technical partnership in health emergencies, Javier Ferreira. “I will talk about the work to prevent accidents and how to act in case of bleeding or amputations occur after a disaster,” explained the reporter himself yesterday. They also explain how to practice the techniques of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or treating burns.

After the theoretical part five workshops will be held, also for attendees learn to practice CPR, bleeding or clog acts before a wounded with multiple injuries. It will also work on the essentials in a first aid kit and signaling aspects of security and the obligation to wear reflective garment or warning reflective triangles.

The most spectacular part is produced with a mock accident involving motorcyclists, members of the Local Police and Civil Protection Moan Congas. It will act in the case of a motorcycle accident with guardrail and operation will be used even a smoke machine, to add realism to the scene.

This day comes months after the death in 1304 of EP-Celia (Buru) of a biker who had hit Moan foot of a guardrail that was in poor condition and had not been replaced by a double barrier blonde as claimed for more than a decade by bikers from all over Spain as a measure of minimum safety ago.

Marches in 25 cities throughout the state clamored against the guardrails that are still common in most of the roads. The conference today is to educate motorcyclists and cyclists of the importance of wear reflective tapes on clothing and preparing to intervene in accidents before they reach fellow EMTs.

Police check Reflective clothing for cyclist

Police in Pilsner surprised cyclists on one of the busiest bike paths in the city. Because it has long dark morning, the patrol checked if people run on machines with the required reflective tape and lights. For three cyclists began the week fines.

U Prazdroj is a strategic cycle route for riders heading out of town Doubravka to the city of Pilsner. It was here, near the stop urban traffic, where signs instruct cyclists dismount from their machines and about 50 meters round lead at half past six in the morning appeared patrol traffic policemen.

Flashlight with red light in the hand of a man in a reflective jacket is uncompromising cyclists. “It’s a very big surprise; at first I did not understand it at me. I’ve never while riding a bicycle policeman did not check, “says John Velcová.

The policeman stopped her, because when driving at dusk lit up a front white light. On the bike he had assembled. Cyclist apologized. She thought he was on the cycle it may not be illuminated. No red light was turned on while driving.

After talking with the officer turned on the white light, the police spokesman Haney Štefflová got like all halt cyclists reflective material, a cyclist with a reproof from the police continued on the way to work.

For the first hour of police officers fined two cyclists who had the lights on bicycles at all. The third was fined Marot Picher “This is the first time I’ve checked on the bike. It’s one of my recent trips this year, I buy a light spring, “said the young man, who after stepping on a bike without a rear red light stokorunovou paid the fine.

After Pilsner on a bicycle said he was too afraid because of increasing bike paths. “Maybe there along the main road from the center of Plzen towards Prague’s done well,” says Mares Picher.

Why did the police focused on the bike right now? Night is prolonged dawns around seven in the morning, when many people begin to shift work, night is dark already around eight o’clock.

Vaclav Irking of BESIP Company says that the lights on bicycles together with reflectors and reflective elements on clothing are now vital for cyclists and pedestrians. “Even an ordinary white plastic bag highlights the drivers pedestrian on 50-70 meters, reflective clothing and alerts the driver 200 or more meters,” says a specialist in road safety Vaclav Irking.