Reflective elements to protect the pedestrians

4 people were killed and seven were injured – voiced Statistics Alexander, deputy. Head of Traffic Police Ministry of Internal Affairs on sustainable development. – In this case, none of the pedestrians on the clothing was not reflective elements.

The main causes of such accidents – Pedestrians do not use retro-reflective elements cross the road outside the pedestrian crossings. In addition, the assaults occur in the poorly lit “Zebra”.

As drivers see pedestrians on the unlit passage?

In September, dark early, and some lights near the “Zebra” or not at all, or they are not working. We conducted an experiment and found out as drivers with a distance (25 m) see pedestrians in the clothes of different colors. Camera settings are maximally close to what the human eye sees. To avoid distortion when photographing we did not use the approach.

  1. Reflective clothing

On the road is visible only black silhouette, which merges with the darkness. When the car drove up, pedestrians had to bounce back to the side of the road to avoid an accident. so the reflective clothing is very important.

  1. Light jacket

Inspector’s traffic police are advised, in the extreme case, to wear something white, to become more visible. In fact – it does not help much. One of the drivers of nearly knocked pedestrian. He stopped at the last moment.

  1. Pedestrian in a dark jacket and white hat

Apparently, because the cap was white crystal and jacket – more sand.

  1. Reflective Bracelet

It can be seen from far away, but even better if these bracelets will be two – on both hands.

  1. Reflective Keychain

So he will not run. It shows us less effective than the bracelet.

  1. Blinking Flashlight

It can be attached to the jacket, bag or cap unlike other tools just like reflective tape; drivers reacted to him as soon as pedestrians approaching the road.

Why we wear reflectors

While road users constantly encouraged wearing reflective clothing, disaster at night is not decreasing. Distributed thousands of reflectors, but people still do not wear them or wearing irregularly. Remember reflectors, it is vital now – October, November, and December for being invisible on the road may have to pay with their lives.

The one small-town schools – the usual flurry. They were met by unexpected guests – police officers and chaplain. Not for the first time, police officers carried reflectors split shares show the same thing: the majority of students still nosegay reflectors. This is especially noticeable in urban schools. “The goal of is to see if people are wearing reflectors, not so much to check how much to explain why all this need. You know, for me as a priest, never pleased when a funeral. Protect your child can pinning him reflector and also visually, or lost sight, not forgotten “- show” Roads. People say police chaplain Lithuania Algebras Foliates.

In some cases, the fact that it is necessary to wear reflectors, children know more than parents, some teachers believe. Not only reflectors but also backpacks, coats or jackets with reflective elements – that should take care of their parents. “A lot depends on our attitude. We can in fact be seen as a kind of foreign body: reflector – at the level of youth as saying. However, the growing number of people carrying reflectors. People are scared. And especially teenagers “, – said A. Toliatas. While fashion dictates its own rules, the reflector of clothing must be installed so that it is visible from all sides. Ceiling reflector is to be laid on the right side, for example. This is especially important if the pedestrian wears only one reflector. Reflector strip is to be easily placed on the sleeve or leg lower leg area.

Traffic safety experts say the most disappointing months, when to wear reflectors vitally necessary – October, November and December. It was during this period to be invisible on the move can cost very dearly. Higher risk areas – urban roads. Walking here often ignore the rules go against the direction of traffic. What’s even endangering a pedestrian? “When it rains there are puddles near the road and pedestrian always reluctant to go near gravel road, he choose to follow the path. Then it becomes invisible, “- draws the attention of the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety Division V. Pupates. In poor weather conditions, even the permissible speed for the driver may not even be able to stop in time. So the “switch” to switch the autumn – to monitor more closely the way and slowing down – each responsible driver’s responsibility. Especially dangerous situation when cars pass each other. It often happens that drivers are blinded by each other and then the pedestrian does not have any opportunities to avoid particularly painful accident “- warns V. Pupates.

