Reflective vest to give police a cool summer

In the past few days, the temperature in Hangzhou has been rising. The public security traffic police stood against the high temperatures and continued to adhere to front-line posts to maintain traffic order. The professionalism of the police has moved many citizens.


On the morning of June 7th, a love high-tech enterprise in Hangzhou held a condolence event for the new-technology products of the public security policemen sent by the front-line policemen in the Xincheng brigade of the Traffic Police Detachment of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau, sending 30 new R&D productions for the brigade’s public security traffic police. The police used sunstroke- reflective cool vest to express their love and support for police officers on duty. They called on the whole society to pay attention to this respectable and lovely person. I hope that all citizens will start from me, start from now on, obey disciplines and observe disciplines, and travel in a civilized manner. Unimpeded traffic adds to your strength.


The heatstroke cooling vest, also known as the cooling vest, is used to provide a comfortable cooling and protection for people who need to work in high temperature environments. There are several new-technology cooling modules on the inside of the vests and also have reflective tapes on vests. The body heat is taken away by the evaporation of the water by immersion, in the high temperature environment. The use of cooling can be kept cool for about four hours each time, to achieve the purpose of preventing heatstroke and cooling. It is particularly suitable for use by traffic policemen in countries where the climate is hotter.


At the same time, this policy sunstroke-reflective cooling vest also has the function and function of an ordinary reflective vest. The reflective materials on vests will play safety and warning role at night or in special weather, and it will have a very good protective effect on front-line traffic policemen.

Tips for a safe way to school

The new school year is in the starting blocks. This marks the beginning of a whole new phase of life for many first graders in the district of Leer and in the city of Emden this week with a series of new challenges – on the way to school. So that the little ones on the way to school are not overwhelmed, they need a lot of support especially in the early days. The traffic safety advisors of the police inspection Leer / Emden, Garret Hendricks (district of Leer) and Holder Gartner (city of Emden), appeal to parents and road users to pay attention to some tips to provide the little ones as safe as possible on the way to school.

Tips for the safe way to school:

  1. Avoid school stress: Plan enough time in the morning. Hustle and time pressure lead to carelessness. The safe way to school starts with a good breakfast.
  2. Planning the best routes: Plan and practice the safest way for you and your child together with your child. The shortest way is not always the best. Take a little detour in order to arrive safely at the destination.
  3. Wear bright and high visibility clothing: Equip your child with a safety vest, reflective satchel, reflective jacket or reflective tapes. The motto is: safety through visibility!
  4. Pupil transport by car: Walk and practice the way to school with your children on foot. This is how the child learns to actively and safely participate in road traffic. The daily “parental taxi” with the car carries danger. Many dangerous situations at the schools are caused by the turning, the reversing and the getting in and out of the children.
  5. By bike to school: We recommend that the children go to school only after the theoretical and practical cycling training. This usually takes place in the 4th class. At this age, (about 10 years) of the physical development and the responsiveness are sufficiently well developed.
  6. By bus to school: Children should never cross the road in front of or behind the stopping bus, but wait until the bus continues and visibility is clear. When getting out, children should pay attention to passing cyclists as well as passing pedestrians and should not jostle when boarding.
  7. No distraction by mobile phones / smart phones: The accessibility of children is important for many parents. Nevertheless, the cell phone / smart phone should be safely stowed away in the jacket pocket or bag on the way to school, so that the children can focus on the traffic.
  8. Looking ahead and ready to brake: For motorists, special attention will be paid in the coming weeks. Foresighted driving and a constant readiness to brake are demanded of them in particular in the vicinity of schools, at stops as well as crossing points (for example traffic lights, pedestrian crossings).

In 2017, it came under the jurisdiction of the police inspection Leer / Emden to 18 school road accidents. 14 people suffered light injuries and two injuries. School-related accidents are recorded on the way to school with the participation of children until their 14th birthday. Compliance with traffic regulations on school routes will be a particular focus of police officers in the coming days, so that road users will have to expect more controls in this context.

Preventive plan in busy roads

Staff of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP), in coordination with the Municipal Police, began the delivery of 250 reflective vests to motorcyclists and cyclists, who travel daily to towns, ranches or milpas.

On Tuesday morning in the morning municipal police performed this work in control posts installed on the roads mentioned.

