Reflective stripe requirement applies in Germany

From July 1, a reflective vest requirement also applies in Germany, and then there must be in each vehicle a safety vest. Shortly before the deadline, however, know 42 percent of motorists still unaware of the new regime, as evidenced by a recent survey of the portal “”.

Although Of the more than 2,000 respondents have three-quarters of female (75%) and two-thirds of male car owners (69%) already have a safety vest. However, more than one in four still has to be retrofitted (28%).

One reason for the poor interim result could be that 41 percent of respondents consider the safety vest unnecessary. This could, however, soon revenge, because who from July 1, has no safety vest in the car, which may be a fine of 15 Euros will be imposed. And who contributes to an accident no safety clothing, who even risked his insurance coverage.

Available are the red, yellow or orange vests, which are in other EU countries for year’s duty, on the Internet or at Dakar. However, many gas stations have safety vests. But beware: The vest has the standard DIN EN 471 or EN ISO 20471: 2013 match.

In a joint test of “Auto Bald” with the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (IFA) has been found, for example, in the past year that some of the 13 audited vests do not meet the requirements.

Four of the tested west – MBW, Help and Aral – did not meet the German standard for undersized reflective material or poor reflectors and were rated with 10 Euro, the protective clothing of Aral was also still the most expensive “deficient.”.

Rated “sufficient” and therefore also not recommended are the west of Calf and ATU The predicate “good”, however, was six times awarded, including the reflective stripes on protective clothing of ADAC, Shell, Leona and Obi.

Students should equipped with reflective vest

Friday morning, at the hour of the opening of the College of Saint Joseph, the gendarmerie brigade (three gendarmes and Major Le Du), was stationed at the building entrance, to proceed with Controls educational aim. Students wear reflective stripes on clothing are not very many to visit during cycling. However it is still 18 controls that were diligent Friday (85 students enrolled). In the presence of the Acting Director, after prior awareness that this has taken place with, designed to address safety deficiencies detected.

Police summon

Lighting, brakes, condition: everything has been reviewed. Seven children were not in order and very little, conversely, were – equipped with a tool in perfect condition, with a reflective vest and helmet. The police have established records listing the changes to ensure the interests of children and poor students were invited to proceed rapidly with the acquisition of the missing equipment as well as repairs. A call to the police will follow to justify made repairs.

Police say reflective band will increase visibility

Reflective band will increase your visibility. Police in the Hradec Kralove region warn cyclists and pedestrians.

Not being seen is a gamble with life. Is the name of the campaign traffic police in the. By the end of every day the police will warn cyclists and pedestrians how very important it is to wear reflective elements. These, they can greatly enhance our visibility and morning way to work or school, then it is a lot safer.

Student Thomas walked to school along the road was still dark. He was wearing dark clothes. Drivers him so they can easily be overlooked. From police that he got reflective armband. “It seems pointless because I have not experienced that here, someone honked at me,” comments Thomas.

Wear reflective elements certainly not useless. According to the coordinator BESIP for Hradec Kralove Region Pert Hose are even indispensable:

“I would recommend reflective tape for cyclists would be appropriate even waistcoat. When the driver is directed at me, so there is a much greater distance visibility than when I drive only in dark clothes. Distance there may range up to about 200 meters. ”

If a man wearing a black jacket, for example, the driver can see it in the dark only from thirty meters. And that can often be too late. Traffic police in the Hradec Kralove region, therefore, started a campaign without being seen is a gamble with life right now in November, when days are shortest. Pedestrians and cyclists get reflective objects.

“We are talking with them on the topic of good visibility. Cyclist has a statutory obligation to use front and rear lights in poor visibility, and generally reflective light. Pedestrian such obligation under the law and does not think it’s risky. Therefore, we try to explain it to the people to understand and heed their safety, “said police officer Jan Čížkovský.

In the first quarter of this year on the roads in the Hradec Kralove region killed seven pedestrians and two cyclists. Throughout the Hradec Kralove Region, cyclists and pedestrians at the end of the year will focus 30 police patrols. The field will be mainly in the morning and evening.

