A surprising range of reflective bike clothing

The English brand Proves has developed clothes of reflective material that are both very comfortable and highly visible to accompany cyclists during their various cycling excursions, day as well as night.


Distributed today in 40 different countries, Proviso was born from the spirit of two London brothers. In 2008, as they regularly go to work by bicycle, they begin to realize the limits of cycling clothing. They decided to embark on the Proviso adventure to create innovative equipment. Innovative, powerful and highly visible! The brand is notably spotted thanks to Trivia. This is a light-emitting, electroluminescent and waterproof illumination that makes it possible to gain visibility. Then it builds a reputation thanks to high-quality, highly reflective clothes, to be used daily for bike rides as well as for any other sporting activity.


Highly visible cycling apparel

To enhance safety on the road, Proviso created the Nightrider clothing line consisting of pants, short sleeve t-shirts and long sleeves. Thanks to a fluorescent yellow color, easily visible from afar, and reflective piping edges, they significantly increase the visibility of the cyclist. Comfortable and breathable, they also adapt perfectly to the morphology of each.


The Reflect360 jacket

The Reflect360 jacket is made from a special material made of tiny glass beads on the entire surface. This guarantees the cyclist a great 360 ° visibility since as soon as it is dark; the jacket becomes extremely reflective in front of a light source like the headlights of a car. Perfect for a safe bike ride! Not to mention that the jacket is also very comfortable. Waterproof, it has several pockets to carry with you its keys or its telephone. It also tightens at the wrists and on the bottom to prevent air from entering when you are pedaling.


The Switch vest

The Switch vest is very handy to cycle under all circumstances. Indeed as it is reversible, it is possible to adopt the fluorescent yellow side to be spotted by day and to return it at night to enjoy its reflective tape side. Sleeveless, it slips on the clothes and adjusts with elastics at the shoulders and the waist.