Chinastars Segmented Tape and Perforated Reflective Tape

Segmented reflective heat transfer vinyl and perforated reflective tape are typically made by cutting or perforating a larger piece of reflective material into smaller segments or holes. The process generally involves the following steps:

1. Material selection: Choose a suitable reflective material, such as reflective fabric or vinyl, that meets the required specifications for visibility and durability.

2. Design and layout: Determine the desired pattern or layout for the segmented tape or perforated tape. This may involve designing a template or using computer-aided design (CAD) software to create the desired pattern.

3. Cutting or perforating: Use specialized equipment such as a laser cutter, die cutter, or perforation machine to cut the reflective material into the desired segments or create perforations. The equipment will follow the designed pattern to ensure precise and consistent results.

4. Quality control: Inspect the segmented or perforated tape to ensure that the cuts or perforations are clean and accurate. Remove any excess material or debris.

5. Packaging and distribution: Package the segmented or perforated tape according to the required specifications and distribute it to customers or retailers.

Laser Printing on Reflective Tape:

Laser printing on reflective tape involves using a laser printing process to create text, logos, or designs on the reflective surface. Here’s a general overview of the process:

1. Prepare the artwork: Design the desired text or artwork using graphic design software. Ensure that the design is compatible with laser printing and suitable for the reflective tape’s surface.

2. Set up the laser printer: Use a laser printing machine specifically designed for reflective materials. Adjust the printer settings, such as speed and resolution, based on the requirements of the artwork and the reflective tape.

3. Load the reflective tape: Place the reflective tape onto the printer, ensuring it is properly aligned and secured.

4. Printing process: Initiate the printing process, allowing the laser printer to transfer the ink onto the reflective tape. The laser technology will melt the ink onto the surface, creating a durable and visible print.

5. Quality control and finishing: Inspect the printed reflective tape to ensure the print quality meets the desired standards. Allow the ink to dry or cure according to the printer’s specifications.

Reflective Heat Transfer Logo:

Creating a reflective heat transfer logo involves transferring a reflective design onto fabric using heat and pressure. The process typically includes the following steps:

1. Design the logo: Create the desired logo or artwork using graphic design software. Ensure that the design is suitable for heat transfer and incorporates reflective elements.

2. Cut the reflective material: Use a cutting machine or plotter to cut the reflective material into the desired shape of the logo. Remove any excess material or unwanted sections.

3. Preheat the fabric: Place the fabric on a heat press or transfer machine and preheat it to the appropriate temperature. This step helps remove any moisture and ensures better adhesion.

4. Position the logo: Place the reflective logo onto the fabric in the desired location. Ensure it is properly aligned and secured using heat-resistant tape.

5. Heat transfer process: Close the heat press or transfer machine, applying heat and pressure according to the instructions provided by the reflective material manufacturer. This allows the adhesive on the reflective material to bond with the fabric.

6. Cooling and finishing: After the heat transfer process, allow the fabric and logo to cool down. Remove any protective film or liner from the reflective material. Inspect the logo for quality and durability.

It’s worth noting that the specific equipment and techniques used for these processes may vary depending on the manufacturer, supplier, or customization requirements.

Autumn is here. Do not forget the reflective elements!

The summer ended very quickly and there is a time of dry and gray days. The darkness is still sooner and so the amendment to Act No. 361/2000 Coll. on road traffic. It entered into force on February 20, 2016, and its goal is primarily to prevent serious and fatal accidents caused by the fact that the pedestrian was not sufficiently visible on the road. This is to ensure mandatory reflective elements, but still many pedestrians that move on unlit roads, unfortunately, ignored. Many people think that the car has lights to see the driver. And that means they see them, so nothing can happen to them.

That it is foolish to repeat every autumn all the media. But it’s still not enough. This is also proved by one very sad figure. In the first six months of this year alone, 233 people died on our roads. Autumn and winter are also likely to be signed on this issue in very bold and sad letters. What with this?

See and be seen

Remember that it is very important not only to see but to be seen! A driver who meets pedestrians in dark clothes in the dark has only about 18 meters to respond adequately. Put into practice, this means that at a speed of 70 km / h, which is 20 km / h slower than the maximum permitted speed outside the village, the driver has no responsibility for such a second. And during this time, pedestrians must notice and respond accordingly. Is it even possible? And what happens if a pedestrian has at least some reflective material? The driver is then able to register it at a distance of 200 meters and has enough time to react.

If you are wondering what a proper reflective element should look like, then it is difficult to advise on this. The law does not specify this in any way, and in our opinion, any reflective element is better than none. Of course, the ideal is a reflective vest, but we understand that you probably will not normally carry it. But it also works well with reflective straps that fit into every pocket and are available almost anywhere. You can “decorate” your children with iron-on reflective images(which made of reflective heat transfer vinyl) featuring their favorite characters. Remember that when you walk on a dark pavement without a sidewalk, always keep the reflective element on your hand or leg facing the road. The driver can thus see moving reflections from the lights better.