Reflective, pinned on a visible place, retro-reflective vest or light shining in the hands – these security measures are necessary, going poorly lit shoulders and roadway at night or in poor visibility conditions. Every year, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Lithuanian Road Administration and other institutions distributing thousands of reflectors, inform road users of the importance and value. Why people forget to wear them? “Quite simply, people think that the disaster will overtake them. That disaster will happen to others, but not them. They do not expect to die on the road in such simple circumstances. The man has to understand that if coming out at night and especially in the countryside road, it must be visible. Otherwise, according to statistics, a pedestrian has little chance of returning home safely, “- talking with the show” Roads. People stated by Mr. Pupates. Last year alone through November, traffic accidents killed 38 people. None of them wear reflector or did not wear reflective vests. So many deaths recorded by more than one European country.

Reflective accessory prevent traffic injury

Lithuanian police invite Lithuanian residents to be on the road more human, more tolerant and caring. Officials urge to think not only about themselves but also about the safety of others. People are encouraged to behave on the road under all security Statistics announced that the world’s roads each year kills about 1.3 million people.

Up to 50 million people injured without reflective accessories and left disabled. In developed countries, mortality from injuries is 3 places in accordance with the cause of death. The World Health Organization predicts that by 2020. Road death toll could rise to 1.9 million.

Despite the fact that over the past 20-30 years, the European Union countries reduces injuries and better implementation of safety measures in all European Union Member injury remains the leading child and adolescent causes of death.

Unsafe speed and aggressive driving, driving while intoxicated and tired, ignoring seat belts, technically irregular use of the car, and respect for other road users and the lack of accidents – this lethal cocktail of the European Union’s roads every year kills about 40 thousand. People’s lives, and for unintentional injuries each year needlessly killed about 10 000 children. It registered a total of 3,312 traffic accidents, fatalities – 297, wounded 3975th.

Globally, road traffic crashes have become the leading cause of death among 15-29 year old young people. Almost half of them are killed on roads by pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. Many people were injured, frequent remained lifelong disability.

However, in order to prevent very effectively helps used measures that reduce child victims of unintentional injuries, the number, for example:

Children’s car seats possession against the direction of travel – 90-95% less injuries;

Vehicle speed limit to 32 km / h. Entering zones – 70% fewer deaths;

In a global Decade of Road Safety Action Plan is a defined area of ​​the main lines of action, which could save hundreds of lives and Lithuania. Lithuania also contributes to the World Health Organization Road Safety Decade for 2011-2020. And supports the WHO initiative around the world to stabilize and reduce fatalities and trauma roads. It is important to contribute to raising awareness and a more cultured traffic participant educates various public groups.

It is necessary to constantly educate Lithuanian citizens behave safely on the road, wearing reflectors, seat belts, cycling – helmet, teach choose a safe speed and driving while intoxicated.

Improving the licensing and training system, with a special focus on young novice drivers (first aid compulsory education quality, these skills upgrading every few years). The aging of European society is increasingly important to keep elderly people’s right to mobility and the needs of older road users.

Important continuous work with children, learning how to safely cross the street safely rides a bike, the importance of wearing helmets and carrying reflectors.

For students it is important enough to develop road safety skills: provide risky traffic situations; to detect and evaluate sources of danger; formation of the traffic situation in an image; function properly – make the right decision.

Education on road safety issues important to include the mandatory training programs and carry out all the compulsory school attendance period.

Health education and disease prevention center reminds parents that our small – sensitive users, who are often injured on the road. Each of us must ensure that our children reach school safely and return home safely.

Safe routes to and from school (Parenting):

Teach your children how to behave letter (“zebra”) and the regulated pedestrian crossings and intersections. The child needs to know that in order to cross the street, it must first stop, and first look to the left, then right, then left again and convinced that the way is clear, go across the street. Do not go across the street at a red traffic light.

Explain to your child what traffic lights what it means to the driver and pedestrian.

Particular, it is important to go at a time when, in fact, will be the lessons start and end, efforts should be made to keep things real.