William Piña Carrillo, deputy director of the Municipal Police, said that this program is part of the security device promoted by the Alfa Group of the SSP to prevent accidents that involve people traveling daily to communities or work centers on motorcycles, tricycles and bicycles.

Reflective vests with reflective tapes were already delivered, he explained.

“People are recommended to wear the safety clothing for their safety when traveling on those roads,” he said. – M.C.B.

Reflective school uniform

A few days ago, thousands of high school students received their new school uniforms. Compared with previous school uniforms, these school uniforms have reflective tapes. Received these “reflective school uniform”, the students said: This is to prevent our puppy love, is to facilitate the capture of the evening party in the small wood. It is reasonable to have such an imagination. However, the school’s argument is enough to convince us.

The school’s response is this: The reflective sign (which is made of reflective heat transfer vinyl)of the new school uniform is a guess about the prevention of early love, and it is purely nonsense. The promotion of “reflective school uniforms” takes into account the fact that students attend school in the winter early and late in the evening. When there is car light shining on the uniforms, the reflected light can cause the driver’s attention and take measures such as deceleration and avoidance in advance. This serves as a warning and guarantees. Student safety.

The author believes more in school’s argument. “Reflective school uniforms” are the same as “reflective clothing” worn by sanitation workers and traffic policemen. When the light is not good, they can play a role in attracting drivers of the past. For “reflective school uniforms”, we really do not need to be unscrupulous to speculate, and don’t regard the school’s good intentions as donkey liver and lungs.

The sky was not bright when the students go to school in the morning in winter. And when the students come home in the evening, it is dark as well. In this case, walking on the road to school increases student risk factors. The tragedies caused by this are numerous, and many students are involved in traffic accidents when they go to and from school. With the “reflective school uniform”, this incident will be relieved. When the students return home at night whether they are walking or cycling, the driver can see it in time.

The reflective school uniform reduces the incidence of accidents.

Reflective elements are still underestimated

Since the beginning of August, the police have been trapped in five tragic accidents, and a pedestrian died after a car accident. They become less noticeable early in the morning or in the evening. Although pedestrians have had to wear reflective vests since last year, they are not even used to it.

Morning fog and early black. In this season, just to increase the visibility reduction time, similar accidents will increase. In recent days, there are only two in southern Moravia. On August 15th and August 9th. For the first time, a pedestrian who was seriously injured in the hospital died and was killed in the second.

This year, after a guard in August, a total of five pedestrians died in the Czech Republic, with 20 people throughout the year and 20 in 2015. “Pedestrians should be aware that when they go to work early in the morning, it is still dark and must wear reflective elements,” said high school spokeswoman Alice Messier.

The police quickly set off early and pedestrians warned them that they were in danger. “When I am very light, I will go, but not now, this is true,” said a policeman who immediately equipped with reflective tapes.

Wearing reflective elements, when it comes to pedestrian villages, is not only in the dark, but when dawn or vice versa, it is dark, there is no sidewalk or street lighting on the road, it is already mandatory for more than a year. “The reflective material has been beautiful to see two hundred meters, the driver was able to give it and respond at ninety speed” SCUBA’s Paul Ciskei explained.

Pedestrians must carry reflective elements such as sleeves or belts to reduce the visibility of the garment. This regulation applies to people moving on the roadside outside the non-illuminated area or area of the community. Part of the amendment to the Road Traffic Act should primarily increase the safety of pedestrians.

If the pedestrian is not in the dark, the fog or haze on the road is marked by a reflective element, and a fine of up to two thousand dollars may be imposed in the program. In administrative proceedings, penalties range from 1,500 to 2,500 kroner.

Summer rafting, safety vests are indispensable

Every summer, people will think of water rafting. It cannot only feel the thrilling rapids, and also enjoy the quiet leisure. But what do we need to pay attention to make rafting more safer?

1.When drifting, you’d better to wear long trousers and clothes, it can avoid sun exposure which causes sunburn. And the boat is easy prone to water. It is better to wear plastic slippers or sandals.

2.You can carry some drinking water or a small amount of food, to prevent physical fatigue during rafting. Mobile phones, cameras are better to put into a waterproof bag. In addition, you can wear gloves to avoid hand rubs.

3.Before the board, you must carefully read the drifting notes, put on reflective safety vest. A safety vest with reflective material gives a strong light reflection during the summer sun, which is easily detected when people fall into the water. Especially at night, the light is not enough and the light is weak.