We have already seen on our roads that some pedestrians take a mobile phone with the flashlight on, using it instead of reflective elements. This may seem like a good idea, but the cell phone or flashlight itself cannot reflect the light coming from the headlight of the car but may disappear (as a weaker light source). Moreover, these elements are not visible from all sides.

Are you wondering if you are in danger of not using reflective elements? First of all, you are at least at risk of serious injury or, in the worst case, death. These are the most important reasons why to buy and use reflective tape for CZK 25 at least. If you happen to be caught by police officers, you will face a fine of up to CZK 2,000 in the block and CZK 1,500 to 2,500 in administrative proceedings.

Adding arrow to cyclists’ vests reduced number of crashes

Cyclists who are concerned about their safety should don a specially designed high-visibility vest with an arrow to help stay safe on the road, according to new research from UBC Okanagan.

Gordon Lovegrove, an associate professor in the engineering department, and collaborator Takuro Shoji say they were interested to see if communication was more important than visual aids when it comes to bike safety. They added an arrow to a reflective vest with reflective tape to convey a message to Drivers: move over.

Their study, published in the journal Sustainability, claims to be the first paper in the world to study the role communication aids can play to help vulnerable road users (VRUs).

Researchers gave cyclists high-visibility vests with different designs, as well as no vests, and discovered that a vest with an arrow design pointing left (which made of reflective heat transfer vinyl) was the most effective.

The study discovered that the arrow vest design reduced the number of traffic accidents between cyclists and drivers.

“Vehicles passing VRU test subjects wearing the arrow vest design showed more respect, and participants’ perceptions generally agreed,” the study reads.

Part of their research, Lovegrove says, was fuelled by an interest in examining whether the advice of “Be safe, be seen” actually helped cyclists.

He notes that bikers are recommended to have front and rear lights, reflectors and brightly-colored clothing, but it doesn’t just help.

“While overall detectability on the road is critical, evidence suggests that current conspicuity aids cannot provide safety in their current form,” And a more optimal design is needed.”

The researchers call the results “promising,” but add that they used a relatively small sample size, and additional work is required to further test their findings.

Safety vest for riders

Mandatory wearing of a reflective vest is being pushed in Baguio City in a bid to curb road crashes.

The City Council has introduced an ordinance that requires all motorcycle, e-bike, scooters and bicycle riders to wear high visibility reflective vests or jackets when traveling within the roads and streets of Baguio City from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. Violators will be penalized.

The measure, authored by Councilor Elaine Sembrano and which is eyed to be passed before the year ends, seeks to prevent vehicular road crash caused by human error.

Sembrano said there is a need to enact the ordinance to protect motorists, passengers, and pedestrians.

The measure also mandates all riders or passengers who carry with them a backpack that has a reflector or a visible reflective material small enough for easy visibility.

High visibility reflective vest is personal protective equipment designed to have high visibility and reflectivity. It is worn by a rider and a passenger to make them more noticeable while traveling on the road.

Patricio Evangelista of United Metro Baguio Benguet Transport Operators and Drivers Federation raised the idea during a public consultation in October, saying high visibility vests should be more worn during inclement weather when traversing city roads.

Roberto Aquino Macagba, the founder of Brotherhood of Riders Advocating Discipline Equity Respect and Safety and governor of Cordillera Motorcycle Riders Federation Incorporated, said that even before the crafting of the ordinance, members of the group have been using vests anytime when traversing inside and Outside the summer capital.

“It started as a part of our uniform, like a banner for the group. At that time, issues for safety and visibility was not yet a concern. After a while, when the growing concerns for visibility of the rider and safety arise, I From my group were fortunate that we already have it and have been wearing it. From different safety riding seminars, we learned the true essence of wearing the vest and its importance which is, it adds visibility of the rider especially at night or even at a foggy place.” he added.

At present, the group has 1,200 members.

Asked for comment, Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) traffic management head Police Major Oliver Panabang said the measure would be a great help considering the situation in the city, which is experiencing fog.

He said high visibility vests allow drivers to notice motorcyclists traversing during zero visibility.

“We will also follow the existing ordinance of San Fernando, La Union that all motorcycle riders should wear a reflective vest while traveling and onboard of the motorcycle. As long as it is reflectorized that can be easily be seen and spotted by other motorists, ” he added.

Meanwhile, Benguet province passed this year a law on the mandatory use of reflective vests to decrease cases of road crashes involving riders and motorists.