Do not allow one child to go home after the first day of school. Later also regularly check whether it behaves as you learned together, whether it affects the behavior of other children. Make sure the child on the road no new hazardous locations such as construction sites.

Keep in mind that the greatest influence on a child doing your own behavior on the street, so it always shows the good example! Praise your child and let him in vain for something to fear. Sometimes the transformed roles – Allow the child to bring you to the school and on the way to show dangerous places. Thus, to find out which local child looks unsafe and can cause problems.

Select the safest way to school and back, even if it is slightly longer. Small bypass can significantly reduce the risk.

Explain to your child that pedestrian crossings marked “Zebra” and regulated the traffic light; you need to be careful, because a lot of drivers still fail to comply with traffic rules.

Make sure that your child always go out of the house on time and do not rush him. Yes it nepridarys reckless mistakes.

If you can, let your child go to school or return home alone, especially if you live in the countryside.

Before starting your child to use public transport or school bus, you need to practice. Drive several times with your child and teach him how to behave in public transport, going to the station and anticipation.

Make sure that the child would go out of the house in time to stop and go without rushing. If a child is late to press ahead and fear, his behavior may be unpredictable and reckless.

It should not be forgotten that they must keep a safe distance from the roadway, out the door and climbing into a vehicle.

Constantly remind your child that street or road you can go just for a bus or other vehicle and walking must be especially careful. Best of all – wait until the vehicle run away.

It is very important that children wear bright clothing and have light reflectors.

The child’s clothes or sew attach additional reflectors. Reflectors can be trailed, like the backpack. Such reflectors can be seen from all sides.

When buying a jacket, shoes and other clothing, pay attention to the fact that its components are made of reflective materials. Then you will be sure that the child will be on the road already visible from afar.

Children from birth learn to imitate, so it is very important that adults, especially show them a good example. After all, children can see and emulate both desirable and undesirable adult behavior patterns. This is why you go on foot and riding a bike or car, only to show the kids a good example.

Reflective clothing to guard your walking

Through the windows in the Lodz region snowing, it gets dark earlier. The police like too should wear reflective clothing. Walking has invisible threat.

Approaching the autumn and winter period, in Lodz Province in the morning it snows. Increasingly, it gets dark earlier and more frequent adverse road conditions. In Lodz and the surrounding area every year there are several hundred accidents involving pedestrians.

Their cause is often inadequate visibility of pedestrians – says mobile. Joanna Kącka, a spokeswoman for the Regional Police Headquarters in Łódź. – It is often so that pedestrians walk the road shoulders in a dark suit and no reflective elements. The problem is that such proceedings are putting their, and only their safety.

For this, it reminds com. Kick, wearing reflective elements is mandatory. With their lack of a pedestrian who moves after dusk outside such areas, may pay a fine in the amount of 20 to even 500 gold says a spokeswoman for Lodz police.

The dark jackets and coats for the winter bought a Polish standard. Grays, blacks and browns placed to rain and snow, because, of course, do not require such frequent washing. Except that pedestrians in these costumes are risking more than you wearing bright colors.

After dark, in bad weather, pedestrian dressed in dark clothing is seen by the driver car from a distance of about 20 meters. If wearing bright clothes, it can be seen from a distance of 50 meters – says mobile. Kick. If we assume that the minimum stopping a car traveling at 50 km / h is about 30 meters and at a speed of 100 km / h – 80 meters, it may be that an accident cannot be avoided!

And calls – “reflectors are necessary, they can save lives.”

Walking with reflective elements will be the driver noticed from a distance greater than 150 meters. Therefore, the reaction time will be much longer and the risk of accidents smaller.

How to “shine” effectively?

It is not enough to have a glare; you still need to know how to use them, to make them most effective.

We must remember that glare is best to assume as low as possible says mobile. Kick. – The headlights do not illuminate the entire body of pedestrian, usually are set at a height of about 25 centimeters. Therefore, the lower will be set up reflectors, the faster it will fall on them headlamp of the vehicle. As a result, the operator will have more time to react – says a spokeswoman.

