The use of helmets with patents and safety vests

This confirmed by the Secretary of the Government of SFVC, Herman Martel.

The municipality of SFVC will not adhere to the modifications in the Traffic Law that requires all bikers to wear the helmet with the patent and that the passenger wear a green fluorescent vest.


This confirmed in the early hours of Tuesday by the Secretary of Government of the commune, Herman Martel, who assured that “we do not plan to adhere to the law” because “we consider that it does not attack to reduce the crime rate.” At the same time, he said: “It does not mean that some councilor through a project requests that accession, but as regards the municipal executive, we do not plan to accede to this regulatory decree at the moment,” he said, making clear the intentions of the greater dome of the municipality of the Capital for the road safety.


Meanwhile, he acknowledged that: “We are working on other situations and measures that have to do with the objective of this decree, which is precisely control over the facts of insecurity.” In the continuity of his statements to Radio VV, Martel explained about the actions of traffic agents: “Culturally, people violate the rules of the road, in many cases the agents are unable to do their job because of the violence of the users, because it is necessary always the support of the police of the province.”


The national government established at the beginning of the month by presidential decree that “in 90 days the motorcyclists will be obliged to carry the patent of the road printed or engraved on the helmet, both the driver and the passenger, while the latter must also use a reflective vest with the domain.”