Provincial Board Member Fernando Balaodan said all motorists must wear the reflective vest when traveling in the province especially when the visibility of the road is poor.

“Road transport injuries continue to be the leading cause of death among young and old people. The province of Benguet recognizes the need for policy action to reduce motorcycle, tricycle, bicycle accidents that resulted in physical injuries and even death,” Balaodan said.

Data from the World Health Organization in 2018 showed that motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable road users along with pedestrians, and they contribute more than half of all road traffic deaths.

Francis Almora, Land Transportation Office-Cordillera director, said the agency will support anything that would help secure the motorists.

Almora said that even before the creation of the proposed measure, riders would wear high visibility vests with the logo of the motorcycle club(which made of reflective heat transfer vinyl).

“It would enhance the visibility of the rider. This will give ample warning time for other motorists to react in case the rider would slip, when the road is slippery and that would give ample time for other motorists to react safely, it is really useful, “Almora said.

Safety in the first place by boat, by bike or by motorbike

Spring is coming and many starts using the two wheels. In the city – and not only – the risk of pedaling and not being seen at nightfall increases. But the technical garments to wear, those that provide more security, are evolving. In fact, from the research of Slam, the leader in nautical clothing and not only, but Lumen is also born, a new line whose garments are made special by a fabric that becomes luminescent if struck by a ray of light in environments with a brightness index of 20 Lumen.

Warm, water repellent and equipped with waterproof zip, these garments guarantee good protection in cool and rainy days. They are ideal for night trips by boat, but also by motorbike or by bicycle.

Reflective jacket. Made of a special reflective fabric ideal for urban weather thanks to its characteristics. What makes a Lumen garment special is the thread that makes up the fabric, with small reflective spheres inserted into the yarn.

Bowline gilet. Necessary on the boat but essential even on the road, by motorcycle or bicycle in low light conditions. Fixed wraparound hood with visor.

Backpack A234. Three convenient compartments: PC pocket and double pocket. Rubberized fabric, padded shoulder straps, handle and elastic crossover that becomes a further object holder. Practical arch-zip pull and reflective logos with reflective heat transfer vinyl. Water repellent measures 29x15x46, reflective.

Reflective school uniform

A few days ago, thousands of high school students received their new school uniforms. Compared with previous school uniforms, these school uniforms have reflective tapes. Received these “reflective school uniform”, the students said: This is to prevent our puppy love, is to facilitate the capture of the evening party in the small wood. It is reasonable to have such an imagination. However, the school’s argument is enough to convince us.

The school’s response is this: The reflective sign (which is made of reflective heat transfer vinyl)of the new school uniform is a guess about the prevention of early love, and it is purely nonsense. The promotion of “reflective school uniforms” takes into account the fact that students attend school in the winter early and late in the evening. When there is car light shining on the uniforms, the reflected light can cause the driver’s attention and take measures such as deceleration and avoidance in advance. This serves as a warning and guarantees. Student safety.

The author believes more in school’s argument. “Reflective school uniforms” are the same as “reflective clothing” worn by sanitation workers and traffic policemen. When the light is not good, they can play a role in attracting drivers of the past. For “reflective school uniforms”, we really do not need to be unscrupulous to speculate, and don’t regard the school’s good intentions as donkey liver and lungs.

The sky was not bright when the students go to school in the morning in winter. And when the students come home in the evening, it is dark as well. In this case, walking on the road to school increases student risk factors. The tragedies caused by this are numerous, and many students are involved in traffic accidents when they go to and from school. With the “reflective school uniform”, this incident will be relieved. When the students return home at night whether they are walking or cycling, the driver can see it in time.

The reflective school uniform reduces the incidence of accidents.

The light of flares

A reflective tour of the province is underway Maze wackier. Today, the students of the General Education School in the Grope district received reflections.

This is another edition of the “You are visible, you are safe” campaign, organized by the Provincial Road Traffic Center in Radom and the Marshal’s Office of the Maze wackier Vivid ship. Over 120 students of grades I-VII received reflective materials. They had the opportunity to practice their skills on a bicycle obstacle course. They also familiarized themselves with the rules of first aid and safety in road traffic.

– Today, children got sets with four reflective elements. These are two wristbands(iron on reflective heat transfer vinyl) that can be put on your arm, leg and two pendants, which you can attach to your backpack or keys – said Tomasz from the Marshal’s Office.

– In addition to education, safety and health are in the first place. This campaign should be promoted by all schools to make young people aware that safety is the most important thing for their lives and reflective vests can play an important role in our life- said Joana, director of the ZSO.

– Every action that will save human life is the most important one. If any visible and visible reflection allows the car not to enter only one person, then it is already a success – said the councilor of Masuria regional council Lessen.