Therefore, in the first place reflectors should be submitted to the lower parts of clothing, such as boots, trousers or pants cuffs.

It should also be recalled that it is not enough to set up glare solely on the child’s reflective backpack, because they are only visible to those following behind him, and not for drivers from both directions – like phones.

Police appeal not to underestimate the obligation of wearing reflectors, because pedestrians are victims every fifth road accident in Poland. The worse the weather conditions, including a higher risk.

Reflective stripes as accessories

Sometimes we tend to consider the reflective stripes as accessories. Their roles should, however, not be neglected: they protect us when riding at night. Thanks to them, we are, indeed, visible to motorists, which reduce the risk of accidents.

Why invest in reflective tape?

This type of accessory cyclists makes them visible when they roll in very dimly lit areas or at night. All road users are, thanks to this, able to see the bike and take into account the presence of it when it is moving.

Despite the legislation, too few cyclists are aware of the importance of being able to report their presence on the road. So cyclists have extra protection against accidents, which will be recalled, are wreaking havoc every year, so it is very important to stick at least one reflective tape on your vehicle.

Where to install reflective strips on your bike?

The reflecting band is in general, mounted on the bicycle rim. Its size is designed so that the cyclist is as visible as possible.

Your bike should normally be equipped with reflectors, for reflecting light. By law, your bicycle must, indeed, have in the back, the sides, the pedals and front. With this precaution, it is possible for you to report your presence, regardless of the angle at which you are located.

To be even safer, you can also invest in clothing with reflective strips or stick one on your reflective clothes. In case of rain or in the dark, and there will be no chance that other road users do not spot you.

How to choose your reflective tape?

In terms of reflective tape, aesthetic criterion is what prevails the most. You choose it, in fact, not based on this criterion: you must choose to optimize your visibility.

For efficiency, the rider can opt for bands of gray colors that reflect more light.

Moreover, the type of reflective tape on which you lean, buy those that conform to current standards in this area; these products are recognizable by the CE mark on the package of the product.

It was the second last part of our series on bicycle tires; we soon went around this universe. We will return soon with a comparison between the tires with rigid or flexible rod.

Reflective strip for jackets

Designed from a RIP-STOP fabric laminated two highly breathable layers, the parka NEPAL offers the wearer strength, flexibility and optimum comfort. Both technologies reflective tape, wedges and balls, gathered on this product for optimal visibility in any situation. It is certified EN ISO 20471, EN 343 and EN 14058. 3.3 The industrial washing is allowed. It can be worn alone or with a removable liner (cold vest / soft-shell): 4 beautiful set in NEPAL the parka is designed with high quality materials. The RIP-STOP fabric laminated two ultra-resistant layer provides robustness, flexibility and optimum comfort; while maintaining excellent visibility performance, breathability and sealing wash after wash.
It also brings together the best of both tape technologies and micro prismatic retro reflective micro beads.

The interview may be conducted by industrial laundries. The retro reflective strips retain their properties even beyond washes at 60 ° (certification for 50 cycles at 75 °) and the in situ trials washes partners proved conclusive.

NEPAL The parka is certified EN ISO 20471 up to 25-60° wash cycles; EN 343 and EN 14058 3.3.

It offers optimal protection against the cold. NEPAL The parka is part of our range of interchangeable products Fit & Zip. It can be worn alone or with a removable liner (cold vest or NEPAL Annapurna, Himalaya Soft-shell). The wearer can thus adapt its resistance to working conditions and climatic conditions.

NEPAL The parka is very ergonomic, thanks to its articulated sleeves for greater ease in movements even with wearing the removable lining.

It has many details that have all their importance: hood and neck kind storm with visor and adjustable rear, back protectors kidneys, hot pockets and collar lined…

The carrier with our parka NEPAL is seen and recognized on the main road day and night regardless of the weather. Visibility is optimal because of the presence on these PPE two technologies retro reflective tapes (beads and prisms).