4.While rafting, without any permission, you shall not disembark. If you encounter capsize, do not panic, stay calm, as long as wearing a reflective safety clothing can ensure safety, and actively cooperate with the rescue measures. Get back on board and continue rafting.

Reflective vests cleaning tips

Nowadays, the use of reflective safety vests in life is more and more common, and the consumption of reflective clothing is also increasing. How to use correctly and wash it to prolong its service life is everybody’s concern. Now let’s talk about the items that should be paid attention to during the cleaning process.

Reflective clothing was made of reflective fabric which was used in a use of special technics in its’ production process. So we cannot rub and wring while cleaning the reflective vests, because it can damage the reflective fabric, thus affecting the normal use of the reflective vests.

Second, it cannot soak in water that over 30 degrees, with too high temperature water immersion will damage the reflective effect of clothes, while the reflective vests cannot be placed in the washing machine.

Finally, when drying, it cannot be placed under the sun exposure, sun exposure will weaken the effect of the reflection of clothes. If there is a little mud stain or stain on the safety vests, just wipe it with a soft fabric. When you really need to wash, you must choose to use neutral detergent to wash, and then placed in the shade to dry.

Therefore, in order to make the life of reflective vests longer, we must clean clothes according to the correct way.

Standard requires of outdoor reflector

Outdoor workers often deal with all kinds of environment, especially when they encounter bad weather conditions, the danger of their outdoor work will increase, and their only protective equipment may be just the reflective clothing, the quality of the reflector is particularly important. So what should be the reflective clothes have?

According to China’s national standards and Ministry of labor standards, outdoor work reflective protective clothing should have the following basic requirements:

The international EN47 standard requires that the reflective material must be treated by a special process. In the light action, it should be able to be found at a distance of 800 meters. The standard also sets a corresponding grade standard for the reflective area of reflective clothing to ensure the safety distance of wearers in the open air.

The reflective tape (fluorescent band) sewn on the reflector (fluorescent band) is now a 3M brand reflector, which is required to reach the reflective distance of more than 330M at night under irradiate of the light, so that the wearer can be found at the first time in the far safe distance. And for different types of outdoor work, the reflective area of the reflective belt also has a corresponding level of standard requirements. The conventional requirement is 5cm wide, the distance between the two reflective bands, not less than 5cm.

Reflective vest is the surprise gift

On Tuesday, numerous motorcyclists who were traveling on the avenue of 37th Street in the west of the city were taken by surprise by a checkpoint of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP).

Many said they first thought they were stopped for a review of the vehicle and documents, but it turned out that the agents distributed reflective vests to all the motorcyclists who passed by.

In 37 with 128, the SSP has a booth that is located near the La Calera fishing pier, along the route of the Nueva Yucalpetén colony.

At 12:30 hours, SSP agents parked a patrol with the light on and started to stop the motorcyclists.

But not to inspect the motorcycles, nor if they have plates and bills, but to deliver reflective vests with reflective materials to the guides and companions.

The police told them that the vests are a gift from the state government for all motorcyclists.

They asked them to put them on and use them whenever they travel because they are reflective and for motorcyclists they are very helpful.

Knowing about the gift of hi vis vests, other motorcyclists went to the checkpoint to obtain one.

Reflective material help motorcyclists see and be seen

Spring is in the air and motorcyclists are now bringing out their bikes after a long winter, however, spring can be a dangerous time to ride.

“People aren’t paying attention to them quite yet. Especially in the early spring,” said Jeff, the Parts Manager at Harley Davidson. “This time of the year is a super dangerous time to be riding on the road with two wheels, so we like to keep everybody safe. It is all about safety.”

Harley Davidson is promoting a new campaign to keep bikers safe. They have a new line of light and reflective clothing that can help motorcyclists see and be seen.

The safety vest keeps you seen, especially during rainy or hazy conditions, if a light hits this, it’s obviously all reflective and lets people know they are on the road. He said the new types of LED lights are some of the best ways bikers can keep safe on the road.

The latest and brightest light includes headlamps, peripheral, and tail lamps, and rear turn signals. The general manager of Harley said these lights can be a big change for traditional riders, but it is worth the difference.

These improvements can help drivers be more aware of motorcyclists.

“You have to understand that people are on the road for not paying attention and if you wear reflective material and they see you, your odds of not getting into an accident are a lot better,” Jeff said.