Drivers and pedestrians shall both wear reflective garments

Dark clothes, dark and alcohol, all this played a role in the accident, which happened on Saturday at about half past ten in the evening between Milo vice and the Hare. The driver of a car already missed respond to pedestrians in dark clothes without reflective material, which moved near the middle of the road. Clash took twenty-eight man injured, the extent of which cannot yet be clarified.

The driver panicked after the accident and went to a restaurant in nearby Advice where police soon found him. “When the breath test has blown 0.24 per mile,” she said on Monday, a police spokesman Kamala Haraštová.

Twenty-nine male police officers confessed to the accident. He claimed that alcohol is ingested after the accident. “When the drinking occurred, shows an analysis of collected blood. We are waiting on the outcome, “spokeswoman did not want to make premature conclusions.

Walker, who ended up in hospital, breathed more – over two and a half percent. The driver against the indicted is a matter for further investigation and expertise. “In the game, however, remains whether the driver will not confess to the crime of failure to provide assistance,” mentioned Haraštová.

Reflective elements

Now alcohol strengthening pedestrians and cyclists on the roads with the onset of warm days in eastern Moravia become a nightmare for drivers. Just last year, caused in the region pedestrians “under the influence” three and cyclists even 24 accidents. “It’s a problem. I myself was a witness to the fact that we almost collided pedestrian who was walking along the road at night and in the dark. I therefore welcome when policemen handing out at events reflective tape, “said Mare Sulky of Great Pavlov.

According Haraštová main problem is not so much the number of accidents, as their tragic consequences. Clashes with “ovíněnými” adventurous motajícími the road is often ends in serious injury or death. “A typical example is unlit road between led nice and vatic. Significantly help any reflective element,” she nocturnal pedestrians vyrážejícím from basements and pubs police spokesman.

The problem is besides alcohol also that many walk on the wrong side of the road. For cyclists, then bad light bike, “said Mach. And it confirmed that the most serious accident, pedestrians and cyclists usually are related to alcohol.

It also remains a problem at the wheel, which was confirmed on Monday morning accident at Borkovany. The driver of Skoda Forman was arriving from Brno, mishandled control and drove into the opposite, where he clashed with Skoda Felicia. Measurement of alcohol showed that man behind the wheel Forman drove three percent.

After the accident, both drivers had to be taken to hospital. “According to initial information would fortunately not be a serious injury,” informed on Monday, a police spokesman Haraštová wearing reflective safety vest. And she continued. “The roads remained impassable after the accident, colleagues drove traffic shuttling,” described. Road were fully zprůjezdnit only after towing two cars. The resulting damage is around sixty thousand. By Monday recorded the traffic policemen sixteen cases.

New traffic act on reflective elements

A fine of up to 2,500 dollars! Such sanctions should bring the amendment to the Road Traffic Act adopted by the Government. These sanctions threaten pedestrians who are in poor visibility will be outside of the village with protective reflective elements. How many of us knows this new measure, which still must go through the legislative wheel to become?

Improve traffic safety on the roads. It is the intent of the amendment to the road law, which was approved by the government. In the novel, among other things, the obligations of pedestrians wear reflective material for low visibility, thus in darkness or fog on the roads outside the village. In the original draft amendment was that the obligation applied even in the villages, but eventually dropped from the law on the Legislative Council of the Government.

If these elements pedestrians have not, they face a fine of 1,500 to 2,500 crowns. “I’m not a big fan of repressive interventions, we should pedestrians explain that it’s for their safety,” said Transportation Minister Dan Ťok.

And how many of us a new measure if it passes through Parliament and the President signs it, the state? The most basic equipment is not expensive and can be purchased by everyone. In addition to the many security events, these elements are distributed free of charge. Basic reflective tape that you can wrap around your hand or leg costs about 30 to 50 crowns. As well as various pendants and reflective stickers, the price usually ranges between 10 and 50 crowns.

Some have already have problems with reflectors resolved because a number of outdoor clothes, those reflective elements already wearing.

Fashion designer use reflective tape on clothing

Fashion designer argues that saves lives and our reporter checks in practice. Reflective safety vest is the heroine of the clip made by … road workers.