This is a high quality PPE designed from highly technical materials, ensuring the wearer comfort and optimum durability. A good life is a term savings for the employer.

NEPAL The parka is ISO 20471 for 25 wash cycles, which goes far beyond the number of washing means found on the ground.

With the 4 in 1 option, he has the choice to wear alone or parka with a removable lining. It is a true economical solution since it cannot change the PPE worn, the parka NEPAL part of our range of interchangeable products Fit & Zip.

The wearer can compose their own PPE and adapt her outfit quickly and easily weathering. The mounting system of removable linings by a zipper and paws grip ensures excellent support and comfort for higher protection against the cold.

NEPAL The parka is very pleasant because of its ergonomic design which provides the wearer with great ease in his movements. Pockets and neckline lined with fur are standards of comfort never before seen on a PPE.

EN ISO 20471 EN 343 3.3 EN 14058 (with removable liner) Taped seams Fixed lining Openwork Back protector kidney Preformed sleeves lined taffeta zip Central locking with double flap with press studs Down sleeves with tightening strap Velcro Col hot skipper Bracket deported micro Chin integrated and lined hood with adjustable visor at the back by a drawstring zipper system and paw grip collar and cuffs for attaching the removable liner (cold or soft-shell reflective jacket) Two lower pockets lined with flap closed by zip 1 pocket-like “Napoleon” under double flap closed by zip 1 inside pocket with a self gripping Mark & Scratch: a Velcro (Part loops) stitched on the left sleeve with a diameter of 8 cm Customizable Maintenance: 25-60 ° C domestic wash cycles (ISO 6330 method 2A) or potential industrial washing Sizes: S-XXXL Colors: yellow navy or orange navy.

Shopping bags with reflective tape

See and be seen. The basic rule for pedestrians is be seen on the road. Doubly true in bad weather or at night, wear reflective safety vest increase the distance up to ten times at which the pedestrian is seen. Due to the unfortunate experience of senior arise equipped hall in Jedu Bran all pensioners’ reflective tiles.

“We had a few unpleasant when even two cyclists died. Then there was also an incident with two small children, “he recalled Mayor Jed ​​u Bran Jan Hardily (before.). After the municipality in cooperation with the police endowed schoolchildren reflective pendants turn came to earlier. “Thanks to the guesthouse we have multiplied the number of seniors, so they have more moves. After several incidents, we decided to help them, “added the mayor. Town Hall for the oldest residents of the village, therefore, had made 120 shopping bags with reflective tape.

According to a police spokesman Bohemia Alaska seniors are a risk group because they dress in darker colors. “I wear black pants and a gray dress. Similar colors but they are not visible from afar, “said Malaren. To wear reflective elements they want the police to convince the elderly and children as well as in the streets.

“I’ll be careful. Although it goes only one car, so I better wait until it passes. Nothing with reflectors although I have not yet, but the bag will wear it when I go somewhere in the evening, “she promised senior Ditka Fuchsia.”Personally, I do not go in the evening too, but perhaps grandson and the other children you have reflective elements – such as the legs,” recalled the previous security event hall Josef Role.

Reflective elements are mandatory maybe soon. At night or early in the morning, most of the pedestrians died on Czech roads. Due to the unfortunate statistics aspire police, traffic experts and the Ministry of Transport of the compulsory wearing of reflective elements. Getting should have prepared an amendment to the Road Traffic Act. Pedestrians would have to wear a reflective element or apparel when they will move in poor visibility along the road where there is off street lighting. Potential sinner’s police would be able to grant up to two thousand fines.

In many other countries, wearing reflective elements for pedestrian’s worth. For example, the Slovak Republic declined over five years the number of dead pedestrians from 184 to 64th.

Reflective tape to seniors and children for safety

“Better preventive increase security, rather than wait until something bad happens,” says Vera from Slim and yet put reflective tape on the sleeve of his coat.

Just like many other seniors and children receiving free reflective tape yesterday handed out at the crossings in slim city police. “Every night when I come home at night, so I have to go down the road a piece, where there is no sidewalk and street lighting is poor,” explained its concerns about the collision the car working pensioner.

Since grandchildren knows that she sells clothing, which is equipped with reflective elements from the manufacturer, but according to her, only for the younger generation. “Moreover, it is expensive,” she complained seniors. Yesterday’s “gift” in the form of tapes officers over the sleeve so immensely appreciated. “I now feel much safer on the road,” she smiled with a noticeable calming voice.

Police officers are aware of this evidence is indeed sad cases.

To one such took place late last year in the Unhorse Hradiště. Without any reflective elements in dark clothes he went out of thirty-two pedestrian who had been knocked twenty-five drivers. In the darkness, the driver cannot see it.

“Obviously, the situation did not watch enough in front of him and did not go so fast as to be able to stop at the distance at which he had before him perspective. Therefore, it does not hit the obstacle or person who would appear before him, “said the sad incident that killed a pedestrian, a regional police spokesman Ales Marginal.

Now alarming statistics conflicts with pedestrian’s cars were the main impetus to the slim officers in cooperation with slim municipality decided the situation with observance of the principles of pedestrian safety in traffic addressed.

Therefore yesterday morning drove traffic safety campaign has distributed to children who went to school at the crossings reflective tape. “Currently we respond to the clothes of pedestrians, especially children, who are often dark and without reflectors in reduced visibility is easily overlooked,” explained the director of the municipal police in Slim Milan.

Belts received in addition to older children and older people. “These are groups of people that are running on the roads most at risk,” said Milan.

“I am very glad that something is being done for the safety of children,” praised the action of officers Santa Kolouchová that morning accompanied their children to school. Even children with tape and liked them immediately deployed. “It’s great,” praised a schoolgirl Margaret and Sarah. The tape was a lot of interest among the elderly. “I think it’s good, especially at dusk on a walk. I’m sure we’ll use it,” promised the couple shaking.

“It’s great, it is least visible. We use reflective accessories, even children have to dress and act plays, “revealed Peter’s mother.

“I use a flashlight, because the greater part of the year I live in a cottage on the Resave and constantly walk the path. This is new and I’m glad I got it, “said her Yaroslavl Hrbek.

The event also acknowledged the regional coordinator BESIP Zeneca Patoka. “The more people use safety reflective elements, the better. I’m sure it will have a positive impact on pedestrian safety and reduce accidents, “he concluded.

Reflective products for sports

Spring is coming and with it the sun, good weather and ‘warmth’. We look forward to renewing our clothes, to buy us new clothes that make us feel more beautiful and interesting, and, of course, sports also, better with reflective tape. the time to leave behind the gray and dark clothing has come, let some color more alive to lift our spirits and remind us that spring is about to arrive.

When we buy sportswear is very important to consider other details besides the aesthetic. We need to look at comfort in perspiration at the seams in technical fabrics … This will help us to find the right balance between comfort, freedom of movement, personal hygiene and athletic performance.

Here are our proposals. Make sport with class, style and chic is ours.

We really like the Stella McCartney collection for Adidas has made. The designer brings more than notes of color. As the name implies, shines like a ‘star’ in the world of fashion and this union with Adidas it gives us the possibility to exercise comfortably and glamorous.

The Adidas by Stella McCartney bag is perfect for jogging. It is made of synthetic leather, which we really like for us and our pets, and sports a casual appeal. It has reflective piping and strap waist. The main compartment is double zipper for easy movement and breathable mesh back panel.

A game with the backpack, we can get the fantastic Cap Run also Stella McCartney collection. It is designed especially for women who practice the running because it protects us from the sun without increasing our temperature thanks to breathable mesh design. Transparent visor allows better visibility and incorporates protection against UVA rays. We found the reflective backpack and cap in two colors, Scarlet Red and Gun Metal.