Bet on reflective tape!” It is to convince young people that although life jackets are not too chic, you might want to wear them, because they improve safety.

TVN24 reporter checked how many nights assumption gives the garment. Walking with reflective tape is visible from almost 100 meters, while a man in a black jacket hood appears before unexpectedly, a dozen meters ahead of the vehicle. In such a situation there is no time to react.

The guarantor of security

How important is the visibility on the road, also convinces Joseph Klimczewski, head of the Traffic Department of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Poznan.

Adequate visibility is primarily a guarantor of security. Reflective clothing is a way to make pedestrians visible. Then when we are visible, the driver can react and avoid an accident. Safe distance is a standard range of beam that is 150 m. This distance is sufficient to control the vehicle, provided, however, that we are indeed visible?

They went on the bandwagon.

Drastic cartoons teach behavior on the highway.

Vest of years, has the same cut, but it is further appealing because of years of saving people’s lives. This is what we intend to promote – says spokeswoman, Kwiatkowski.

Help you have at this person from the world of fashion – designer Rosen Opalińska and Clara Kenton and Antonia Smack, founder of Brand Risk.

The result is short film collaboration with reflective vests in the lead role. – We want to persuade most people to hold such vests – he says in the clip Opalinska.

To promote safety vests invited once a well-known designer, Karl Lagerfeld. “It is yellow; it is ugly and does not fit into anything. But lifesaver” – argued in the campaign. So we can say that the road builders from Greater … go for fashion.

First grade students wear reflective product to keep visible

The student’s first grade elementary Szczecin knows how to be visible, and how to behave safely on the road with reflective tapes. On Thursday (5.03) during the finals of the “Szczecin – safe city” youngest citizens once again remembered about the principles of navigating the roadway, and also how important it is that everyone is walking after dark was attached to the jacket with reflective fabric. The action was organized through the cooperation of the Municipal Police and the Local Government and Culture Promotion Agency. Patronage over the event covered an association City of Vision and Subject Szczecin.

During the finals, which were invited all primary schools in Szczecin with their teachers, their short artistic programs presented youngest first grade students. Class IA SP No. 4 with a tutor Anna Landowska, as well as the IE class of Primary School No 7, which was accompanied by teacher Joanna – sang songs about flares. In this way proved that well aware of the fact that a small band placed somewhere on the arm allows the driver to figure out the right time that is in front of you walking?

The fact that you should carry flares encouraged the younger protégés Local Government and Culture Promotion Agency. They prepared a brief fashion show, which confirmed that wearing reflective product is not only safe but also attractive and can give a lot of fun and joy. In turn, young people from the field of dance and hip-hop culture through its dance with reflective material proved that shiny ties in any case there is nothing to be ashamed of.

In Poland, there is a large number of accidents involving pedestrians – during the grand finale stressed the Younger Spec Paulina of the Municipal Police. – By such action, such as “Szczecin – safe city” we want to encourage all children and all pedestrians to use reflective elements.

The fact that its target been achieved, it can also evidenced by the fact that children with great commitment and takeover participated throughout the event. Moreover, during the finals of the “Szczecin – safe city” representations submitted commander of the first class SM Gregory thanks and handed flowers. – We would like to thank you for taking part in school life – told the students class. – Thank you for providing security while crossing the road on the way to school – added the class students. IA SP No. 4.

At the end of all the children participating in the sport of municipal guards they were given gifts. As part of the “Szczecin – safe city”, each student received first-class reflective bands.

Reflective material makes pedestrians visible

Driving from the famous 25-year-old driver of the Honda Civic from Koszalin said later that the pedestrian was for him a completely invisible if without wearing any reflective material.

The man was not wearing reflective jacket, and the incident took place on the side most likely not the technical area but on the roadway. It is not known yet whether the man tried to cross the roadway or walking her agent. It will explain the investigation – says Marcie, a spokesman for the police and adds: This tragic event let realizes all pedestrians, how important it is to wear reflective elements.

From 31 August each foot, which moves after dark on the road outside built-up areas, it must be placed in a reflection visible to managers. For lack of a mandate threatens reflective element – from 20 to 500 zł. – Unfortunately, though awareness is growing pedestrians, many people forget about it or still do not know that these are now the rules – says Monika Kosice, a spokeswoman for police in Koszalin. – Meanwhile, we wear the reflective tape also in the cities, because there is sadly lacking poorly lit streets – he added.

The existing provisions of the Act – Road Traffic Act imposed an obligation to wear reflective clothing only to persons under 15 years of age. Now, the legislature extended it to all, regardless of age, who will move through the dusk outside such areas.

Reflective elements may be Trailed items to clothes, headbands, jackets and lanyards. It is important to place them: reflections should appear on the knees, hands, near the center of the chest and back – then we will have confidence that they are clearly visible to other road users.

It is worth recalling that after dark pedestrian dressed in dark clothing is seen by the driver of a vehicle with a distance of about 40 meters. In contrast, a person walking or sporting with reflective elements, it becomes visible even from a distance of 150 meters. These additional meters allow the driver to decelerate and safely get around on foot.

Improve cyclists’ safety with reflective tape

To improve safety for cyclists on the road, not only should change the culture of driving, but also their own cyclists should take care of their visibility and has the awareness to equip themselves with reflective tape. Cyclists often do not have a vest or other reflective elements. They should possess them due to their own safety – says Lech Piasecki, cycling world champion.

Vivid Lubuska Catherine Osos encourages cyclists to have glare and appeals to retailers: Join the bike vest. There are, however, already the first positive results.

Some shops distribute vests bought by you; others will join willingly to share, if such a vest receives from us. So we’ll talk and find common solutions. Life and health is most important. It is still too many accidents involving cyclists. Every initiative, every action that would reduce the number of accidents is needed – says Solos.

Lech, world champion amateur and professional track world champion, winner of the Peace Race, the five stages in the Gyro the leader of the Tour de France: – action is most needed. It should be promoted. We see many cyclists, who move in different places. Many of them are invisible. They have no vests or other reflective elements. They should possess them due to their own security.

The legislation does not require that the cyclist was equipped with a safety vest. Mandatory bicycle is the only lighting after dark. The rules also require individuals to have reflective elements moving after dark outside built-up. Although the reflective elements of cyclists are not required, it would be reasonable to hold them.

Our bike shop joined in the action. For each purchased a bicycle adding a reflective vest. We do not have small sizes for children, but we will soon have them. People driving competitively in most cases, these reflective fabrics are, maybe not in the form of vests, because in them you cannot ride, but e.g. the clothes fitted with visible fluorescent colors. Very popular is also a rear bicycle lights, often much stronger than, for example. Indeterminately fog in cars – says Piasecki.

To improve safety for cyclists should also sensitize drivers who should pay close attention to what is happening around them. I recently came into force a new provision allowing the rider to overtake cars on the right column of this page. This requires not only a driver of looking at what is happening in the left mirror of his car, but also pay attention to what is happening on the right side, especially in times of approaching the intersection.

Culture driving should learn as cyclists and car drivers. The potential collision situations, however, the cyclist always suffer more than the car. The bike simply has no chance to win this clash – says Piasecki.

Wear a helmet

Polish law does not require the cyclist to this was equipped with a helmet, but hit his head on the ground can be fatal. About he also should not forget cyclists.

While cycling, I noticed that drivers who themselves may not drive or ride bikes very little, they respect cyclists that wear reflective tapes on clothing on the road. Anyone who rides knows how to behave cyclist on the road. Not all cyclists are perfect and do not always behave the way as they should – says Piasecki.

This is not the only measures planned by the governor. – Before the summer holidays we want to reach our appeal to teenagers and give her vest. Students also should not forget the flares. Vests received from us or the police and Road Transport Inspectorate officers to during their work when they encounter a cyclist without glare, they could give him the vest – says Katarzyna Osos.

Vivid do not want to limit itself to working only in the immediate area.

We would like to manufacturers of bicycles joined to make this vest with reflective material become a standard feature of the bicycle. With this appeal will be paid to producers across the country – provides Solos.